Buyer's guide - Compact system cameras

For photographers disappointed by the results achieved through a traditional digital compact camera but looking for something smaller that a bulky Digital SLR, then the rapidly expanding range of options available within the world of Compact System Camera (CSC) photography is just for you.

  • HD Movie Technology
    Removal of the traditional mirror and pentaprism found in many DSLR models has created a Compact System Camera sector that is taking the photographic world by storm but which remains true to the requirement recording DSLR-quality images but without the hassle that comes with a big body and lens combination.

  • 3D Sweep Panorama
    The growing trend towards 3D technology has found the perfect marriage with Sony’s Sweep Panorama technology allowing you to create breathtaking panoramic images with a huge angle of view and, if you own a 3D TV, these exciting images can be replayed on the big screen.
  • Compact and Lightweight
    A key advantage of the Compact System Camera is the ‘big camera performance’ that it provides housed within a body little bigger than many compact digital cameras. Both thinner and smaller, with associated affects on the weight of the model, Compact System Cameras can be as much as 15% smaller and 20% lighter than their DSLR cousins
  • System Expansion
    Applicable to all Compact System Cameras across Olympus, Sony and Samsung; the growing range of lenses and accessories dedicated to this area of photography only enhances both the possibilities and enjoyment that can be derived from this area of photography