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Nikon Z8 Mirrorless Camera

Nikon Z8 Mirrorless Camera

Product Code: 3017615Z

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The Nikon Z8 Mirrorless Camera packs the latest hybrid technology into a small full-frame body, with a 45MP stacked sensor, 8K/60p and 4K/120p video as well as Nikon's impressive deep learning AF.


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We Love

  • Powerful capabilities for enthusiast and professional photographers, videographers and hybrid creators
  • Substantially smaller than the Z9 yet packs the same full-frame 45MP BSI sensor and high-speed processor
  • Capture photos at remarkable speeds of up to 120fps and 1000+ full resolution RAW images at up to 20fps
  • Record video at 8K/60p and 4K/120p in a wide range of formats such as HLG, N-LOG and ProRes RAW
  • Harness blackout-free shooting, dual high-speed card slots, comprehensive build quality and intuitive ergonomics



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Nikon Z8 Mirrorless Camera Body Summary

Combining range-topping hybrid technology with the benefits of a smaller and lighter mirrorless Z system camera, the Nikon Z8 Mirrorless Camera delivers incredible speed, image quality and deep learning AF from a small body. The full-frame (FX) Z8 is 30% smaller than the flagship Z9, yet incorporates much of the same technology, with formidable capabilities aimed at professional photographers, videographers and hybrid content creators.

The camera records 8K/60p and 4K/120p internal video in multiple formats from 8-bit up to 12-bit using N-RAW and ProRes RAW, which is perfect for anything from weddings and corporate videos to independent filmmaking on a budget.

Photographers gain incredible tools to support their creative photography, including the ability to shoot up to 20fps RAW bursts, a blackout-free EVF and HEIF support, which captures over 1 billion more colours than JPEG. Whether you photograph portraits and weddings, wildlife or landscapes, the Nikon Z8 delivers impressive features to help you make the most of every genre.

All of this is made possible by the sheer processing power of the Expeed 7 processor, which is paired with the same Nikon developed 45 megapixel full-frame stacked CMOS sensor found in the Z9. Build-quality is also top-end, with comprehensive weather sealing, a sensor shield and an XQD/CFexpress and one SD card slot, as well as being Nikon’s first camera ever to support USB-C to ethernet.

Key Nikon Z8 Features

  • Expeed 7 processing engine
  • 45 megapixel full-frame stacked CMOS sensor with no mechanical shutter
  • Deep learning intelligent AF with subject tracking for people, cat, dog, bird, car, motorbike, bicycle, train, airplane
  • RAW capture at 20fps with 1000+ buffer
  • Blackout-free EVF even when shooting at 120fps
  • Supports HEIF format with 1 billion more colours than JPEG
  • Record 8K/60p and 4K/120p video internally
  • Capture movies in 8-bit up to 12-bit with N-Raw and ProRes RAW for colour grading versatility
  • Loaded with moviemaking features such as focus assist, linear AF, custom speeds and TC
  • 24-bit linear PCM audio with wide dynamic range
  • At 910g it’s smaller and lighter than both the Z9 (1,340g) and D850 (1,005g)
  • Professional build-quality with weather sealing and sensor shield
  • Tools for creative photography including focus stacking, timelapse and multiple exposures
  • 1x XQD/CFexpress Type B slot and 1x SD card memory card slot
  • Dual USB terminals for charging and communication
  • First Nikon camera to support USB-C to ethernet connectivity
  • Seamless integration with Profoto and Nissin flash systems

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Nikon Z8 Mirrorless Camera in More Detail

Stacked 45MP sensor with Expeed 7 image processor

The combination of Nikon’s 45.7MP BSI stacked CMOS FX sensor and EXPEED 7 Image Processor has a proven track record in delivering state-of-the-art performance for hybrid content creation. This ensures incredibly fast readout speeds with reducing rolling shutter, impressive low light capabilities with minimal noise and higher clarity, as well as entirely blackout-free operation.

The core components also allow video recording at resolutions up to 8K/60p and 4K/120p, fast burst shooting up to 120fps (JPEG), shutter speeds of 1/32000 and completely silent operation, as there is no longer a mechanical shutter.

Incredibly fast shutter speeds

When shooting with fast Nikon mirrorless lenses you can harness shutter speeds of 1/32000 for incredible versatility to shoot in extremely bright conditions with the fastest lenses such as Z 85mm F/1.2 S Lens or the Z 50mm F/1.2 S Lens.


Lightning quick burst shooting

The ability to capture every single moment at staggering speeds of up to 120 fps with full AF/AE, puts the Z8 firmly in the sights of professional photographers. You can  even capture over 1,000 full-resolution RAW images in one high-speed burst at 20fps. Lens choice is vast, with around 100 fast lenses supporting the 120 fps shooting performance, so you are never short of options, whichever subjects you capture.

Huge buffer depth

You can capture RAW photos at 20fps for over 50 seconds thanks to huge buffer depth, while benefiting from the ability to store 1,000+ images in a single burst. Dual card slots accept fast XQD / CFexpress, which can help to keep the buffer clear and the camera is compatible with UHS-II SD cards too.

Blackout-free EVF even at 120fps!

Whether you’re shooting in full resolution RAW or 120fps JPEGs the EVF maintains full blackout-free operation, with absolutely no lag. This delivers a continuous real-time view, enabling you to see the slightest movement in your subject and never miss a decisive moment again due to the EVF. The screen is an extremely bright 3690k-dot OLED with 3000cd/m2 brightness, which can be set to 120 fps and 60 fps to suit your requirements.


Four-axis tilting LCD monitor

Shoot action from virtually angle using the Z8’s large, responsive LCD, which tilts 90º from a horizontal or vertical shooting position. This provides quick and flexible framing, even from difficult high and low shooting angles.

The 2100k-dot monitor measures 8cm (3.2”) diagonal and is a vertically and horizontally tilting TFT touch-sensitive LCD, with 170° viewing angle. It gives you 100% frame coverage and colour balance via 11-level manual brightness controls, as well as instant shooting information and menu access.

Class leading AF system

Nikon mirrorless camera AF technology benefits from simultaneous subject recognition, which is powered by an advanced AI algorithm that is continuously calculating, supported by real-time views with no EVF blackout whatsoever.


Deep learning AI technology

Nikon has their finger on the AI pulse, with the Z8’s ability to recognise and track many subjects quickly for sharper results. 3D tracking is available in stills mode, ensuring you come away with more keepers no matter how small, or where your subject is in the frame. Subject AF includes:

People (eyes, face, torso)

Animals (head, eye, whole body)

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Birds


  • Cars
  • Motorbikes
  • Bicycles
  • Trains
  • Airplanes (whole body, front, cockpit)

3D tracking follows any of these with tenacious precision, by understanding which subject you are shooting and subsequently reacting to changes in position, orientation or speed.


RAW modes and HEIF support

Whichever stills quality you need the Nikon Z8 delivers, with both RAW and HEIF support. HEIF captures 1 billion more colours than JPEG for greater detail and realism, with a higher dynamic range and file sizes, which are of a similar size as JPEGs. RAW files can be saved in space saving high efficiency.

Powerful creative photography tools

Nikon has included a series of tools catering to all types of creative photography needs, including:

  • Creative Picture Controls which include Dream, Morning, Pop, Sunday, Somber, Dramatic, Silence, Bleached, Melancholic, Pure, Denim, Toy, Sepia and more.
  • Long exposure mode which reduces noise and random bright spots, bright pixels and fog.
  • Focus Shift – for front to back focus with the camera taking a series of images starting from a selected focus position and continuing toward infinity
  • Motion Blending in-camera for creative effects with motion in a scene.
  • Multiple exposures creates interesting effects by combining images.
  • Interval timer with timelapse movie for next level content, whether shooting astrophotography with star trails or city scenes with car tail lights

Master low light with ease

With 14+ stops of dynamic range and excellent low light performance, a host of features are included in order for you to create better low light and night shots more easily.

  1. Starlight view – when working in dark environments the Z8 offers a bright display view for easier confirmation. AF detection also expands in certain photo modes to an astonishing -9EV.
  2. Button illumination increases the visibility of buttons without being distracting or too bright.
  3. Warm display colours reduces eyestrain by implementing a red colour which suppresses brightness in Mode 2.
  4. Lo1 and Lo2 viewfinder brightness modes makes it easy to confirm the EVF view without using warm display colours.
  5. Image frame display highlights the monitor and EVF with a thin line, which indicates the areas that will be captured.

Incredible in-camera video capabilities

Whether you’re a solo filmmaker or a hybrid creator the Z8 is packed with advanced video capabilities, which help capture the most engaging videos ever. The Z8 will record 8K/30p for 90 minutes and 4K/60p for over two hours, without worrying about overheating. It also offers smoother colour transitions, the colour correction flexibility of N-LOG and HLG profiles, as well as adjustable white balance.

Versatile colour grading and video compression

The Z8 is one of the only mirrorless cameras which is capable of recording footage in Nikon RAW, ProRes RAW, ProRes 422 HQ and Log/HLG internally. You can also record in three colour depths:

  1. 8-Bit – 16,777,216 colours using MOV H.265 or MP4 H.264
  2. 10-Bit – 1,073,741,824 colours using MOV H.265 or ProRes 422 HQ (SDR, HLG or N-LOG)
  3. 12-Bit for over 68 billion colours with N-RAW and ProRes RAW

The Z8 can record video colour completely automatically, with colours baked into the footage for the least hassle, or you can choose from a series of grading options to suit your project more precisely:

  1. AUTO – colours baked in
  2. FLAT – A wide tonal range is preserved for the most extensive post production
  3. HLG – Provide optimal colour when viewing HLG video on monitors and HLG compatible computers
  4. N-LOG – for post production flexibility when colour grading
  5. RAW – maintains the highest dynamic range for the highest colour grading malleability

Comprehensive video tools

Not only can you can you record up to 8K/60p, but you can achieve incredible control with the Z8, which is a fully loaded and fully featured video-capable mirrorless camera. Features for moviemakers include:

  • Red REC border
  • Focus Peaking
  • Zebra Stripes
  • Waveform
  • Fine ISO Control (1/6 EV)
  • Linear Focus Mode
  • Dedicated Video Info Display
  • Custom AF Speed and tracking
  • Audio Attenuator
  • Timecode Linking
  • Slow Shutter Speeds down to 1/4 second
  • RAW Proxy Files

Professional audio

Pro quality audio complements the Z8’s video quality, with 24-bit linear PCM sound recording. The camera is also compatible with professional XLR microphones when using an optional Tascam digital adapter. 24-bit audio captures better dynamic range, while minimising extraneous noise and audio clipping, ensuring your audience keeps coming back for more.

Rugged build and intuitive ergonomics

The Nikon Z8 offers excellent balance and lightness, being 15% smaller than the D850 DSLR and 30% smaller than the Z9 mirrorless. Extensive weather sealing minimises the impact of dust and moisture, as well as the ability to shrug off extreme changes to temperature and humidity.

The Z8 also features a sensor shield, which protects the sensor from dust and fingerprints when changing lenses, which Nikon has added to compensate for removing the mechanical shutter.

Dual card slots

The Z8 follows in the footsteps of the flagship model with dual card slots, although you’ll find 1x CFexpress/XQD slot and 1x SD card slot (rather than 2x CFexpress/XQD slots). This provides the flexibility to use existing memory cards and add newer and faster cards whenever you need. CFexpress Type B cards give you approximately 2x write speed over Type A, which is ideal for high-speed shooting or 8K video recording.

Dual USB terminals

The Z8 includes one USB-C communication terminal for USB-C to LAN, and is also the first Nikon camera, which supports USB-C to ethernet, for even greater versatility. There’s also a dedicated USB charging terminal so you can charge the body more conveniently.

Integration with popular flash systems

At launch the Z8 is integrated into popular flash systems from both Nissin and Profoto, as well as the Nikon CLS (Creative Lighting System). This means you can shoot anything from a red carpet event to fashion and lifestyle with a host of lighting options. The electronic shutter also ensures that you can work with a flash in complete silence whenever required. Nikon’s lighting system lets you place up to three groups of remote Speedlights in order to creatively light images with virtually no interference from obstacles.

Huge ecosystem of accessories support professional content creation

Nikon has partnered with a number of camera accessory manufacturers, such as Rode, Zhiyun, Sennheiser and Atomos to name a few, although you can of course choose from a huge range of other options to support your content creation. Choose accessories such as:

Native mirrorless Z mount lenses with F-mount support

Whether you’re moving from a DSLR or upgrading within the Z system you’ll find the perfect lens for any situation. The second-generation FTZ Mark II Mount Adapter is extremely comfortable when using F-mount lenses, while the range of native mirrorless Z lenses has grown exponentially, with around 40 options from Nikon/Nikkor at launch. You can also choose lenses from third party manufacturers such as Voigtlander and Laowa, while both Sigma and Samyang have started to release Z mount options.

What’s in the box

  • Nikon Z8 Full Frame Mirrorless Camera
  • Nikon EN-EL15C
Offers: Price Drop
Offer Category: N/A
Offer Product Type: N/A
Model: Nikon Z8
AE Bracketing: N/A
Autofocus Modes: N/A
Articulated Screen: N/A
Aperture priority: Yes
Battery: N/A
Built-in flash: N/A
Battery Life (CIPA): 340
Camera CIPA image stabilization rating: N/A
Colour: N/A
Continuous drive (fps): 30.0
Custom white balance: Yes
Digital zoom: N/A
Effective pixels (megapixels): 46
Environmental Sealing: N/A
Exposure compensation: N/A
External flash: Yes
Flash range (metres): N/A
Focal length (equiv.): N/A
Focal length multiplier: N/A
Flash modes: N/A
HDMI Port: Yes
Headphone port: Yes
Height (mm): 119
Length (mm): N/A
Width (mm): 144
Weight (g): N/A
Weight (inc. batteries) (g): 910
Image ratio w:h: N/A
Camera Image stabilization: N/A
JPEG quality levels: N/A
Live view: Yes
Camera Lens mount: N/A
Manual exposure mode: Yes
Maximum shutter speed (electronic): N/A
Maximum ISO: N/A
Maximum ISO (boosted): 102400
Max resolution: N/A
Maximum shutter speed (seconds): N/A
Maximum aperture: N/A
Manual focus: Yes
Microphone: N/A
Microphone port: Yes
Camera Minimum focus distance (cm): N/A
Minimum ISO: N/A
Minimum ISO (boosted): 32
Minimum macro focus distance (cm): N/A
Minimum shutter speed (seconds): N/A
Metering modes: N/A
Number of focus points: 493
Number of white balance presets: 9
Optical zoom multiplier: N/A
Orientation sensor: Yes
Other resolutions: N/A
Processor: N/A
Remote control: N/A
Screen dots: 2088960
Screen size: N/A
Screen type: N/A
Self-timer: Yes
Shutter priority: Yes
Speaker: N/A
Sensor photo detectors (megapixels): 52.00
Sensor size: N/A
Sensor type: N/A
Storage types: N/A
Subject / scene modes: N/A
Timelapse recording: Yes
Touchscreen: Yes
Camera Type: N/A
Uncompressed format: N/A
Camera USB: N/A
USB charging: Yes
Viewfinder coverage: N/A
Viewfinder magnification: N/A
Viewfinder resolution: 3686400
Viewfinder type: N/A
Video formats: N/A
Video Mode Categories: N/A
Video Modes: N/A
WB Bracketing: N/A
Wireless: N/A
Notes: N/A

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Looking to sell your Nikon Z8 Mirrorless Camera?

Our Verdict

Nikon has taken the range-topping hybrid technology from the flagship Z9 and incorporated it into the newer Nikon Z8 Mirrorless Camera. The Z8 body is significantly smaller than the Z9, yet packs similar capabilities, which will appeal to advanced enthusiasts and professional photo and video creators. The Z8 is also the true successor to the accomplished D850, which is one of the most popular Nikon DSLR cameras ever made, showcasing the benefits of mirrorless cameras.

With the same sensor and processor first seen in the Z9, you can expect similar performance, such as 8K video at ultra-smooth 60p, Nikon’s data-saving N-RAW, as well as ProRes RAW in-camera recording.

It also features Nikon’s accomplished deep learning AF, with class-leading subject recognition and sticky tracking performance, maintaining focus even as subjects move erratically around the frame. This allows you to track people, various animals and vehicles more accurately than previously possible.

Photographers can burst shoot to their heart’s delight in simply astounding speeds up to 120fps and full 45 megapixel resolution RAW images at 20fps, with a 50+ second buffer depth. There are numerous time-saving stills and movie modes and the camera is robustly designed, supporting content creators through weather sealing, a sensor shield and carefully considered ergonomics.

Whether you need a second camera body, are considering upgrading or joining the established Z system, the Nikon Z8 makes for an enticing choice, which will simply blow you and your audience away.

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