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Mirrorless Cameras Guide

This guide is for photographers researching mirrorless cameras, which are capable of achieving extremely high quality and even fully professional results, whilst offering the flexibility of an interchangeable lens system. Mirrorless (also known as compact system cameras) are smaller and more compact than DSLR's yet offer many of the benefits of those larger systems.

Advanced Movie Technology
Removal of the traditional mirror and pentaprism found in many DSLR models has created a Compact System Camera sector that is taking the photographic world by storm but which remains true to the requirement recording DSLR-quality images but without the hassle that comes with a big body and lens combination.

Compact and lightweight
A key advantage of the Compact System Camera is the ‘big camera performance’ that it provides housed within a body little bigger than many compact digital cameras. Both thinner and smaller, with associated affects on the weight of the model, Compact System Cameras can be as much as 15% smaller and 20% lighter than their DSLR cousins

System Expansion
Applicable to all Compact System Cameras across Olympus, Sony and Samsung; the growing range of lenses and accessories dedicated to this area of photography only enhances both the possibilities and enjoyment that can be derived from this area of photography

Interchangeable Lenses
Mirrorless bodies from all manufacturers accept various lenses from wide to telephoto and just about every focal width in between.


By Park Cameras on 14/03/2020

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