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Olympus Camera Lenses

Olympus camera lenses are designed to be lighter and more compact than equivalent DSLR models, without compromising on image quality. Zuiko lenses are available to meet the demands of professionals and enthusiasts who shoot with the lightweight mirrorless micro four thirds system, which includes Pen, OM-D and Panasonic Lumix cameras. As an Olympus PEN Elite Centre we provide up to 70 micro four thirds lens options including advanced M. Zuiko Digital PRO models.

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With focal lengths from 9mm (18mm equivalent) right through to super telephoto, every photographic subject is covered by this comprehensive range, from landscapes and wildlife, to travel or simply casual shooting. Specialist models are also available including macro lenses, as well as ultra fast aperture models suitable for portraits and street photography. We also stock all compatible adapters, which are ideal to transform a lens by adding extra focal range such as with a teleconverter or to gain new perspectives with a fish-eye option.

What camera systems are Olympus lenses compatible with?

The four thirds system is a digital camera standard that was developed in partnership between Olympus and Kodak for their DSLR and mirrorless camera systems. It was primarily used by Olympus, however today there are a host of cross-compatible Panasonic Lumix four thirds cameras also available. Four thirds lenses are designed to fit interchangeable lens cameras from either Olympus or Lumix and can be swapped between manufacturers.

What are the benefits of micro four thirds lenses?

Lenses for Pen and OM-D cameras are extremely compact and easy to carry. This enables photographers to bring more equipment to any assignment without any weight penalty. For photographers working with just a single lens, a host of high quality zoom options provide excellent ‘all in one’ choices, at a fraction of the weight of an equivalent DSLR model. Lenses are also capable of delivering exceptionally bright apertures, with a number of f/1.2 prime options in the range. This presents exciting creative opportunities to shoot extremely quickly as well as hand-held during low light. Faster models offer a shallower depth of field and a beautifully smooth bokeh, as well as delivering bright and crisp images.

Can Olympus lenses be used for video?

There are many models which are suitable for the high quality video capture which micro four thirds cameras are capable of. Features which particularly benefit movie recording are silent focus mechanisms and smooth aperture control, bright apertures and optical stabilisation. With this combination of features, several options are ideal for Vlogging and video capture.

Why not consider a compatible flashgun to add artificial lighting or a filter to accompany any new purchase. Also browse our range of used 4/3 lenses if you would like to try another option at an extremely competitive price.

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