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Olympus Lenses in Four Thirds mount are for Olympus Digital SLRs.

If you are looking for the more popular Olympus lenses in micro four thirds fit then please follow that link

If you are considering purchasing an Olympus four thirds fit lens, Park Cameras carry huge stocks and at the most competitive prices for UK items with full manufacturer's warranty.

To help in any decisions when selecting an Olympus lens we maintain many Photography Tips articles plus a list of Camera Reviews and Customer Questions which we add to regularly.

Please refer to our guide for selecting the right lens for the right type of photography. The lists The various available Olympus lenses and their photography use is shown below.

Olympus Macro lenses: Photographing Insects, Plants, Flowers and other close subjects.

Olympus Wide Angle Lenses: Photographing Landscapes, documentary photography and capturing vistas.

Olympus Standard lenses: Photographing portraits, events, live music, editorial, photo journalism and wedding photography.

Olympus Telephoto lenses: Photographing Sports, Wildlife , Events and Journalism.


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