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Best Camera for Youtube videos

Having a YouTube channel can help build your credibility, develop relationships and create a trusted online brand, and many people work hard at growing their channel. By creating engaging YouTube videos, you can develop a rapport with your audience and build an ongoing virtual relationship in order to build a following. With so much competition around it’s essential to use the best equipment possible and ensure your content stands out from the crowd.

Choosing a camera, microphone and accessories for YouTube sounds straightforward, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices and all of the technical jargon that goes with content creation. However, our top tips will help you to find the best camera for your YouTube videos.

Must-have camera for Youtube

What Camera do YouTubers Use?

Making YouTube videos doesn’t require a huge budget, but does need a good quality camera, so that you can focus on the quality of your content, rather than technical details.

YouTubers will choose a camera according to their specific needs, whether that is the best vlogging cameras, all-in-one compact cameras or a mirrorless camera.

Mirrorless cameras are highly favoured as they’re smaller, lighter and offer great video features, while also allowing you to change lenses and shoot with different focal lengths. The Sony ZV-E10 is one of the most popular models for Youtube, thanks to powerful features such as Sony’s tenacious autofocus technology, as well as the ability to capture smooth 4K video.

Another sought-after option is the powerful OM System OM-1, which records impressive 4K/60p and Full HD 240p movies. In addition to its extensive weather sealing and compact size, YouTubers benefit from class-leading stabilisation, which helps to reduce shake during filming.

The Fujifilm X-S10 is a versatile, lightweight camera and lens kit. Packed with technology, it’s ideal for run-and-gun YouTube content creation. Fujifilm users also benefit from access to a vast selection of affordable mirrorless X mount lenses, suitable for any type of content creation.

The Best DSLR Camera for YouTube Videos

If you’re thinking of starting a Youtube channel and looking to invest in a camera, a DSLR is a relatively common choice, as it is such an established camera system. DSLR video quality in low-light is amongst the best and there are plenty of accessories to support filmmaking, vlogging and help push your creativity.

Canon has a number of accomplished models such as the Canon EOS 90D, which records cinematic-looking 4K video, while utilising Dual Pixel CMOS AF to keep your subject sharp. It also includes headphone and microphone ports, while being capable of recording 120fps to add slow motion effects to your movies.

The previous generation Canon 80D is one of the best used DSLRs for beginners, and perfect if you’re satisfied with Full HD video, rather than 4K. The 80D boasts a high-quality 24-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, with strong low-light performance, along with excellent handling for both stills and videography.

Sony ZV-1F in white for vlogging

Budget Cameras for YouTube Videos

You may want to try your hand at making videos, before deciding whether it’s for you, or need a second camera for B-roll and alternate recording angles. If this is the case, an affordable video camera for YouTube is the way to go.

Buying a used camera can give you access to powerful features at a fraction of the cost of buying new. However, if you’re looking for a brand-new camera, there are plenty of options which are capable of recording high-quality content.

Sony's ZV-1F is an all-in-one vlogging camera, which is a step-up from smartphone content creation, yet costs considerably less than some of the most popular phones. It combines a 1-inch sensor with an ultra-wide 20mm lens, to capture compelling 4K videos that are sure to impress any audience.

Another compact and affordable option is the DJI Action 2 Dual-Screen Combo, which weighs a mere 56g. This tiny action camera records stabilised 4K/120fps and includes a dual selfie screen designed for vlogging, and fits into your jacket pocket.

The Panasonic Lumix G100 video camera for Youtube videos

Best Video Camera for YouTube Beginners

Whilst an established content creator might opt for a separate camera body, lens and accessories to fit with their existing kit, YouTube beginners will often choose an all-in-one content creator kit, with everything they need to get started.

The Sony Alpha ZV-E10L is a popular example, combining the ZV-E10L camera body with a versatile 16-50mm zoom lens and a directional microphone in a kit. This provides one of the most compact and proficient vlogging set-ups, which is perfect for newcomers and enthusiast creators to progress video skills and grow their channel.

The Panasonic Lumix G100 is another excellent option, adding a tripod grip with video controls for vlogging and selfie-style content. You’re sure to capture amazing audio from this creator kit too, as it features the world's first built-in tracking microphone with OZO Audio by Nokia, for surround sound from all three internal mics.

Lav mic accessory

Which Camera Accessories do you Need for YouTube Videos?

It’s important to not only have a good camera for YouTube videos, but the right accessories too. An example of this is audio, which is equally as important as the video quality of your productions, but often requires a microphone.

Wireless microphones are rapidly becoming the most popular choice with many creators, reducing the need for cables while offering wireless lavalier systems with impressive ranges up to around 200m. A wireless microphone can be used for anything from weddings and corporate events, to vlogs and documentary film productions.

The same can be said for lighting or wobbly videos, which can leave us feeling seasick! Adding a gimbal stabiliser and LED lighting can have a dramatic impact on production quality, keeping viewers coming back to your channel, rather than skipping over your content.

Rode VideoMicro II

Best Microphone for Making YouTube Videos

Sometimes you’ll come across YouTube videos where the picture quality drops, but the content is still engaging, however, when we hear bad audio, it can instantly make us reach for the skip button. This is disastrous for any channel, but can be avoided through the use of an external microphone.

We’ve shortlisted some of the best microphones for recording YouTube videos to suit various budgets and filming situations:

  • The Rode VideoMicro II is the latest generation of one of the most popular compact on-camera microphones for YouTube. It weighs just 39g with the isolation mount and is a high-performing all-round directional mic for both amateur content creators and professional filmmakers.
  • DJI Mic is an incredibly compact, lightweight and powerful all-in-one wireless microphone system. It delivers exceptional sound from distances of up to 250m and is equally at home on a DJI action camera as a full-frame mirrorless camera.
  • Zoom F2 Field Recorder And Lavalier Mic is the ideal audio solution for creators on the move, combining an omnidirectional lavalier microphone with a compact audio recorder. It runs on standard AAA batteries for up to 15 hours of operation during field recording.

Ultimate vlogging kit lighting

Best Lighting Equipment for YouTube Videos

Using the right lighting equipment for YouTube videos can take your content to the next level, which is especially important for tutorials, product reviews and informational content. Lighting options are available for every budget and can be chosen to suit your specific content style, whether you work mainly in the studio or on-location.

Amongst the best lighting for solo creators is the popular Newell RL-18A II LED Ring Light, which offers versatile features, such as a built-in diffuser, power and colour temperature adjustment.

British manufacturer Rotolight designs high-performance LED lights for creators and videographers. These include the Rotolight NEO 3, which delivers state of the art on-camera RGB lighting and the Rotolight Ultimate Vlogging Kit. This kit is a brilliant solution for smartphone creators, adding fill light and softening shadows with illumination – no matter what time of day you’re recording.

Using a vlogging tripod accessory

Which Tripod is Best for Making YouTube Videos?

A tripod is a valued accessory for many YouTubers, providing the ability to support and control your camera via a tripod grip, or stand remotely by using a mini tripod.

When vlogging, it’s important to choose a tripod grip that is compatible with your specific camera brand. The Sony GP-VPT2BT Grip is a popular choice among Sony users, as it’s suitable for vlogging, whilst the Fujifilm TG-BT1 Tripod Grip fits Fuji X Series cameras. Both of these grips are suitable for selfies and remote camera control, and double as a standalone tripod to support your camera.

Additionally, the GorillaPod 3K Pro Kit from Joby is one of the best mobile tripods for YouTube videos. One of the key features is the flexible legs, which can be wrapped around virtually anything, from lamp posts to table legs, allowing you to record from all angles.

A YouTube channel plays a vital role in reaching a wider audience for many content creators. Along with a high-quality camera, you need the best accessories to ensure your videos are consistently professional and engaging.

Browse our extensive range to find the perfect camera to elevate your content and grow your YouTube channel with professional-looking videos.

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