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Video Equipment for Vlogging and Streaming From Home

Welcome to another in our #StayAtHome series to help keep your photography passion burning whilst stuck at home. This article explores what video equipment you'll need for Vlogging and streaming from home and why you might take this time to create video content. If you're thinking of starting a new podcast or a Youtube Channel we have advice on gear and equipment from our store.

Video and streaming with the Joby Gorrillapod and camera set up


There are a number of reasons for starting to create video content right now. Many people are at home at the moment watching Youtube and listening to podcasts. Here are a few ideas for businesses or individuals who might consider video:

  • Online training - If you want to retain and reach new potential customers, online streaming courses and instruction within your field of expertise could generate revenue as well as new business.
  • Client retention - conducting live interviews and interacting with your customers can help with gathering information about how to adjust your product or service. You can gauge feedback and collaborate to discover new ideas and ways of working with your clients
  • News and interest can be sparked with interesting podcasts or videos about your skill and passion. Innovate and interact with specialists in your field.
  • Gain new revenue streams through advertising or reviews of products. Your expertise or interest could garner another income during a difficult time.
  • You could Vlog just for fun and entertainment. Perhaps get your family or friends on board remotely to join in with topics you share.

Regardless of whether you are a professional broadcaster, journalist or are completely new to videography, our video equipment roundup will help you get set-up for content creation, filmmaking, vlogging, YouTubing, streaming and any other video-making ideas you can think of! Stories are emerging of kids recording videos for their grandparents, people sending messages across the globe in support and Youtube views have never been higher. Let's do it.

Most newer digital cameras are equipped with some form of video capability, often superb 4K quality or higher, together with high speed HD, perfect for emotive slow motion playback. If like me, you’ve avoided learning how to use the built-in video on your camera, this could be the perfect time to learn these skills, whilst capturing footage of this extraordinary time in history.

We’ve updated this post with related information for users who want to use a regular camera for live streaming, take a look here as it includes links to camera manufacture apps for the task.


1. Video-capable camera:

There are a lot of cameras to choose from, however our specialist has narrowed the options down to these five models, with various features to appeal to different levels of video maker.
  • GoPro Hero 8 Black (no longer sold)
This is perfect as an extra wide angle ‘capture everything’ video camera. The sound straight out of this tiny camera body is the best it’s ever been and the footage is hyper smooth. You can live stream directly from the GoPro in 1080p which is ample for Youtube and Facebook or other streaming websites. The Hero 8 also has a flip out screen which allows you to frame yourself in the video, which is ideal for Vlogging.

Blackmagic Design 4k camera

The video-specific Blackmagic Pocket Camera has all of the features for advanced video capture, which includes superb quality video, crystal-clear audio, fast processing and robust build quality. With 4K video you’ll be producing excellent future-proof movies which will stand the test of time when released through any channel. The pocket cinema employs two memory cards, with the quickest being CFast Cards (LINK) for ultimate recording speeds.

For an excellent all-rounder the GH5 records 60p 4K Video as well as 18MP stills. Being a micro four thirds camera this will always be light, compact and easy to move around the home. Adding interchangeable lenses is quick and cost effective, with several suitable for recording video even in tighter spaces found around the home. This makes a great choice for professional filmmakers to enthusiasts.

The Pocket sized DJI Osmo is also 4K ready at 60p yet fits into the palm of your hand. A mechanical gimbal ensures smooth recording, ideal for when moving around for example when making tutorials or showing how something works. This camera makes an excellent starting point for videography.

2. External microphone

Whether you are using a DSLR, mirrorless or video-specific recorder, an external microphone adds a layer of professionalism to your broadcasts which is well advised. There are various styles of external mic, from tiny wireless models, shotgun (directional) mics to larger studio styled condenser microphones. Versatility will be key if you plan to move around or record in different rooms in your home. A lavalier or lapel mic can ideal for discreet but high quality results. Rode are the biggest name in external mics, but we carry most manufacturers on our website, including camera brands such as Sony, Canon and Nikon options.

This is one of our most popular microphones as it provides professional audio with just two small transmitters and receivers. They are wireless which means it’s easy to move around whilst recording your audio and feature on-board omnidirectional condenser mic for superb quality audio.

This is one of the most versatile sound recording options, which can be used in just about any situation where you want audio. You can mount it onto most cameras including DSLR, mirrorless and compacts.  It will also work with your smartphone, either plugged in or via a boom or on a pistol grip. The Rode NTG can also be plugged into your computer or tablet, making it perfect for recording voiceovers, podcasts, gaming or livestreaming. Audio settings are easily adjusted through gain, high pass, boost and PAD features.

3. Lighting

For darker indoor rooms or to get the extra professional look to your home based productions add lighting to your recording and home studio.

This is a revolutionary light which provides continuous lighting to raise ambient light levels as well as high speed flash capability. It runs on regular batteries, achieving an amazing 85,000 full power shots rather than around 250 for a regular flashgun. The Neo II can be used on or off camera, ensuring you can light your videos in the perfect way for your set-up.

Rotolight set-up

For a cost effective solution to camera mounted lighting look no further than this tiny, portable cutting-edge light. Using just three AAA batteries and capable of lighting any Vlog or Youtube video in a smaller space. Auto dimming and the ability to add filters are just a couple of the useful video features for this light.

4. Video tripod and camera support

Having a way to support your recording device, whether it's a DSLR, mirrorless camera or specific video recorder is essential. Here are some options we've rounded up to ensure you have a tripod or smaller system in place.

Joby are the default brand for compact camera supports and this flexible GorillaPod is perfect to hold most mirrorless camera video set-ups. With a weight capacity of 3kg you’ll be able to mount a body, lens and even one of the lights and a microphone mentioned above. The flexible arms give you the ability to adjust angles and attach the GorillaPod to seemingly impossible locations for unique recording angles.

This Befree model is a cost-effective and versatile option which comes complete with ballhead and everything you need for video recording on a budget. With a host of advanced features the Befree belies it’s very reasonable price and can be used with virtually any video camera including heavier DSLR models.

5. Video Encoders

For professionals working in broadcast or serious online trainers and other businesses who need web streaming, there are a couple of options available.

  • Blackmagic Design Ultrastudio Mini Recorder

This tiny device competes with systems which cost 10 times as much and is capable of editing through Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro.

6. Mixing / Switching Production Studios

For creating podcasts and mixing audio, mixing desks are ideal to create professional studio quality audio without the expense of a pro-studio mixer.
This simple to use mixing desk is ideal for capturing professional quality sound for podcasts. You can control up to eight audio sources through mic channels. This is ideal for interviews, music and phone calls for example. Built in levels allow fade-in, jingles and fade-outs, just like on radio shows. A built in sound library even includes a library of sound effects. Despite many advanced features the Rodecaster Pro is simple to set-up and get started.
  • Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Live Production Switcher
This device is a self contained broadcast quality switcher for working with multiple cameras and live streaming. Blackmagic have designed this to be easy to use and learn, whilst still offering advanced features ideal for live stream interviews with multiple high quality input devices.

PRO TIP: Here's our very own Gareth explaining video frame rates with everything you need to know about film recording:
We hope this round-up of video equipment for vlogging and streaming from home was useful. Let us know when you have a new channel or podcast set-up!

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You might also wish to read the Park Cameras Corvid-19 statement here. And we are happy to say our online store is open for business despite our physical shops being closed.

By Nick Dautlich on 01/04/2020

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