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Panasonic Micro Four Thirds Lenses

micro four thirds lenses Panasonic

The Micro Four Thirds System was developed between Olympus and Panasonic in 2008 with a number of advantages over DSLR cameras and compact digital cameras.

Panasonic micro four thirds lenses are smaller and lighter than DSLR lenses and the shorter flange focal distance means that most manual lenses can be adapted for use with micro four thirds cameras.

Micro four thirds lenses from Panasonic for the Lumix G range of mirrorless compact system cameras improve on compact digital cameras by having a greatly increased camera sensor size (around 5-9 times as big) that delivers superior image quality, particularly in low light and dynamic range performance. Panasonic micro four thirds lenses are interchangeable which allows for greatly increased optical choices, and they also provide a shallower depth of field for improved bokeh.

Micro four thirds lenses for Panasonic Lumix G cameras using the micro four thirds sensor are available in a range of focal lengths including wide-angles for landscapes, fixed prime lenses for portraits, standard zooms for everyday use, and even long telephoto lenses for wildlife and sports photography.

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