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Sony a9 Mirrorless Camera Body

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This mechanism-free camera can deliver a-class-above performance conventional mechanical SLRs have only sought.A high-speed, vibration-free, silent Anti-Distortion shutter vastly extends the range of shooting situations
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Sony a9 Mirrorless Camera Body Summary

  • 24.2 Megapixel Full-frame Exmor RS CMOS Sensor
  • 20fps in continuous mode with AF/AE tracking at shutter speeds of greater than 1/125 sec
  • Up to 241 RAW frames/362 JPEGs in continuous mode
  • Phase-detection AF with 693 points
  • Focus joystick on rear
  • 5-axis Image Stabilisation for exposure compensation of 5 stops
  • ISO 100-51,200 with expanded mode up to 204,800
  • 4K Video capture minus pixel binning for highest quality 4K
  • Impressive battery life of 480 shots using EVF, 650 using LCD screen
  • 3,686K Quad-VGA OLED Electronic Viewfinder
  • Dual SD card slots - 1 x UHS-II compatible
  • Ethernet connection for FTP/FTPS image transfer
  • Compatible with Sony E-mount lenses
Our Verdict

It is fair to say that Sony's range of mirrorless cameras has helped to change the face of the modern camera industry.

The Sony a9 is going to stand at the forefront of this already heralded range, and does so by using a whole host of new and improved features to bridge the ever shrinking gap between Mirrorless and Digital SLR cameras.

Whilst they aren't the only company attempting to do this, they are doing it with such aplomb and addressing what some see as the issues of mirrorless camera ownership.

The a9 for example features a new and improved battery, with a whopping 2.2x the capacity to former models - making it capable of over 480 shots with the EVF in use.

Which segues nicely on to the 3686k Electronic Viewfinder - the resolution now becoming so high that the argument against EVFs is actually turning more into an argument as to why we shouldn't all be using them. One huge benefit being live view showing you what your exposure will actually look like based on the settings you are using on your camera.

This is aiming to capture the Pro market, and added features such as; Dual SD Card slots (one of which is capable of writing to the faster UHS-II standard cards), the aforementioned larger battery and most of all speed.

With its 24.2 Megapixel full frame stacked CMOS sensor, the ability to capture 20 fps in burst mode using AF/AE lock is a game changer. Adding speed as well as sublime quality to their range of mirrorless cameras is something that many have doubted in the past.

Sony proved with the a7s and a7s II that the war for camera supremacy isn't won by a larger megapixel count, and the 24.2 MP sensor follows in the footsteps by delivering outstanding quality and low-light ability up to ISO 51,200.

With an ever expanding range of exceptional Sony E-mount lenses, from both Sony and Zeiss, the temptation to move to mirrorless is becoming even greater - and the application for sports and wildlife photographers is now becoming a reality.

We Love
  • You can take 20 shots quicker than you can read this sentence
  • Greatly improved battery life for shooting more photos on a single battery
  • EVF resolution up there with the market leaders for sublime viewfinding
  • Movie recording oversampled at 6K for highest 4K quality
  • Pro features make this a truly professional level mirrorless camera
Sony a9 Review: Golf & Go-Karting Hands-On Test

Sony a9 Features In Detail

This mechanism-free camera can deliver a-class-above performance conventional mechanical SLRs have only sought.

For example, this system realises a totally blackout-free viewfinder while conventional systems can only try to reduce blackout time.

A high-speed, vibration-free, silent Anti-Distortion shutter vastly extends the range of shooting situations while a mechanical system can only aim for lower vibration and quieter shutter release sound.

a9 provides continuous tracking of moving subjects for foolproof AF/AE while traditional SLRs can only challenge such AF/AE performance improvements.

Moreover, a9 allows its viewfinder to show not only images of the subject — available on conventional systems — but also the final image of a shot.

Now, thanks to a new image sensor that superbly manages all these roles, you can surpass all expectation with a9.

Note: This camera is equipped with electronic and mechanical shutters. The features described in this section are primarily related to electronic shutter operation.

Sony a9 Mirrorless Camera Sensor Crop

Innovative full-frame stacked CMOS sensor with integral memory

a9 liberates you from the limits of conventional SLRs that rely on mechanical systems.

First to use high-speed stacked design, its 24.2-megapixel full-frame image sensor temporarily stores large-volume data in the integral memory for overall 20 times faster readout speed.

The combination of CMOS sensor and enhanced Bionz X image-processing engine brings you true digital freedom.

High-speed continuous shooting at up to 20fps

Groundbreaking full-frame Exmor RS CMOS sensor and Bionz X processor team up for 20fps continuous shooting with AF/AE tracking. Stunning high-speed performance and ample buffer let you capture the decisive moment.

Blackout-free shooting

Non-mechanical electronic shutter eliminates blackout with typical SLR mirror action. An uninterrupted view of the subject is available even during shutter release, with 60fps live-view capability and minimal display lag in continuous shooting.

AF/AE calculations up to 60 times/sec

Light directly reaches the image sensor without mechanical interruption. An ingenious fusion of mirrorless construction and new speed-enhancing technologies provides AF/AE at the full-frame focal plane.

Electronic shutter speeds up to 1/32,000 sec

These far surpass mechanical shutters for a new imaging expression. You can also maintain shallow depth of field without an ND filter, even under bright conditions.

No noise distraction

An anti-distortion electronic shutter allows silent shooting without mechanical mirror and shutter noise.

It is ideal for sports and subjects that demand quiet operation, greatly expanding camera versatility.

No unwanted vibration

During SLR shooting, mirror shock and shutter release shock cause subtle vibration. a9, however has a vibration-free electronic shutter than can keep the camera stable, for razor-sharp images.

Swift, accurate, and reliable AF

Discover enhanced AF — more precise, virtually unfailing focus, swift reaction to fast motion, low-light reliability, and consistent tracking in continuous shooting.

Sony a9 Mirrorless Camera Back Dials Crop

693. Remarkable number of phase-detection AF points

The phase-detection points on the surface of an image sensor — 693 AF points — covers approximately 93% of the image area. High-precision performance assures your focus on subjects.

Fast Hybrid AF achieves rapid AF for full-frame photos

Capture fast-moving subjects with reliable rapid AF. The speed and accuracy of this Fast Hybrid AF System are further improved in combination with the enhanced Bionz X image processing engine.

Reliable subject tracking in motion

Uninterrupted AF and optimised AF algorithm dramatically enhance AF accuracy and tracking. Even during shutter release, constantly activated AF lets you continue tracking random subject motion.

Eye AF for more precise focusing

Eye detection - enhanced by 30% through improved face detection - keeps the subject's eyes in focus, even if the face is turned at an angle or partially shaded. Wide focal-plane phase-detection AF sensor shows its ability in challenging shots.

Reliable even in low light

Capture subjects with high AF precision down to light levels as low as EV-3 at ISO 100, due to the high sensitivity image sensor.

Outstanding Image Quality

Full-frame 24.2-megapixel sensor with sensitivity up to ISO 204,800 and wide dynamic range captures outstanding image quality.

New CMOS sensor for imaging excellence

High sensitivity, a back-illuminated configuration, gapless on-chip lens architecture, and other Sony innovations deliver stunning images in a wide range of photographic situations. Standard ISO range is ISO 100-51,200 - expandable to ISO 50-204800 with minimum noise.

Technology for high-quality images

Utilise high-quality imaging that unites all available image sensor technologies - including back-illuminated structure, gapless on-chip lens architecture.

Bionz X enhanced speed image processor

Enhanced image processing combined with new front-end LSI reduces noise while improving detail depiction over a wide sensitivity range. Improved detail rendering enables lifelike texture reproduction.

Uncompressed 14-bit RAW

This file type is a good choice in situations where the sensor's wide dynamic range and fine gradation reproduction will benefit the images being captured.

Sony a9 Mirrorless Camera Dials Crop

High-resolution quality of 4K movies

Full-pixel readout with no pixel binning makes it possible to condense approximately 2.4 times the amount of data required for 4K (the equivalent of the amount of data required for 6K) into 3840 x 2160 4K output.

This oversampling process plus full-frame pixel readout without binning results in the highest possible 4K movie image quality.

Efficient workflow and professional reliability

In addition to a magnesium alloy body that assures the camera’s all-around toughness and reliability, largely amplified versatile features enhance operability, supporting severe usage in professional photography.

Quad-VGA OLED Tru-Finder

The new high-res 3686k-dot electronic viewfinder shows a clear image with fine detail. The legendary ZEISS T* coating greatly reduces reflections.

Smooth EVF images realised by 120fps frame rate even allow you to easily track a subject in fast motion. Fluorine coating on the outermost lens provides improved protection from dirt.

5-axis Image Stabilisation

New body-integrated 5-axis IS unit offers a 5.0 stop shutter speed advantage. The live-view monitor image is also stabilised, so you can compose images easily even when shooting a fast-moving subject.

Battery Stamina for Professional Use

A newly developed NP-FZ100 battery offers approximately twice the life of the previous battery found in the a7 family of cameras.

Capture up to approximately 480 shots on one charge - and further increase by adding the optional vertical battery grip that can hold two batteries.

FTP File Transfer

A new terminal for wired LAN connection lets you transfer still images to an FTP server for viewing and management. FTPS is also supported so image files can be encrypted while being transferred (ideal if you are James Bond for example).

My Menu & New Menu Interface

A new My Menu feature lets you register up to 30 menu items for instant recall, arrange items in any order, and erase unused items. Also, primary menus have been reorganised for smoother search and operation.

Sony a9 Mirrorless Camera Front Crop
Thinking of Upgrading?

Trade-up to the Sony a9 Mirrorless Camera with these offers on the Sony a7 range.

Trade-In Model Trade-In Value Enhanced Trade-In You Could Pay
Sony a7 £320 £50 £4,129.00
Sony a7R £600 £80 £4,039.00
Sony a7S £600 £80 £4,039.00
Sony a7 II £600 £80 £3,819.00
Sony a7R II £1,300 £100 £3,099.00
Sony a7S II £1,300 £100 £3,099.00

Trade-in value is dependent on the condition of the used camera. Prices shown are the maximum paid for each model. Enhanced Trade-in prices are only applicable when trading in the above models for the Sony a9 Body. Call our team on 01444 23 70 70 to discuss your options.

What else is included in the box?
  • Sony a9 Mirrorless Camera Body
  • Sony NP-FZ100 Rechargeable Battery
  • Power cord
  • Cable Protector
  • Sony AC-UUD12 AC Adaptor
  • Shoulder strap
  • Body cap
  • Accessory shoe cap
  • Eyepiece cup
  • Micro USB cable
Sony a9 Accessories
Sony a9 Camera Body + Lens Bundles

Buy Sony a9 Mirrorless Camera Body - price £4,299.00

Full Details

New full-frame stacked CMOS sensor with integral memory

New full-frame stacked CMOS sensor with integral memory

α9 is the mirrorless camera that delivers next-generation high-speed performance far exceeding SLRs. It’s equipped with the world’s first 35mm stacked CMOS image sensor with integral memory for 20 times faster overall readout speed. This 24.2MP image sensor achieves high sensitivity of up to ISO 204800 (extended) with the design of back-illuminated structure.  (1) Pixel area  (2) Integral memory  (3) Hi-speed signal processing circuit  (4) Image processing engine

High-speed BIONZ X image processing engine

High-speed BIONZ X image processing engine

Achieving processing speed beyond the previous model, BIONZ X image processing engine is optimised for speed to reliably capture fast-moving subjects and realise continuous shooting of up to 20fps. Due to the newly developed image-processing algorithm, you can capture high-quality images with less noise all across the sensitivity range while maintaining natural details.

20fps continuous shooting with AF/AE tracking

20fps continuous shooting with AF/AE tracking

A combination of groundbreaking high-speed full-frame Exmor RS CMOS sensor and high-speed BIONZ X processor enables 20fps continuous shooting without a break for as many as 362 shots. Thanks to the capability of displaying subjects nearly as naturally as they appear in reality, EVF lets you “sync” your intentions with camera behaviour.

Blackout-free shooting

Blackout-free shooting

Thanks to the non-mechanical electronic shutter system, you can observe the reality of what you’re shooting through the electronic viewfinder even during continuous shooting, without blackout interruption that typically occurs among optical viewfinders due to up-and-down mirror motion. Enhanced speed of the image sensor eliminates distracting EVF display lag in continuous shooting, so that you can compose images with natural comfort, like seeing scenes with your own eyes.  (A) Blackout-free shooting  (B) Shooting with blackout

AF/AE calculations up to 60 times/sec.

AF/AE calculations up to 60 times/sec.

AF/AE is calculated up to 60 times per second and virtually uninterrupted not only while composing but also even releasing the shutter. You can depend on this continuous AF/AE — operated on the image sensor — to lock onto and track erratically moving subjects with significantly high speed, precision, and reliability.  (1) AF/AE calculations  (2) 60times/sec  (3) 20 frames/sec

Fast shutter release at 1/32000 sec., achieved silently

Fast shutter release at 1/32000 sec., achieved silently

Explore the advantages of a high-speed silent shutter that is fully digital — without a physical mechanism. A result of Sony’s image sensor innovation, this shutter achieves speeds up to 1/32000 sec., beyond the limits of mechanical systems. High curtain speed of the electronic shutter suppresses rolling shutter effect and shows excellent performance in capturing moving subjects during sports and other fast-moving activities.

693-point focal-plane phase-detection AF

693-point focal-plane phase-detection AF

α9 brings you 693 phase-detection AF points in a high-density focal-plane AF system, providing distinctively wide and dense AF point coverage over approximately 93% of the image area. This enables more accurate, efficient, and reliable focus on subjects throughout the frame.

Enhanced Eye AF

Enhanced Eye AF

Eye AF can capture intriguing facial expressions with enhanced accuracy through 30% improved precision of eye detection. This enhanced feature automatically focuses on and even tracks focus on a subject’s eye as the face moves or turns to a 3/4 view, extending your freedom to frame a great shot.

Precision AF effective down to EV-3 brightness

Precision AF effective down to EV-3 brightness

Low-light AF detection down to EV-3 at ISO 100 has been achieved. The precision AF system will function properly even when shooting dimly lit scenes. This opens dramatic new possibilities in low-light and night shooting.

AF/AE-tracking continuous shooting with A-mount lenses

AF/AE-tracking continuous shooting with A-mount lenses

The body’s 693-point focal-plane phase-detection AF provides wide-area coverage, fast response, and high tracking performance, not only for E-mount but also for A-mount lenses with use of a mount adaptor (LA-EA3). Continuous shooting of up to 10fps with AF tracking is possible.

Focus Area Registration function

Focus Area Registration function

Frequently used focus area setting can be memorised and recalled via custom button assignments for fast, convenient one-push access when needed. This can be handy when the ideal focus point changes often, for example, with a tennis stroke. In addition to the focus point, the focus area can be set as required for optimum focus performance with the scene being photographed.

Recall Custom Setting during Hold

Recall Custom Setting during Hold

Memorised exposure settings (shutter speed, aperture, AF area, etc.) can be assigned to custom buttons for temporary recall while the button is held. For example, if you shoot sports in a stadium, you might want to quickly capture a shot of the scoreboard, requiring a temporary change in exposure, and then go back to the action.

High-resolution Quad-VGA OLED Tru-Finder

High-resolution Quad-VGA OLED Tru-Finder

See your subject with a bright image for natural, seamless shooting. Quad-VGA OLED Tru-Finder has approx. 3686k-dot high resolution with 0.78x finder magnification, corner-to-corner clarity, and ZEISS® T* Coating to reduce reflections. Display mode at high 120fps refresh rates provides a smooth image with minimal display blur when shooting moving subjects. Fluorine coating is applied on the outmost lens for improved protection from dirt.

Body-integrated 5-axis image stabilisation

Body-integrated 5-axis image stabilisation

The body-integrated image stabilisation system is fine-tuned to compensate accurately for 5-axis camera shake that can compromise handheld shooting. This gives you extremely high performance in both stills and movies, whether you're shooting at longer focal lengths, in close-ups, or at night. Camera shake compensation is equivalent to using a 5.0-stop faster shutter speed, allowing stable determination of composition at times of capturing subjects in high-speed motion. Real-time effects can be monitored via live view.  (1) Yaw  (2) Pitch  (3) Roll

Dual slots for convenient data management

Dual slots for convenient data management

Two media slots are provided for you: one for SD cards and one for SD/Memory Stick cards. Lower card slot supporting UHS-II type cards is available for fast transfer speed. Still or movie data can be simultaneously recorded to both cards for backup, or RAW/JPEG images or stills/movies can be recorded to different cards. Data can also be copied between cards.

FTP transfer via LAN terminal on the camera body

FTP transfer via LAN terminal on the camera body

Using a new terminal for wired LAN connection, you can conveniently transfer still image files to a specified FTP server for viewing and management as needed. A wired LAN connection gives you the highest possible transfer speeds for large image files — an ideal solution for studio photography. Moreover, since FTPS (File Transfer Protocol over SSL/TLS) is supported, image files can be encrypted with SSL or TLS while being transferred, assuring a higher level of security.

Renewed operability and My Menu

Renewed operability and My Menu

Set up your camera for peak performance and instant ability to capture unique moments. My Menu allows menu items to be registered for instant recall, and you can also create your own original custom menu to suit your needs. In addition, custom button assignments let you customise the camera interface to perfectly match your individual shooting preferences. Up to 72 functions can be assigned. Moreover, stacked drive mode and focus mode dials provide fast access, AF-ON button offers a handy means to activate autofocus by simple pressing when shooting stills or movies, and multi-selector can be used as an efficient way to shift AF points.

3.0-type 1440k-dot LCD screen

3.0-type 1440k-dot LCD screen

Take charge of α9 performance with this 3.0-type LCD touch screen, featuring 1440k dots for enhanced resolution and detailed viewing. Convenient Touch Focus feature also allows you to freely choose an area of focus by simply touching on the LCD screen. The screen tilts as much as 107° upwards and 41° downwards for flexible hold and framing.

Location Information Link via Bluetooth

Location Information Link via Bluetooth

Location Information Link makes the most of α9 capabilities. The camera can be paired with PlayMemories Mobile app installed on a compatible mobile phone or tablet device to acquire location data, record it on still images, and correct camera date/time and location settings. PlayMemories Home application can be used on a personal computer to organise imported still images on a map.

File Name Setting for easy organisation

Customise the first three characters of a file name on the camera. While the name starts with “DSC” by default, you can change and register three characters of your choice. This helps photographers manage files easily, especially when working with multiple cameras during assignments.

One-touch remote & One-touch sharing

One-touch remote & One-touch sharing

Use one-touch remote to turn a smartphone or tablet into a viewfinder/remote control. One-touch sharing transfers photos/videos to your device for SNS sharing. Just install a PlayMemories Mobile™ app via Wi-Fi to your NFC-enabled Android device, and then touch the device to the camera to connect them. If you don’t have NFC, use QR code compatibility to pair the devices.

Support for uncompressed 14-bit RAW format

For RAW recording, 14-bit RAW output and 16-bit image processing help preserve maximum detail and produce images of the highest quality with rich tonal gradations. The 14-bit RAW (Sony ARW) format ensures optimal quality for later image adjustment (via Image Data Converter or other software).

Enhanced P-TTL flash metering

Your compositions can benefit significantly from reflected light via pre-flash fired a moment before the main flash is precisely metered. Moreover, high-precision lighting control not easily affected by background conditions is provided mainly around the subject area, utilising distance data from the lens in use. The result is stable command of illumination that suppresses underexposure, which tends to occur with white clothing and walls, as well as overexposure that may affect lighting of black clothing and nightscapes.

Sync terminal

Sync terminal

Compatible external flash units with standard sync terminals or cables can be directly connected for convenient flash synchronisation, enhancing photographic expression with flash shooting.

Tough magnesium alloy body

Tough magnesium alloy body

α9 body is built for solid reliability, steady handling, and durability in the field. Its internal structure and top, front, and rear covers are all made of strong, rigid magnesium alloy. Body strength and rigidity and robust lens mount give you a solid foundation for lens mounting and rugged use, even with large, heavy telephoto and movie lenses.

Reliable dust- and moisture-resistant design

Reliable dust- and moisture-resistant design

Enjoy carefree shooting in tough environments, with comprehensive dust- and moisture-resistance measures that help guard against moisture and dust. Protection includes sealing around buttons, dials, media jack cover, and enclosure edges featuring tongue-and-groove joints for double shielding to tightly interlock panels and components.

High-resolution 4K movie recording

High-resolution 4K movie recording

Capture outstanding high-quality 4K movies with this latest full-frame camera. Full-pixel readout without pixel binning for high-resolution 4K movies makes it possible to deliver detail-rich full-frame movies via the oversampling effect achieved by condensing approximately 2.4 times the amount of data required for 4K (6K equivalent) for 4K output (QFHD: 3840 x 2160). Furthermore, the high speed of the newly developed image sensor reduces the rolling shutter effect.

Improved Fast Hybrid AF for movie shooting

Improved Fast Hybrid AF for movie shooting

Keep images sharp and clear in shooting 4K movies. Fast Hybrid AF for movie recording has evolved and its AF area has been extended to nearly the same width as that for stills, enabling high-speed high-precision AF throughout the frame. Also, further reduction of speed at the “low” end of AF speed enables more pronounced slow focus effects.

XAVC S for high-bitrate recording

XAVC S for high-bitrate recording

XAVC S format is used for 4K and HD recording. High bitrates of up to 100Mbps for 4K 30p (25p)/24p recording, and up to 50Mbps for full-HD 60p (50p)/30p (25p)/24p recording, ensure beautifully detailed movies with minimal compression noise. Since 100Mbps recording is possible even at the highest 120fps in full-HD, high-quality slow-motion sequences can be created during post processing.

Slow and Quick motion

Vary the pace of movie footage to enhance viewing interest and enjoyment. Instantly selectable via a dial, “S&Q” mode supports slow and quick motion, with frame rates from 1fps to 120fps (100fps) selectable in eight steps for up to 60x (50x) quick motion and 5x (4x) slow motion, recordable at Full HD (50Mbps) quality. You can “play with time” by compressing movement or extending a moment, and then accent ordinary footage with these interludes to add comic or dramatic emphasis.

Zebra functions

Zebra functions

Simplify exposure with Zebra. Target video brightness from 0-109%, set +10% and -10% range, check zebra pattern for areas in range, and see minimum brightness to avoid blown-out highlights.

Supported in Capture One Express (for Sony)

Supported in Capture One Express (for Sony)

Capture One Express (for Sony) is one of the world’s best RAW converters, rendering precise colours and incredible detail. It contains flexible digital asset management, all the essential adjustment tools, and fast, responsive performance in one customisable and integrated solution.  Note: Please contact Phase One regarding all inquiries as to usage and support including functional compatibility of Capture One Express (for Sony).

Sony a9 Mirrorless Camera Body Specifications

Sensor Type 35mm full-frame Exmor RS stacked CMOS sensor with integral memory Bionz X image processor
Megapixels 24.2m effective 28.3 total
ISO range 100-51200 auto (expandable 50-204800)
Focus points 693-point wide-area phase-detection AF
Continuous shooting up to 20fps silent blackout free with AF/AE tracking
Video resolution 3840x2160 4k
LCD screen 1440k dot 3" high res touch control flexible tilt 'whitemagic' for outdoor brightness
Viewfinder 1.3 cm (0.5 type) electronic viewfinder (color),Quad-VGA OLED
Wireless connectivity wi-fi, nfc, bluetooth
Lens compatability e-mount 5-axis image stabilisation with effectiveness equivalent to 5.0-stop slower shutter speed
Storage type Dual slot SD, supports UHS-!!
Dimensions 126.9mm X 95.6mm X 63mm
Weight 673g
Full specifications Download full specifications

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