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Best Gifts For Wildlife And Bird Photographers

This essential guide is for anyone wondering what gift to get for someone who likes wildlife photography. Both wildlife and bird photographers are drawn to being out in nature in order to pursue their passion for this wonderful past time, but with expensive cameras and long lenses driving the genre, it can be tricky to find gifts for wildlife lovers.

Best Gifts For Wildlife and Bird Photographers (for any budget)

Fear not as we include a variety of the best gifts for wildlife and bird photographers, which they will absolutely love. You’ll find ideas catering to every budget, from useful photo accessories under £50 that they’ll appreciate to far more expensive gifts they will cherish.

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Beautiful photo of a heron on lake

Why do photographers love wildlife and bird photography?

Wildlife and bird photography have witnessed a surge in popularity, especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The global health crisis prompted many photographers to explore new genres or embrace nature photography as a healthy and fulfilling pursuit.

As prolonged indoor periods become ever more challenging, an increasing number of individuals, including those with a casual interest in nature and birding, are finding a connection with the great outdoors. This shift reflects a broader trend where individuals turn to the inspiration of wildlife and bird photography, popularised by social media and YouTubers such as Morten Hilmer, Trond Westby and Steve Mattheis to name a handful.

The growth of this hobby is also propelled by advancements in camera technology, featuring lighter and more advanced options, including lenses, tripods, and tripod heads. The continuous evolution of cameras has lead to increased speed and more precise autofocus with specific wildlife settings, which prove indispensable for enthusiasts engaged in bird and wildlife photography.

Long lens nature photography

Best buys under £50

Items within this price range serve as ideal stocking fillers and as more significant gifts for birthdays and special occasions. A variety of practical accessories for bird watching and wildlife photography are available under £50, making it easy to find the perfect present.

Product Image
Photography Gift Voucher
If you’re uncertain about the recipient's preferences, a voucher starting from £10 makes a versatile option, and allows them to put the voucher towards something really desirable for their hobby.
From £10
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Product Image
Camera rain cover
A camera rain cover proves extremely valuable, even when equipped with the lens cleaning kit mentioned above. Shielding costly gear from intense downpours, rain covers are both practical and cost-effective, making them a useful and thoughtful gift for any outdoor content creator.
From £10
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Product Image
ZEISS Lens Cleaning Kit
This comprehensive cleaning kit from ZEISS features in all of our gifts ideas for photographers. It contains everything your wildlife photographer needs to keep those long lenses in immaculate condition!
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Product Image
77mm UV filter
If your gift recipient is passionate about bird and wildlife photography, chances are they use bigger, longer lenses. These lenses are subject to inevitable wear and tear, and a UV filter is a valuable shield for the front lens element, preventing scratches and minor accidental damage. It's a priceless gift, but before purchasing, check the lens diameter, which should be noted near the front of the lens, just don’t get caught while looking!
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Product Image
Lexar 64GB Professional 1800x 270MB/S UHS-II V60 SDXC Card
For both wildlife and bird photographers, a fast and high-capacity SD memory card is a must-have. Lexar, known for speed and reliability, offers the perfect solution, providing photographers with ample capacity to capture their favourite shots with high-speed UHS-II card – and it’s a gift every photographer will appreciate! Although they are by far the most common media it’s best to check the recipients camera accepts SD cards.
From £49
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Product Image
Spare camera battery
Spare batteries may seem mundane, but they're a true blessing for photographers capturing nature out in the field. Ensure you check their camera bag to determine the right compatibility based on their camera model and note that most spare batteries cost around £50-£70, making them a practical and much needed gift, although possibly slightly over budget
From £25
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Product Image
While it's not advisable to cut corners on a monopod or tripod support system, there are excellent options available for just under £50. At £46 the Benro Adventure Series 3 4-Section Aluminium Monopod is just the ticket, capable of supporting heavy gear weighing up to 16kg and made by one of the biggest names in the business. Alternatively, for just £49 you could get the Manfrotto Element MII Aluminium Monopod Black 5 Section, which packs down a little smaller yet supports the same payload.

From £33
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Wild fox photo in frost

Best buys under £200

If your budget extends to £200, there's no denying you can buy a wonderful gift that will be both useful and welcome. We've thought of plenty of options, but narrowed down this selection to the six most practical and unique ideas that will make for memorable pressies.

Product Image
Manfrotto XPRO 4 Section Carbon Fibre Photo Monopod
With a 20kg load capacity this monopod makes an excellent wildlife support thanks to being made from lightweight carbon fibre and strong enough to support which the heaviest and longest lenses your photographer owns.
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Product Image
Wimberley MonoGimbal Head MH-100
If your photographer uses a monopod they’ll be impressed by this nifty gadget. The mono gimbal head stabilises photography from a monopod and makes it far easier to capture cracking photos without a big, heavy lens tipping over.
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Product Image
Lowepro Flipside BP 500 AW II Backpack
There’s no getting away from the fact that photographers appreciate a practical, rugged, and stylish camera backpack! This particular one makes the ideal wildlife bag as it holds a long lens, laptop, accessories and everything needed for a day in the field, ensuring it is the perfect Lowepro backpack
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Product Image
Vanguard Supreme 40F Hard Case With Foam Inserts
The Vanguard Supreme 40F Hard Case is a robust, waterproof and dust-proof professional case that is perfect for travel and storage. Its customisable foam insert provides a tailored, secure fit for loads of equipment, ensuring your recipient has maximum protection for their expensive gear, wherever they are.
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Product Image
ZEISS Secacam 5 Trail Camera
ZEISS, renowned for its outstanding optical designs, has extended its expertise to the wildlife market with the launch of this trail camera in December 2023. This innovative trail camera combines their optical prowess with advanced technology to capture stunning images of wildlife, day or night, all from the convenience of your recipient’s home!

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Bird photography with seagulls

Gifts for any budget

Nature photographers depend on lots of equipment to enhance their hobby, and all these gift ideas are priced above £200. Each has the potential to elevate a wildlife photographer's passion, providing them with exceptional pieces of photography gear, which will be most welcome.

Gimbal tripod heads

Gimbals can be added to a monopod or tripod and allow the photographer to pan and follow their subject quickly, even with a huge lens. It is an essential piece of equipment for many professional wildlife photographers.

Product Image
Wimberley Gimbal Head WH-200 Mk II
This is perhaps the holy grail of gimbal tripod heads, which will be the envy of any wildlife photographer. The head has been specially designed for big telephoto lenses and enables the photographer to rotate their lens around its centre of gravity, providing effortless manipulation. If you like the idea but want a slightly more affordable option, consider the Benro GH2N Gimbal Head, which benefits from most of the same features and works like a charm, and costs under £300.
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For those without a tripod or facing issues with flimsy ones, these three options promise to astonish your recipient with the possibilities a sturdy tripod brings. Expect them to boast about sharper photos, increased 'keepers,' and you’ll see one delighted photographer!

Product Image
Gitzo Tripod Systematic GT5543LS
Gitzo is regarded as royalty in photography circles, and the Series 5 Systematic model is no exception, ranking among the very best. While it comes with a premium price tag, gifting this tripod ensures an immensely delighted photographer.
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Product Image
3 Legged Thing Legends Tommy
Priced at around half that of the predecessor, this fantastic tripod from the UK-based 3 Legged Thing is truly impressive. Not only is it perfect for long lens photography, but it also serves as a video tripod, enabling your recipient to broaden their horizons and capture more versatile content.
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Product Image
Benro Mammoth Carbon Fibre Tripod
It may be the budget friendly option from our trio, but as the name suggests this Benro carbon tripod is a bit of a beast, ensuring it’s suitability for wildlife and bird photographers. Light yet sturdy carbon fibre legs provide rigidity, and it supports enough weight for even the heaviest equipment.
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A teleconverter is a small lens addition which effectively extends the reach of a telephoto lens. Many hobbyist and professional wildlife photographers use a teleconverter to get closer to the action and we are sure your loved one would be thrilled to receive one of these as a present.

We do recommend checking compatibility with their lens, so please contact us and we will be happy to help if you get stuck. Prices range from around £100 to £600 depending on the brand.

Enjoying nature using binoculars to scope wildlife

10 Most popular binoculars and scopes for bird photography

We have compiled the 10 most popular binoculars and spotting scopes which our customers buy to view nature, wildlife and to spot birds. Any of these would make a fabulous gift and can be used for all manner of outdoor wildlife viewing by anyone who is enjoying the great outdoors. Features to look out for are best magnification, stabilisation and waterproofing. If you are buying a gift around November be sure to check our Black Friday binocular offers as we would expect to see some fantastic deals around that time.

Binoculars and spotting scope model

Price at time of publishing

Nikon Sportstar EX 10x25 Waterproof Binoculars


Steiner Safari Ultrasharp 10x26 Compact Binoculars


Nikon 7x35 Action EX Binoculars


Prostaff 3S 10x42 Binoculars


Nikon Action EX 10x50 Waterproof Binoculars


Nikon Prostaff 7S 10x42 Binoculars


Prostaff 7S 10x42 Binoculars


Monarch 5 12x42 Binoculars


Bushnell Prime 20-60X65 Angled Eyepiece Spotting Scope


Zeiss Conquest Gavia 85 Angled Spotting Scope


Bird Photography Videos and inspiration

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Photo of a cheetah!

5 Tips for Bird Photography video

Wildlife Photography

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