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Leica Lenses

Leica’s legendary status has been earned throughout a 150 years of excellence by developing superb quality cameras and interchangeable camera lenses. To this day Leica products are ‘designed to support the creation and preservation of unique moments’ and have been used by countless iconic photographers including Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Frank, Jane Evelyn Atwood and Martine Franck. Join Park Cameras in our passion for these German designed and engineered lenses, suitable for all Leica camera systems and every conceivable photography genre.

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Which Camera Systems Fit Leica Lenses?

Medium Format S-System Lenses

These are designed to extract every detail from S System cameras, through large-diameter, aspherical lenses of the highest quality. S-Lenses deliver superb imaging performance at any focusing distance throughout the aperture range. Most models are available with a central shutter to guarantee high speed syncing when using studio lighting.

Mirrorless L mount Lenses

These are available in two ranges;

Full-frame SL mirrorless system lenses and APS-C crop sensor TL2 and Leica CL system cameras known as TL lenses. The L mount was born out of an alliance between Panasonic Lumix, Sigma and Leica to deliver unrivalled image quality.

SL lenses offer one of the fastest autofocus systems available, the Dual Syncro Drive, together with class leading optical pedigree. These can be mounted directly onto CL and TL2 bodies. Conversely TL lenses can be mounted onto the full-frame system and the body will automatically switch to crop mode. We think this is very clever indeed and demonstrates the innovative features which the company are so famed for.

M System Rangefinder Lenses

Developed for the highly popular Leica rangefinder system, M lenses are a development of original designs, provide unique image qualities and a depth of character which has yet to be matched.

All ranges provide the following lens variations;

  • Wide-angle
  • Standard focal lengths
  • Telephoto
  • Macro
  • Prime and zooms (Vario)

System adapters also allow photographers to mount different lenses onto another camera body. This is especially useful for photographers who switch between camera bodies. All models are designed to be lightweight and compact, perfectly suited to the equally compact camera systems produced.

Commonalities found between system lenses include bright apertures, ASPH aspherical glass, advanced optical engineering with high contrast and edge to edge sharpness throughout aperture ranges. Characteristic styles are also visible in images captured with Leica optics, producing a certain highly desirable ‘look’ which is hard to define.

Browse our second hand Leica lens department for options which customers have traded-in and visit our stores in London or Sussex to experience these systems first hand.

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