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Leica M Lenses

Leica Cameras and Leica Lenses are among the very best in the world. With unrivalled image quality they have been the lens of choice for over 100 years. Made famous by street photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Frank, Gary Winogrand and Sebastiao Salgado, they have captured some of the most iconic photographs in the world. Leica M Mount lenses are built for their range of M-series digital rangefinder cameras and are available in a vast range of focal lengths, including wide-angle and telephoto.

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M System lenses deliver unrivalled performance in contrast, resolution and depth of tone, thanks to Leica’s stringent demands for quality. They perform especially well in challenging lighting conditions with a host of fast, bright primes. The main properties M-Lenses combine are; compact, light intensity, imaging performance and durability. You will often find used Leica lenses which are decades old, but still perform as well as the day they were made.

The range spans four main optical designs, which are;

SUMMICRON - favoured for documentary, street and portraits due to compact design, impressive speed and uncompromising image quality.

Elmarit - Standard focal width lenses which compliment the full-frame format perfectly. Ideal for travel and other genres where compact, high quality is essential.

TRI-ELMAR is the zoom lens which combines three super wide-angle focal lengths into one compact option.

The Classics Range - are redesigned historical Leica lenses with specific characteristics that cannot be recreated by modern optics or post-processing.

ASPH or aspherical optics are utilised throughout the range, serving to maintain compact form, reduce aberrations and help capture impeccable quality. With around 100 years of optical experience Leica have refined their system and still design and manufacturer in Germany.

Images taken with Leica M mount lenses are renowned for their signature look, they have an atmosphere and naturalness to them that other lens and camera combinations simply can’t capture.

Here at Park Cameras we have a wide range of M system lenses available to buy online or from either our London camera shop or our Burgess Hill store. Customers can get hands-on with these beautiful optics and see the outstanding quality which they can achieve.

In addition, we also stock ZEISS Planar, Biogon and Sonnar as well as Voigtlander Nokton and Heliar lenses compatible with M-mount rangefinders.

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