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Best Sony Camera

Sony is synonymous with technology and has become one of the most popular photography brands since launching their first mirrorless camera in 2013. They are well known for developing ground-breaking features which are found throughout the extensive range of Alpha cameras, all designed to help you to capture spectacular photos and beautiful videos.

Which is the best Sony camera?

With models for every level of photographer, videographer and hybrid content creator, it can be daunting to choose the best Sony camera for your personal storytelling journey. This becomes even trickier when you take into account the range of Sony broadcast and professional camcorders, consumer Sony video cameras and compact cameras, which are also available.

We’ve got you covered with all of the information you need to find your perfect Sony camera, whether you’re a professional, enthusiast or looking for the best camera for a beginner.

Fashio shoot with Sony a7R IV camera

Choosing the Best Sony Camera

There’s a Sony camera available, which fits your style of shooting and skill-level perfectly. The best Sony cameras offer distinct features for every type of content, and are designed for photographers, hybrid shooters and vloggers. Discover the best mirrorless camera, a camera for both video and photos, as well as noteworthy models for serious filmmaking. You’ll also learn which compact camera to choose for unbeatable content from a pocket-sized point-and-shoot.

Pro video with the a7S III

The Best Sony Camera for Video

Sony cameras are renowned for capturing great quality video, with a number of models offering excellent features for enthusiast moviemakers and vloggers. For vlogging and YouTube the Alpha ZV-E10L is both easy to use and modestly priced, while the more expensive Sony A7 IV adds a full-frame sensor and high speed 4K/60p video.

If you’re just starting out and want to learn how to make movies, the best affordable crop sensor camera for video is the A6000. Despite being an entry-level model you’ll enjoy super-quick autofocus, Full HD video recording and access to the vast range of Sony E mount lenses.

The Sony A1 sits at the opposite end of the range from the A6000 and provides flagship 8K / 30p and high speed 4K / 120p 10-bit 4:2:2 performance, without the need for an external recorder.

Sample photo from Sony a1 flagship camera

Sample photo: Sony A1 with FE 70-200mm f/2.8 GM OSS. Focal width: 79mm. Exposure: 1/2000. f/4.5. ISO 400

The Best Sony Mirrorless Camera

When it comes to mirrorless cameras, Sony has a formidable range on offer and the best all-round mirrorless camera is the a7 IV. This powerful model is arguably the ultimate affordable camera for hybrid creators who enjoy shooting both stills and video. The a7 IV includes the latest processor, a brand new 33MP full-frame sensor and Sony’s cutting-edge AF technology, packed into a camera which has been designed from the ground up.

Despite costing just £2,399.00 the a7 IV inherits technology from the more expensive Alpha 1 and a7S III, which are priced at £6,499.00 and £3,799.00 respectively. The result is one of the best value models from the entire Sony mirrorless camera range, which is capable of capturing epic 4K movies and high resolution stills.

Video with Sony a7 IV, one of the best all-round Sony cameras

The Best Sony Camera for Filmmaking

There are a number of Sony cameras designed for series filmmaking, which are found within Sony’s mirrorless and pro video camera ranges. The A7S III continues to impress filmmakers with a combination of excellent low light performance and high speed 4K 120p in 10-bit 4:2:2. Despite being a video-centric camera, the A7S III also satisfies users who want to capture stills from the high-quality 12.1 megapixel sensor.

Solo film makers and YouTubers who don’t need stills rave about the Sony FX3 for its 15+ stop dynamic range and ability to use professional video accessories, including XLR audio. The FX6 sits higher up Sony’s cinema range, adding 16-Bit RAW (12G) via SDI and a metadata button with stabilisation and orientation data for post processing. A comparison between the FX3 vs A7S III vs FX6 demonstrates how advanced these three models are, with subtle differences defining their capabilities.

Sample landscape photo with the huge resolution Sony a7R IV

Sample landscape photo: Sony A7R IV – no Exif data

The Best Sony Camera for Video & Photo

Many of today’s creators need a camera which supports hybrid shooting, in order for them to capture both video and photo content. With blackout-free continuous shooting up to 30fps, 50.1MP image quality and 8K video the Sony a1 specifications confirm this as Sony’s ultimate hybrid camera. However this comes at a professional-level price of £6,499.00, whereas the a7 IV costs far less, yet still offers outstanding hybrid performance for video and photo enthusiasts.

Although best known for its huge 61 megapixel resolution, the Sony A7R IVa also captures beautiful 4K full-frame video, which is oversampled from 6K. This provides photographers with the ultimate high resolution camera for photography, together with stunning 4K video when required.

Vlogging with Sony vlog camera

The Best Sony Compact Camera

Compact cameras are perfect for anyone who enjoys taking stunning photos and videos, without the hassle of changing lenses or carrying heavy gear around. You can fit the Sony DSC RX100 VII compact camera into your pocket, yet it captures gorgeous 20.1MP photos and 4K videos, making it a great choice when you want to travel with a camera.

For more intense action the Sony DSC-RX0 II Action Camera offers tough waterproof capabilities, along with premium image quality. If you love action sports and want to document your adventures this is the camera to choose.

Sony is a brilliant choice for creators of all levels, with a camera range which offers a wealth of features for photographers, filmmakers and hybrid shooters. The huge ecosystem of E mount lenses and accessories adds to the appeal, by providing the opportunity to extend your creative toolbox and elevate content to the next level.

Browse for your perfect Sony camera today and find the best one to capture your personal journey.

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