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Gitzo Tripod Heads

Italian brand Gitzo are renowned for their high performance professional range of carbon fibre tripods and monopods. Gitzo tripod heads are designed to complement these perfectly, with advanced features utilising lightweight materials including aluminium and magnesium alloy. As a Gitzo 5 Star Dealer we are ideally placed to provide customers with competitive pricing together with expert knowledge across all Gitzo products. Browse the range of enthusiast and professional heads, which includes ball-heads, fluid heads and pano discs.

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Choosing the right head is simple when considering a set of tripod legs at the same time, or if you have an existing set already. Pick the right head for the style of photography or videography which you most pursue, then consider the weight tolerance for the camera equipment which the head will support.

For travel choose a lightweight ball head which will complement lighter travel style legs. Gitzo produce a number of carbon legs which are ideal for stowing in a camera backpack together with the ball head. The lower the number in their naming convention, the lighter weight it will be. A Series 1 centre ball head will suit smaller 0 and 1 Series legs, which are perfect for lightweight equipment such as mirrorless cameras with a short or medium telephoto lens.

Larger, more sturdy ball heads from Series 3 for example will suit the Mountaineer or Systematic series perfectly. These provide excellence strength to weight ratios, catering for longer heavy lenses and even larger DSLR cameras.

Gimbal or fluid heads are used for videography and sports or wildlife. These are heavier heads, but support heavier equipment loads, deliver ultra smooth panning and excellent balance for super telephoto lenses. Long lenses require the smoothest possible head movements, exceptional locking capabilities, minimised drift angle, and fast, intuitive operation.

The quality of any of these models is second to none and a well maintained head will last for years. Shop online or visit one of our stores for a demonstration of new and used tripod heads.

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