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Benro Tripod Heads

Benro is a Chinese company operating near Hong Kong with extensive experience manufacturing a broad range of tripods and associated equipment for photography and videography. Their range of tripod heads reflects this experience, with a number of highly recommended gimbal heads, fluid heads and ball heads. They even produce niche models including very well received precision geared heads suitable for macro and architectural photography. Browse the complete collection here for every available model for any type of photography equipment.

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Which Type Of Tripod Head Do I Need?

Choosing a tripod head will depend on a number of factors, irrespective of whether an aluminium or carbon fibre model will be used.

The first decision is whether the head will be predominantly used for video or photography. Most video users will opt for a fluid head (sometimes referred to as a pan head), whereas stills photographers choose between ball heads, geared heads and 3 way heads. Photographers with super telephoto lenses will usually opt for a gimbal, which are discussed below.

A ball head provides the most flexible system, particularly when paired with a quick release plate or L bracket. Ball heads provide excellent all-round versatility suitable for a number of styles, from portraits to landscape.

Geared heads are specialised and require slower practice aimed at more detailed compositions. Typically these will be used for micro adjustments when composing for macro or architecture.

3 Way heads are often used for more precise set-ups and perhaps offer a slight advantage over a ball head. These tend to be used by landscape photographers who want to make small adjustments without the time constraints of a geared head.

Gimbal heads will be used by bird, wildlife and sports photographers who need to support heavy telephoto lenses. These allow for superb weight distribution, ultra quick panning and compositional adjustments as required by fast moving action.

Benro provides an excellent range of all models suitable for systems from mirrorless through DSLR and heavier medium format. A generous two year warranty supports any head which can be extended to five years through product registration. This demonstrates the quality and durability which these options afford photographers who love shooting from a reliable, stable and competitively priced platform.

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