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Lee Filters

Lee Filters

LEE Filters are masters of light – renowned around the world for making some of the highest quality camera lens filters for outdoor and landscape photographers. Initially LEE produced filters for the film industry and started making a series of photography filters and kits several years ago.

LEE products are designed and manufactured in the UK to exacting standards with absolute colour consistency. Whether you are just getting started in photography or you are a seasoned professional, filters can be used by anyone – be it a neutral density (ND) filter for longer exposure photography, or a graduated colour filter for creative colouring. Read more below where we explain which kits fit which cameras and how to use them.

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Which LEE system fits which camera and lens?

The Lee filter system is essentially a set of holders, adapter rings and filters which fit onto any camera lens depending on the size. There are three system sizes and all are available as complete foundation kits or as individual items.

The LEE85 System (previously Seven5) is designed for photographers with smaller cameras and lenses such as Leica M rangefinders and interchangeable lens compact cameras. These are ideal for photographers who travel light and still demand excellent filter quality. These are precision engineered from aluminium and built to withstand any weather.

The LEE100 Filter System (100mm filters) fit most DSLR and mirrorless cameras and can hold up to four 100mm filters for the ultimate in creative photography.

The SW150 system (150mm filters) is designed for extra large wide angle lenses (such as Nikon’s 14-24mm) and for medium format cameras.

Which types of filter are available from LEE?

There are primarily five types of filters available for any of the system sizes. These are as follows:

Neutral density filters (ND) - these are used in long exposure photography and are made from glass or plastic. They are available in a range of stops such as 0.3, 0.6 and 0.9 which reduce shutter speed particularly when shooting moving water or clouds. There are also heavy duty versions called the Little, Big and Super Stoppers which provide extra long exposures for fine art and blurry effects.

Graduated neutral density filters (GND) are available in hard or soft variations. These are graduated from top to bottom and are used to balance the exposure between a brighter sky and darker ground. Hard or soft are used where the horizon is either broken by objects (such as trees or mountains) or not, such as a flat ocean horizon. Telephoto lenses can always employ hard GND’s due to their longer focal range.

Coloured, black and white and special effects filters might include sunrise kits, and these colour skies or landscapes. There are a comprehensive number of coloured filters available as well as black and white versions to suit any style of shooting.

Circular polariser (CPL) filters are designed to be used with a holder and can be inserted together with any other filters in the range. These reduce glare from wet surfaces and deepen colours in skies or foliage.

Landscape and architectural photographers will often begin with a foundation kit then add other variations until they have built up their own perfect system for most common scenes which they typically shoot. Combinations of filters are common and these versatile products allow for any level of creativity.

Together with the filters themselves, LEE provide a range of popular accessories. These include storage pouches, tilt shift adapters, hoods and more.

Watch this series of inspiring interviews, how to videos and tips for using the LEE filter system on their website here.

Park Cameras is proud to offer an enormous selection of LEE filters. All are available online, or you can visit us in store and chat with our expert staff in either Burgess Hill or Central London.

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