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Tiffen Lens Filters

Tiffen has an extensive history producing a broad range of lens filters for photography and professional film making which dates back to the 1930’s. Park Cameras predominantly carry a range of their neutral density filters for photographers and videographers to capture long exposures and compensate for bright light when shooting video outdoors.

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Variable ND filters are the most versatile in the range as once threaded onto a lens they can be twisted to create a higher or lower ND effect. Models will offer between two and eight stops of light compensation, ideal for changeable outdoor conditions. When using for long exposure photography the user can select precisely the amount of light compensation they require to slow down clouds or water movement.

All filters are available in a range of thread sizes which will fit the most common camera lenses for any system as well as professional cinema lenses.

As well as variable neutral density we provide 10 stop filters for extremely long exposure photography. These are used by landscape photographers and for fine art image making where several minutes of exposure is commonplace.

A number of XLE series IRND filter are available which reduce light pollution during a long exposure. These provide invaluable when photographing near cities during low light situations.

Tiffen is a popular brand, also producing the highly desirable Domke camera bags, and other photography accessories.

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