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Cokin Filters

Cokin is a world renowned manufacturer of excellent filters for cameras, originally set-up by French fashion and landscape photographer Jean Coquin in 1978. They design a range of creative options for photographers, from complete filter kits and holders to screw-in models with all associated accessories. Their latest Nuances range provides everything the enthusiast and professional could require when employing filters in their workflow.

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Read our guide to Cokin filters for tips on how to use the system. Their range primarily includes square versions that are held in place by a holder and attached to the camera lens by a threaded ring adapter. These are referred to as neutral density filters and are mainly used for landscape and other types of outdoor photography. Exposure corrections for skies or creating long exposures are the primary uses for ND kits.

The Cokin filter holder enables the use of multiple filters at the same time in a stack. This type of system means that photographers can use Cokin filters across multiple lenses with the same adapter, rather than having to buy individual variants for each lens.

Cokin filters are available in four classes, the A-series for compact cameras and camcorders, the P-series are the most popular and are for both film and digital SLR cameras, the Z-pro are larger and used for wide-angle DSLR lenses and some medium format cameras, and the X-pro are even larger and used for medium format cameras and large format. Accessories include adapter rings, coupling kits and hoods, as well as protective wallets and pouches.

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