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Nikon Z f Camera with Z 24-70mm f/4 S Lens Kit

Nikon Z f Camera with Z 24-70mm f/4 S Lens Kit

Product Code: 3017486L

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Capture incredibly detailed stills and video with the Nikon Z f full-frame (FX) Mirrorless Camera and Z 24-70mm f/4 S Lens Kit, which combines classic styling with high build quality and powerful hybrid features.


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We Love

  • Beautifully designed film-style camera, which packs cutting-edge technology for hybrid content creators
  • Versatile lens kit that comes with a workhorse 24-70mm focal range for portraits, landscapes, city, travel and video
  • Fast and whisper quiet focus delivered by the zoom lens, which harnesses the camera’s deep learning AF technology
  • Bursting with features for stills and video creators, including Pre-Release Capture, High resolution Multi-Shot and fast bursting
  • Rugged and high build quality combined with a desirable design for immersive shooting using control dials and switches
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Nikon Z f Camera with Z 24-70mm f/4 S Lens Kit Summary

Capture incredible details for stills and video, right to the edges of the frame with the Nikon Z f Camera with Z 24-70mm f/4 S Lens Kit. The Nikon Z f is the latest classic film-style camera to join the Nikon mirrorless camera range, which combines a full-frame (FX) sensor, high build quality and powerful hybrid capabilities for content creators.

For this kit, the retro styled Z f camera is joined by the tried-and-tested Nikon Z 24-70mm f/4 S zoom lens, which provides the versatility to capture a huge variety of subjects, from stunning portraits and street photography, to sweeping landscapes, travel and much more.

Both the lens and full-frame mirrorless body feature advanced AF for whisper quiet, accurate and tenacious AF, which are ideal for both stills and video. Movies can be recorded in beautiful oversampled 4K 30p, 4K 60p in DX (Super 35 crop format) and 120p in Full HD, with a range of compressions and colour profiles to suit your needs.

Nikon has incorporated cutting-edge technology into the Z f, which places advanced hybrid features into the hands of content creators who enjoy shooting with a classic styled full-frame body.

You can harness features like Pre-release Capture, high resolution Pixel-shift mode and all-new functionality, such as the world’s first Focus Point VR, as well as touch control and deep learning AF tracking.

The camera body itself is robust, well built and intuitive to use, with three lockable control dials, a new dedicated B&W mode switch and parts made from brass and magnesium alloy, which is all extensively weather sealed.


Key Nikon Z f Camera Features

  • Film-era body stying with sophisticated FX performance
  • Powered by the latest EXPEED 7 processor
  • Magnesium alloy parts, brass dials, artificial leather body and leaf switch shutter release
  • 24.5 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor
  • Intuitive ergonomics includes a large top control panel and body grip
  • Lockable ISO, shutter speed and exposure dials
  • Dedicated Black and White Mode switch and new B&W picture profiles
  • High ISO 64,000 capability
  • Improved AF algorithm with deep learning
  • AF rivals pro cameras with tracking of People, Animals, Car, Motorbike, Bicycle, Train, Airplane
  • -10EV AF sensitivity for low light content creation
  • Supports high resolution 4K/30p video from oversampled 6K
  • Up to 8-stops in-body Vibration Reduction (VR)
  • Vari-angle screen for selfies and shooting from any position
  • Customisable touch control
  • Manual focus with subject detection for manual and legacy Nikon lenses
  • Dust and moisture resistance and a fluorine-coated sensor guard
  • 1x SD memory card slot and 1x space-saving MicroSD memory card slot

Key Nikon Z 24-70mm f/4 lens features

  • Versatile zoom range for a variety of subjects
  • 0.3m minimum focus distance
  • Constant f/4 aperture
  • Edge-to-edge sharpness throughout the zoom range
  • Anti-reflective Nano Crystal Coat reduces flare and ghosting
  • High quality optics include Aspherical ED glass and Aspherical lens
  • Smooth and whisper-quiet AF for stills and video
  • Excellent results even at close focusing due to floating lens elements
  • Reduced focus breathing
  • 72 mm filter thread
  • Weather sealed


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Nikon Z f Camera with Z 24-70mm f/4 S Lens Kit in More Detail

Nikon Z 24-70mm f/4 S Lens Advanced optics for great results

The 24-70mm focus range is a staple for creators of all skill levels, due to providing such versatility around wide angle to standard and short telephoto zoom ranges. It covers popular 24mm, 35mm and 50mm prime lenses in-one, with the benefit of being a zoom lens for exceptional versatility in fast-paced situations.

Nikon’s optical formula includes 14 elements in 11 groups (including 1 ED lens element, 1 aspherical ED element, 3 aspherical elements). These help to achieve accurate colour, reduced aberrations and high image quality when recording video and shooting stills with the Z f camera. It also captures beautifully sharp and detailed results when your subject is extremely close thanks to a floating lens design.

A Nano Crystal Coat and a fluorine-coated front lens element complement the optical design, for reduced flare, ghosting and easier lens cleaning and the lens features weather sealing to match the camera body in this kit.


Classic yet modern

Photographers who enjoy black and white photography will find that the Nikon Z f body includes an additional dedicated black and white mode selector, which sits next to the photo/video switch. Two new B&W modes have also been added to the profiles.

The B&W mode switch enables you to instantly transform your photographic experience by switching between video, colour and black and white photography instantly. Additionally, Nikon has added Flat monochrome and Deep tone monochrome picture profiles on top of the existing Monochrome setting, for more refined results straight out of camera.

Intuitive control and customisation

Thanks to a classic design reminiscent of film cameras, the Z f is easy, enjoyable and intuitive to use, with three separate dials allowing you to select values for ISO, Shutter Speed and Exposure compensation. You can also jump between P - S - A - M and Auto modes with the flick of a switch, and all of the dials can be locked into the ‘C’ position, in order to select values via the camera instead.


Touch control comes to the Z system

For even better handling, the Nikon Z f features touch control for the first time in any Z series camera, which adds the versatility to select functions while your eye remains on the EVF. The ability to control various settings without removing your eye from the viewfinder helps streamline your experience and capture decisive moments, which you might otherwise miss.

The touch control feature works by mapping the screen into nine customisable areas, which are each assigned a function, which can then be activated by tapping the corresponding mapped screen area. Move the focus point, switch eyes, change the framing group or zoom on/off all without needing to take your eye off the action.

Powerful AF system

Nikon has become a market leader in AF technology, which is made possible by the powerful EXPEED 7 processor that has been adopted for the Z f camera. This offers sophisticated AF tracking with deep learning, large sensor AF coverage and AF capabilities, which rival Nikon’s professional cameras.


Precision subject tracking

Deep learning delivers accuracy, speed and sharp images, even when subjects move around the frame. Subjects which are recognised and tracked by the Z f include:

People (eyes, face, torso)

Animals (head, eye, whole body)

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Birds


  • Cars
  • Motorbikes
  • Bicycles
  • Trains
  • Airplanes (whole body, front, cockpit)

Large Auto-area AF coverage

Alongside more tenacious AF and a wider variety of subjects, the Nikon Z f provides 89% x 95% of the sensor area with AF coverage, using 299 points. This makes it easier for you to acquire and track small or distant objects in the frame, right to the very edges. There are 77 custom wide-area patterns in photo mode and 66 when recording video, for tenacious AF across all of your content.


Master of low light

Whether you enjoy capturing general low light shots, astro photography or amazing images of the aurora, the Z f is ready for any night action. With a maximum native ISO 64,000 it surpasses most semi-pro mirrorless cameras, delivering great results even in extremely dark scenarios.

Starlight view can also be activated for night time work, which adjusts the display brightness for easier confirmation, while the camera’s sensitive AF achieves focus as low as -10 EV, with  truly astonishing low light capabilities.

Backlit AF

Nikon’s backlit technology utilises separate sensor pixels to achieve autofocus on backlit subjects, which are typically difficult for cameras to acquire. The system works by allowing specific AF pixels to overexpose the subject, without impacting the final exposure. Sunset silhouettes and backlit lifestyle shots will never be the same again.


New subject detection in MF

For users who want to shoot with manual or legacy Nikon NIKKOR lenses subject detection is now available in MF. This provides the benefit of being able to effectively harness cost-effective used Nikon lenses and experiment with classic equipment, which matches the camera’s aesthetics.

  1. Subject detection automatically moves the focus area to the eye, after which it zooms into focus
  2. Portrait shoots with older lenses becomes far more efficient
  3. Lenses with electronic contacts can utilise focus aid

Capture the decisive moment more easily

High-speed shooting is possible with the Nikon Z f mirrorless camera, which captures RAW/JPEG at 7.8fps in continuous high mode, 14fps in extended mode and 30fps in JPEG only.

Pre-Release Capture

Alongside fast burst shooting, photographers gain Nikon’s game-changing Pre-Release Capture function, which records up to 1 second before the shutter is released and fully pressed, and up to 4 seconds after.

This technology can catch moments you thought were missed, whether spectacular wildlife shots, critical newsworthy subjects, intimate portraits, or unrepeatable street photography scenes.

World’s first Focus Point VR

Vibration Reduction (VR) is typically applied to the entire frame, however Nikon has refined in-body stabilisation in photo mode for the Z f, with a new technology called Focus Point VR. Where full-frame stabilisation can occasionally be ineffective, this new system concentrates on the area around the focus point, resulting in sharper subjects, which is where image stabilisation really matters.

You do have to shoot with own-brand Nikon mirrorless lenses, which are equipped with lens-based VR for this system to work. Nikon’s Z range is exceptional and you can choose from a telephoto prime, such as the Nikon Z 400mm F/4.5 VR S Lens, to more accessible models like the all-in-one Nikon Z 24-200mm F/4-6.3 VR lens, as well as plenty of other options.


Pixel-shift shooting

Another exciting new feature for the Nikon Z f camera is the introduction of Pixel-shift shooting. This captures multiple RAW files by shifting the image sensor with the VR function, while the camera is mounted on a tripod or similar stable platform. The RAW files (NEF) can subsequently be merged in Nikon NX Studio, choosing between 4/8/16 and 32 shots and images up to 96MP.

Pixel shift technology creates far larger image sizes, with more accurate colour reproduction, as well as reducing moiré, false colour and noise artefacts. The types of scenes, which are suitable include architecture, fine art, still life, interiors, and other stationary subjects.

Capture more beautiful portraits

A series of features are available to help you capture more beautiful and natural looking portraits with the Z f. These include Portrait Impression Balance, where you can fine-tine settings such as hue and brightness, for more precise control over the final look and style.

Skin softening can also be applied to a maximum of three subjects in the frame. A new Rich Tone Portrait picture control has been included, which retains details in rich tones, whilst suppressing white clipping.

Advanced Auto shooting with deep learning

In order to capture better results when shooting in Auto mode, Deep learning technology is employed to accurately meter brightness, the lens focal width and motion within a scene. This is especially useful for portraits, night portraits, group shots and moving subjects where the camera will control background blur, depth of field and shutter speed to suit each situation.

Impressive video capabilities

As a true hybrid camera, the full-frame Z f includes an impressive choice of video resolutions and frame rates to suit any type of video content.

  • 4K 30p is oversampled from 6K readout, and you can record truly cinematic 4K 24p to match traditional film motion
  • 4K 60p with natural slow motion can be recorded in Super 35 (DX crop), maintaining high video quality, whilst being flexible with frame rates
  • Full HD 120p is also available for more extreme slow motion effects

A choice of compressions and quality can be selected for those who enjoy editing movies, with colour grading flexibility and adjustable white balance during post.

Record in highly compressed 8-bit in MOV H.265 or MP4 H.264 (SDR), or step up to 10-bit recording in MOV H.265, SDR, HLG or N-LOG profiles, which wider colour gamuts for reduced clipping.

Long recording times

You can record over two hours of 4K with the Z f, which is ample for the majority of situations.


Standard mode

High-temperature mode

4K 60p DX

50 minutes

125 minutes

4K 30p FX

125 minutes

125 minutes

4K 24p FX

125 minutes

125 minutes

Video in Shutter Priority mode

This is the first mirrorless Z camera to support full setting control while recording video in S mode. This allows the ISO and aperture to be automatically controlled, dependent on the pre-selected shutter speed, which can be beneficial when recording in tricky light sources such as fluorescent lighting. It’s also useful for outdoor environments or anywhere where brightness changes constantly.

Video features galore

To assist with capturing beautiful video, the camera includes a host of video features such as:

  • Red REC border
  • Focus Peaking
  • Zebra Stripes
  • Waveform
  • Fine ISO Control (1/6 EV)
  • Video Info display

24-bit linear PCM audio

The Z f records 24-bit 48 KHz linear PCM audio, with even better dynamic range than cameras like the Z6 II and Z7 II. This helps content creators achieve professional audio quality to complement their movies for Youtube or any other platform.

Durable and reliable build quality

With such classic styling the Z f body could be mistaken for offering style over function, however Nikon has ensured this is a robust and durable camera for creators of all levels.

  1. The body is made with magnesium alloy on the front and top covers.
  2. A dust and moisture resistance design is equivalent to high-end Z models, with seals applied to every exterior joint cover, the shutter release button and tilting mechanism.
  3. A highly precise and durable shutter unit has passed 200,000 cycle testing, which is equivalent to the Z6 II shutter.
  4. A dust guard, image sensor cleaning and a dual coating are inherited from the Z9.
  5. For the first time on a full-frame Z series camera Nikon has included a vari-angle LCD screen, which enables you to shoot selfies, difficult angles and achieve any position
  6. SD and MicroSD card slots have been employed for redundancy while keeping the body extremely compact

Mirrorless lens options

Along with the included zoom lens there is a wide range of Nikon mirrorless lenses to capture diverse stills and video content with the Z f full-frame camera. Options are available as either premium S-Series or standard models, all of which employ the extra-wide Z mount for excellent light gathering.

Choose from fixed focal width primes like the Nikon 50mm F/1.8 S Z Mount Lens, which captures beautiful results and weighs only 415g to complement the lightweight body. Several zooms are of course available, which cover everything from wide to telephoto, such as the Z 24-70mm F/2.8 S Zoom Lens and Z 24-120mm F/4 S Zoom Lens.

You can also choose from third party manufacturers such as Voigtlander and Laowa, while both Sigma and Samyang have begun to develop models for the Z system. If you already have Nikon DSLR lenses or legacy manual Nikkor lenses you’ll find the second-generation FTZ Mark II Mount Adapter is the ideal converter for any situation.

What’s in the box

Offers: Trade In Bonus
Offer Category: N/A
Offer Product Type: N/A
Model: Nikon Z f
AE Bracketing: N/A
Autofocus Modes: N/A
Articulated Screen: N/A
Aperture priority: Yes
Battery: N/A
Built-in flash: N/A
Battery Life (CIPA): 380
Camera CIPA image stabilization rating: N/A
Colour: N/A
Continuous drive (fps): 14
Custom white balance: Yes
Digital zoom: N/A
Effective pixels (megapixels): 25
Environmental Sealing: N/A
Exposure compensation: N/A
External flash: N/A
Flash range (metres): N/A
Focal length (equiv.): N/A
Focal length multiplier: N/A
Flash modes: N/A
HDMI Port: N/A
Headphone port: Yes
Height (mm): 103
Length (mm): N/A
Width (mm): 144
Weight (g): N/A
Weight (inc. batteries) (g): 710
Image ratio w:h: N/A
Camera Image stabilization: N/A
JPEG quality levels: Fine (1:4, normal (1:8, basic (1:16
Live view: Yes
Camera Lens mount: N/A
Manual exposure mode: Yes
Maximum shutter speed (electronic): N/A
Maximum ISO: N/A
Maximum ISO (boosted): 204800
Max resolution: N/A
Maximum shutter speed (seconds): N/A
Maximum aperture: N/A
Manual focus: Yes
Microphone: N/A
Microphone port: Yes
Camera Minimum focus distance (cm): N/A
Minimum ISO: N/A
Minimum ISO (boosted): 50
Minimum macro focus distance (cm): N/A
Minimum shutter speed (seconds): N/A
Metering modes: N/A
Number of focus points: 273
Number of white balance presets: 8
Optical zoom multiplier: N/A
Orientation sensor: Yes
Other resolutions: N/A
Processor: N/A
Remote control: N/A
Screen dots: 2100000
Screen size: N/A
Screen type: N/A
Self-timer: Yes
Shutter priority: Yes
Speaker: N/A
Sensor photo detectors (megapixels): 25
Sensor size: N/A
Sensor type: N/A
Storage types: N/A
Subject / scene modes: N/A
Timelapse recording: Yes
Touchscreen: Yes
Camera Type: N/A
Uncompressed format: N/A
Camera USB: N/A
USB charging: Yes
Viewfinder coverage: N/A
Viewfinder magnification: N/A
Viewfinder resolution: 3690000
Viewfinder type: N/A
Video formats: N/A
Video Mode Categories: N/A
Video Modes: N/A
WB Bracketing: Yes
Wireless: N/A
Notes: N/A

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Looking to sell your Nikon Z f Camera with Z 24-70mm f/4 S Lens Kit?

Our Verdict

If you appreciate a camera with classic styling, which is both enjoyable and immersive to use, the Nikon Z f Mirrorless Camera and Z 24-70mm f/4 S lens kit could be the perfect option. Nikon has thrown spadefuls of their best technology at the camera, which blends a chic design with intuitive controls and plenty of all-new capabilities to help you capture impressive content.

From beautiful quality oversampled 4K 30p video to high resolution multi-shot stills, the Z f achieves virtually everything you could want from a compact and highly portable full-frame camera.

Nikon’s latest EXPEED 7 processor delivers a responsive experience and more refined colour accuracy, whilst opening the door to the latest deep learning AF technology. This recognises and tracks a broader range of subjects, while offering exceptional low light capabilities with autofocus as low as -10EV.

Deep learning AF is complemented by the high-end S-Series lens, which sports an electronic diaphragm and fast focus motor to maintain pace with 30fps shooting in JPEG mode and 14fps RAW/JPEG.

This kit isn’t simply style over function, rather it’s a completely rounded full-frame hybrid mirrorless camera, which will appeal to creators who love having intuitive controls at their fingertips. As well as everyday subject matter, it’s great for B&W photography, astro and night scenes, and for recording beautiful 4K movies with ease.

You can sell your camera gear to us and use the money to offset the cost against this highly desirable Nikon camera.

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  • Like New – The equipment is in a condition as if you have just bought it from the manufacturer. The item is still considered to be ‘Like New’ even without the original packaging and accessories. The product has been fully tested and is in perfect working order. Lenses are optically clear. There may be light dust present that will not effect the imagery.
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    • Cameras – Should have no marks on the LCD screen
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  • Very Good – The equipment may have some slight cosmetic wear to the paintwork and cosmetic blemishes  with only light signs of use and the product has been fully tested and is in great working order.
    • Cameras – The LCD screen may have small signs of wear that does not affect its display
    • Lenses – The mount of the lens will start to show signs of wear
  • Good – The equipment is showing more obvious signs of cosmetic wear and blemishes, but the product has been fully tested and is in great working order.
    • Cameras – LCD screen may have scratches or wear that is starting to affect the display.
    • Lenses – May have slight dust inside that does not affect images. The mount shows signs of use.
  • Well Used – The equipment will show significant signs of wear. The paintwork will be coming away in large areas exposing the metal work, but the product has been fully tested and is in great working order.
    • Cameras – LCD screen is heavily worn either by de-lamination or has scratches to it. Rubber grips are starting to come away from the body.
    • Lenses – The lens has dust inside that may affect images. The rubber zoom/focus ring is coming away from the barrel of the lens.

*All of our used items are listed with the accesories that are included. If they are not listed then they will not be supplied at eh epoint of purchase.

Used team

Peace of mind with our 6 month warranty

This product has been thoroughly tested by our team of photographers and we are happy to give a 6 month warranty as a result. The number of tests depends on the individual product but we are confident in this product having tested all the major functions. Anything that isn’t as you would expect, we then make a note of and show this in the condition notes on the page.

So you can be confident you are buying a great piece of kit that’s been looked after by a fellow photographer and seen many extraordinary sights, tested by our team of photographers and now looking forward to being set free to capture more great images!

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