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As one of the largest retailers of photographic equipment in the UK, Park Cameras is able to offer a fantastic range of Panasonic cameras, from compact digital cameras, to bridge cameras, to 4k Lumix G cameras.

Renowned for their travel zooms, Panasonic Lumix compact cameras are versatile, high quality digital cameras that are perfect small, lightweight cameras that offer excellent picture quality, long zooms and a compact form – making them ideal for everyday use, travelling, and holidays.

If you’re looking for something with a fixed lens so you don’t have to worry about carrying extras with you, but with a larger zoom and a more professional feel, check out our range of Panasonic bridge cameras. Featuring Lumix 4K video and long zooms, bridge cameras offer great performance in a compact and reliable body.

The Panasonic Lumix G range of mirrorless compact system cameras are based around the micro 4/3 (four thirds) sensor, a system developed jointly with Olympus. These offer the advantage of interchangeable lenses but still with a compact body. The high quality sensors give exceptional images and the range of Panasonic Lumix lenses offers the freedom and creativity that photographers need.

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