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Fujifilm Camera Lenses

Fujifilm have considerable expertise in both colour reproduction and the manufacture of photographic equipment. These have led to the creation of award winning digital cameras and compatible Fujinon lenses. From high resolution medium format G lenses to the renowned mirrorless X Series lenses. Park Cameras are a Fujifilm Approved Digital Retail Centre and offer all products at highly competitive prices in the UK.

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The broad range of compatible Fujinon lenses represents a major advantage for users of X-Series of digital mirrorless cameras, as well as the GFX system. Both ranges are developed to be as light, portable and high quality as possible, with a focus on APS-C or larger medium format resolutions. This means that the resolving power of both system lenses are more than capable of recording highly accurate and detailed images in both stills photography and video capture.

Both Fujifilm camera systems utilise interchangeable lenses, which presents advantages for lens production. The X series optics are on the whole lighter and more compact than DSLR equivalents. This allows photographers to carry more equipment without fatigue and to shoot more discreetly with less dominant lenses. Optical performance is enhanced by Fujifilm through the use of a series of aspherical and other special elements. These combine to deliver well balanced and detailed images, with minimal distortion even at wide angles.

Models are available in both systems from ultra wide to telephoto. The larger, heavier medium format G mount range does present some limitations when compared to the lighter X series. Zooms are harder to design at such high resolution and telephoto lenses generally have a lesser range. To counter this, Fujifilm have developed impeccable quality optics, arguably amongst the best performing amongst all brands. They have introduced a teleconverter which increases the reach of their longest telephoto, allowing for greater range. This more than makes up for the weight with medium format photographers enjoying the freedom a portable mirrorless system offers over much more cumbersome traditional camera systems.

All Fujifilm lenses can be purchased both online and at our London camera store and our showroom at Burgess Hill.

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