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Hard Drives

hard drives and storage

Data storage devices come in two basic forms – HDD (hard disk drives) and SSD (Solid State Drives). Hard disk drives use multiple physical spinning disks to store and read/write your data to, whereas solid state drives contain flash memory (like memory cards and USB Sticks) to store the data.

The result is that an SSD will read and write data to it a lot faster than a hard disk drive, but the most affordable way to store your data remains a hard disk drive.

At Park Cameras we know that storing your image files (and other data) on your computers’ in-built hard drive, a portable hard drive or an external desktop drive is an essential part of the photographers’ workflow.

Read our Guide to Photography Workflow & Data Backup

We have a wide selection of hard drives in stock from the leading manufacturers including Western Digital, Atomos, G-Technology, Transcend and SanDisk.


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