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Nikon Z9 Review

From one of the most popular camera brands, the Nikon Z9 is both an exciting and innovative launch. It arrives as the first mirrorless camera to be designed entirely without a mechanical shutter, which in itself ensures the Z9 will go down in history as a revolutionary piece of equipment.

Nikon Z9 review fast paced action

With extensive features focused around fast-paced sports, action and wildlife photography, our Nikon Z9 review highlights how this is sure to be a popular choice for a wide range of photographers. Aside from being an electronic-only camera, the body includes numerous other Nikon firsts, which have piqued such high demand, that the Z9 is attracting users from both mirrorless and DSLR camps.

So, whether you're looking to learn about the key features of the Nikon Z9, or you're just intrigued about how it compares to other camera models, we’ve got all the information you need.

How Much is the Nikon Z9?

Naturally, one of the first things you’ll want to know is the Nikon Z9 price. The RRP is £5,299.00, which compares extremely favourably to the comparable D6 flagship DSLR, which is £1,500 more expensive at £6,799.00. The Z9 is also priced lower than any rival flagship mirrorless offerings, which is quite the feat considering how advanced it is.

However, it stands to reason that the Z9 is the most expensive camera in Nikon’s mirrorless range. Their comparable full-frame (FX) models, the Nikon Z7 II and Z6 II, are priced at £2,919.00 and £2,009.00 respectively. This goes some way to illustrate the potential which this professional body brings to the mirrorless line-up, delivering a veritable shopping list of features which simply aren’t available in other Z cameras.

These include Nikon’s most advanced AI-driven focusing ever, a stacked CMOS sensor, up to 120fps burst shooting, 6-stop body stabilisation, 8K video and many more features which cement its flagship status. These are perfect for anything from portraits and weddings to fast moving action.

Photographing wildlife with the Z9 in the field

When Did the Nikon Z9 Come Out?

The Nikon Z9 launch date was October 28th 2021, so it is still relatively new to market. In fact, Nikon has struggled to keep up with the extremely high demand for this model.

If you were looking to save a little bit of money, unfortunately used Z9s have been extremely difficult to source, although we have seen one or two over the months in our range of used Nikon cameras.

Nikon hasn’t released any comparable cameras since the Z9 launched, with only one subsequent launch arriving June 2022 in the form of the Nikon Z30. The Z30 sits at the opposite end of Nikon’s camera range, designed as an extremely compact APS-C format vlogging-style camera, which costs just £699.00. It is aimed at entry-level content creators moving to an interchangeable lens camera from a point-and-shoot or smartphone, which it does admirably by incorporating a wide range of features at a competitive price point.

Pro videography with the Nikon Z9 in 8K

How User-Friendly is the Nikon Z9?

The Nikon Z9 is incredibly user-friendly for photographers and videographers who are familiar shooting with a larger gripped camera.

The built-in grip delivers excellent vertical shooting ergonomics, and the body offers numerous ways to customise the camera to suit your workflow, which includes a custom i-menu.

As one of the only mirrorless cameras with a built-in battery grip, the Z9 is squarely aimed at advanced enthusiast and pro-level users who are familiar with the ergonomics which a grip offers. The Nikon Z9 weight is slightly heavier than other models from the brand. Weighing 1340g when the battery and memory card are inserted (or 1160g without).

Due to its larger size and weight, the Z9 may not appeal to photographers looking for a more compact, portable camera, but it is perfect for those looking for advanced features like fast burst rates and extensive customisation.

Advanced Ai AF for motorsports

Aside from the handling, the Z9 is intuitive to use and it has been designed to assist in capturing the best quality stills and videos of any camera in Nikon’s stable. You can assign focus positions to multiple buttons, choose 20 selectable wide-area AF patterns and the body includes 5-axis stabilisation for up to 6 stops of compensation against vibration.

Additionally, the autofocus is Nikon’s most advanced yet, harnessing artificial intelligence to detect and track numerous subjects, including the human eye, face, animals, birds and vehicles. These are just some of the features which help to deliver the very pinnacle of performance to satisfy even the most demanding users.

Capturing portraits with the Z9

The Best Accessories for the Nikon Z9

There are a number of accessories which complement the Z9, including the Mount Adapter FTZ II which is essential for users moving from a DSLR. The adapter will accept virtually any Nikon F mount lens, without losing AF speed or image quality. We recommend investing in a fast memory card, such as the Sandisk CF Express Extreme Pro 512GB, to keep up with 8K video and high-resolution burst images, as well as a spare Nikon EN-EL18D Battery. Lastly, the WR-R11a/WR-T10 Remote Controller Set lets you control key camera features from a distance, ideal for certain wildlife and sports applications.

The Z9 can be regarded as something of a renaissance for Nikon, driving them to the forefront of camera technology at a critical time. The camera is widely recognised as being one of the most formidable professional hybrid cameras for creators. It performs impeccably for both photography and moviemaking, with first-class 8K video and impressive high resolution stills available at unbelievably quick speeds of up to 120fps. Despite this, it’s priced extremely competitively, and delivers uncompromising performance for professional users who need to capture fast-paced action whilst demanding the highest image quality available.

Reserve your Nikon Z9 today and prepare to be blown away by its performance!

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