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First Look Sony ZV-E10 II Review

Sony has stayed ahead of the curve with a lineup of popular vlogging cameras aimed at creators of all levels. In July 2024 the mid-range ZV-E10 II was released, which arrives packed with second-generation updates for aspiring vloggers and seasoned content creators.

Sony ZV-E10 II Video Review | A Meaningful Upgrade.

Gareth takes a hands-on look at the camera aimed at solo content creators and videographers in his review.

Our First Look Sony ZV-E10 II review explores what’s new in this compact APS-C format vlogging camera, and compares it with the previous model, alongside Sony’s full-frame ZV-E1, so that you can see how the specs compare, and decide which is best for the type of content you make.

We also feature Gareth’s hands-on video review and image samples, so you can get his first hand experience with the portable powerhouse from Sony. So let’s dive in, starting with the price in the UK and its release date.

First Look Sony ZV-E10 II Review

When did the Sony ZV-E10 mark 2 launch and how much is it?

With a release date of July 10, 2024, the mark 2 arrived almost precisely three years after its predecessor. At launch the Sony ZV-E10 II price is £949.00 for the body only, and £1049.00 for the kit with the newly updated Sony E PZ 16-50mm II f/3.5-5.6 OSS Zoom Lens.

What is the ZV-E10 series of cameras?

The ZV-E10 is Sony’s mid-range APS-C format interchangeable lens vlogging/travel camera, which is bigger than a compact like the Sony ZV-1 II, but smaller than the full-frame ZV-E1 model. It is designed for ambitious vloggers to create more professional content than with a phone or other beginner kit.

If you’re looking to create general social media videos, product reviews, travel vlogs, or streaming content without the size and weight associated with a full-frame camera, then the ZV-E10 could be perfect for your needs.

However, if you make videos for paying clients, film for cinema, or engage in hybrid content creation, Sony’s other mirrorless cameras could serve your needs better. The table below categorises the current camera series for general use purposes.

Video content creators

Hybrid stills/video

Video professionals

Cinema professionals


Alpha 6700

Alpha 7S III



Alpha 7IV











Gareth Evans vlogging with the ZV-E10 II

What’s new for the ZV-E10 II?

Sony has upgraded the second-gen. ZV-E10 II body significantly, improving on many of the limitations of the first gen. These include improving AF while reducing the effects of rolling shutter with a new sensor, improving touchscreen operation, enhancing streaming capabilities and improving battery performance despite capturing even better image quality.

Key ZV-E10 II features include:

  • A 26MP APS-C Exmor R sensor for the first time in a ZV series camera
  • Sony’s latest BIONZ XR processor, with 8x more processing power than its predecessor
  • 4K60p video from 6K oversampled data and high-quality 4:2:2 10-Bit recording
  • S-Cinetone, S-Log3 and the ability to import LUTs for greater control over the final image
  • Cinematic vlog settings and customisable Creative looks for easy content creation
  • Enhanced AF with 759 AF points and 94% sensor coverage
  • Vertical UI and Sony’s latest touch interface for intuitive camera control
  • Upgraded battery to the ubiquitous Sony NP-FZ100 battery
  • Upgraded 4K30p / FHD60p streaming via USB-C
  • Improved Creators’ app integration for collabs and much more

The compact APS-C camera with a shooting grip

What features are there specifically for video content creation?

There are plenty of features that the ZV-E10 II offers specifically to make it easier for creating advanced video content for any audience. These are achieved thanks to the latest sensor and processor technology, combined with comprehensive software updates to enhance autofocus, tracking, electronic stabilisation, and audio recording, including:

  • Bokeh switch to smoothly change between blurry and sharp backgrounds
  • Product Showcase to prioritise any object over the talent’s face
  • Soft skin and auto Face AE achieves accurate face exposure with smooth skin in any lighting
  • Realtime Eye AF automatically recognises and focuses on the subject’s eye
  • Image stabilisation includes enhanced Active mode digital stabilisation and focus breathing compensation
  • Clearer audio from the new 3-capsule intelligent mic, which adjusts direction automatically

The new model also places greater control into the hands of any creator, whatever skill level or project they are working on. The mark II camera allows you to choose between ready-made content, which looks brilliant straight out of camera, or capturing wide dynamic range footage, which you process and colour grade yourself, precisely how you want.

ZV-E10 II body with flip selfie screen and lens attached

Create cinematic content in-camera or in post

The ZV-E10 II enables you can take greater control of your videos by colour grading footage, or you can capture cinematic content in-camera, depending on your needs. Just like the a6700 and ZV-E1 cameras, the ZV-E10 II now offers My Image style looks and mood, along with user imported LUTs.

You can utilise colour profiles such as Sony’s S-Cinetone, which embeds beautiful skin tones without the need for any editing, and is used by lots of YouTubers and content creator who appreciate the easily achievable look you can get.

Similarly, user customisable cinematic vlog settings can help you achieve your own unique content style more easily, balancing an expressive colour palette with moods and AF transition speeds. Looks include Classic, Clean and Fresh, which deliver unique looks that add punch through contrast, saturation and more, while moods add warmth, coolness and other styles to the final outcome.

Shooting more selfie content with the upgraded camera

How do ZV-E10 II LUTs work?

LUTs (Look Up Tables) can be imported onto the ZV-E10 II, which are activated in Log Shooting settings. LUTs can be embedded for metadata utilised by editing software and are used to preview videos on the screen, allowing you to see how the final outcome looks while you’re making it.

LUTs can provide a unique style for your content, facilitate an easy workflow, and offer pre-defined styling for videos, making it quick to turn around footage.

Sample image captured with Alpha 6700 camera

Sample portrait image with the Sony A6700 camera

Video capabilities

One of the key areas where Sony has improved the mark II camera is through image quality and the ZV-E10 II produces high-quality videos in a wide variety of formats. 4:2:2 / 10-bit recording is now available, with upgraded 4K60p from 4K30p in the earlier model.

5.6K oversampling ensures detail-rich footage is captured in Super 35mm format, nudging against the video capabilities from high-end Sony cameras in the Alpha lineup. When combined with improved electronic image stabilisation and new in-camera styles users will see a noticeable improvement in the footage captured. XAVC HS and XAVC S-I have also been introduced to this generation, providing more recording formats for users to choose between.

ZV-E10 vs ZV-E10 II Vs ZV-E1 specs comparison

This specs comparison table compares the main features between the two ZV-E10 generations and the full-frame ZV-E1, highlighting what a significant upgrade this model offers, and how closely it matches the full-frame sibling.





Sensor / Resolution

APS-C / 24MP

APS-C / 26MP

Full-frame / 12MP








AI processing unit


Phase Detection AF (425 points)

Phase Detection AF (759 points)

Phase Detection AF (627 points)






4:2:0 / 8-bit

4:2:2 / 10-bit

4:2:2 / 10-bit



5.6K oversampling



Creative Style

S-Cinetone / Creative Look

S-Cinetone / Creative Look



Cinematic Vlog Set.

Cinematic Vlog Set.



User LUT import

User LUT import


Active mode

Active mode (improved)

Dynamic Active Mode




Framing Stabilizer




Auto Framing

Stills profiles

Creative style

S-Cinetone / Creative Look

S-Cinetone / Creative Look

Continuous shooting

11 fps



Shutter type





3 Capsule Mic

Intelligent 3 Capsule Mic

Intelligent 3 Capsule Mic



Direct Touch Interface

Direct Touch Interface



Vertical format






Stills (LCD) Approx.

440 images

610 images

570 images

Video recording (Actual) Approx.

80 minutes

130 minutes

1h 35m

Size and weight (including battery & SD card)

115.2 x 64.2 x 44.8mm / 343g

114.8 x 67.5 x 54.2mm / 379g

121.0 x 71.9 x 54.3mm / 483g

Sample image environmental portrait with a6700

Sample image environmental portrait

Is the camera easy to work with?

The original ZV-E10 was extremely popular for being user-friendly, and Sony has retained many of the most popular features in the second generation, while adding new ones to enhance the shooting experience. These include the easy grip and vari-angle LCD screen with selfie mode, which contribute to a seamless user experience.

Additionally, Sony has added the ability to control the camera with the latest touch menu system, which is intuitive, responsive, and very easy to navigate. It also features a new vertical format UI, which supports touch operation when shooting vertical content for platforms like TikTok.

Physical controls have also been updated, with an improved Stills / Movie / S&Q switch, while the red REC button, Zoom lever, Product Showcase, and other functions are immediately available from the body, just like on the previous camera.

The result is a compact camera, weighing under 400g, which is easy to handle for shooting selfie style content as well as capturing videos of your subject. Audio quality has been updated too, with an intelligent mic which switches recording directions when in Auto mode, based on where sound is coming from. This is super useful for recording interviews, where there are several audio sources and when you’re the talent in a vlog.

Body from top with zoom lens

Sony ZV-E10 II lenses

One of the key advantages of the mirrorless Alpha ecosystem is the huge range of E-mount lenses to complement any style of photography and video creation. Sony has even updated the versatile E PZ 16-50mm II f/3.5-5.6 OSS Zoom Lens alongside the camera body, highlighting this lens’ importance for creators.

Other Sony ZV-E10 II lenses to consider for vlogging include the ultra wide Sony E 20mm F/2.8 Pancake Lens, which is incredibly compact and portable, and the Sony E 18-135mm F/3.5-5.6 OSS Zoom Lens. This 7.5x optical zoom gives you a huge range, with excellent results, despite weighing just 325g, and is perfect for vlogs or for capturing subjects, which are slightly further away.

Is it easy to stream and share content?

The ZV-E10 II offers a range of options for streaming and sharing content. High-speed data transfer over 5GHz WiFi and 5Gbps USB Type C are available, and direct live streaming is also available with support for RTMP/RTMPS/SRT protocols with a phone, although you need a URL from the Creators App.

Live-streaming has been upgraded to 4K/30p and FHD 60p via USB with UVC/UAC, making it easier than ever to share your content with the world, in even better quality than before.

Which are the most useful accessories?

One of the first accessories to add is a spare NP-FZ100 rechargable battery, which is good for around 610 images or 130 min video recording. An external microphone like the ECM-B1M Digital Audio Shotgun Microphone will elevate audio vs the internal mic, and the GP-VPT2BT Shooting Grip adds remote control.

If you’re a visual storyteller who wants to take their content to the next level without a more cumbersome full-frame camera, the new ZV-E10 mark II camera warrants careful consideration. It’s really easy to work with, extremely portable, and offers excellent user control, while producing beautiful video quality from the updated sensor and processor combination.

Sony has gone a long way to ensure this will be the ideal choice for many video creators who want to capture more professional content while remaining accessible, especially when compared to some smartphones and compact cameras.

Regardless of whether you own the previous gen. or are joining the ecosystem for the first time, the Sony ZV-E10 II Camera with 16-50mm Lens Kit is a very compelling choice, adding the updated zoom lens into the mix. The ZV-E10 II Vlogging Camera Body is also available on its own, which is perfect for creators who have a preferred lens already.

If you are upgrading from a previous model or selling other unwanted equipment, why not grab a free trade-in quote to discover how much you can make without the hassle of selling privately.

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