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Christmas Buying Guide

For this year's Christmas buying guide we spoke to our Burgess Hill Store Manager, Mike, to see what's been a hit with customers throughout the year.

Whether you're looking for inspiration for yourself, or you're considering very subtly forwarding this blog on to your spouse’s social media timeline, we’ve put together a cross-section of useful accessories that will appeal to the photographer in us all.

Park Cameras Christmas Buying Guide - Video

Camera Bag 


The Crumpler Quick Delight Toploader 300 Blue is a great all-rounder that is always a popular choice with our customers. Perfect for mid-sized DSLRs, Bridge Cameras and Mirrorless cameras, you’ll also be able to stash your spare memory cards without any issue.

£40.00 Find out more

Not sure what bag is best? Our handy guide shows you what to look out for.

Keep those memory cards safe 

Keep all of your cards secure with the Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket. As well as securely holding your spare memory cards, a cardholder also encourages you to store all your spares in one place – invaluable to anyone who has ended up searching desperately for a spare card before a shoot.

£15.00 Find out more

Keep it clean

Cleaning Kit

Not only is it important to keep your camera clean to take better photos (you don’t want to be removing fingerprints in Lightroom), it of course helps protect your investment by keeping it in good shape.

£19.99 Find out more  

Take portraits to the next level with LED lights 

The Nanguang light pad is powerful yet versatile – the cold-shoe allows it to sit on top of the camera, or you can attach it to a light stand. Adjusting the power input is easy, as is changing the colour temperature - allowing you to take control of the continuous lighting on offer.

The Luxpad 22 comes as a kit which includes a battery pack (and the option to also run on 6x AA batteries). For shooting on the go this will make a real difference!

£83.99 (normally £99.00) Find out more

Create personalised gifts with your photos  


Why not get personal and choose your favourite image for your favourite person? There’s also a range of coloured rims to choose from.

£8.99 Find out more

See the whole range of Park Cameras photo gifts.

Manfrotto Pixi mini – tabletop tripod


Even the most established photographer will appreciate one of these – they’re small and portable, and can be left in your camera bag – the perfect fill-in for those times that you wished you had bought your tripod out.

£19.95 - Find out more

Find a new angle with the Joby GorillaPod

Joby GorillaPod

If you want to get that unique angle that others can’t, you often have to be brave with where you place your camera. Luckily, you don’t have to risk your precious equipment anymore – the GorillaPod range wraps around virtually anything you can think of, so you can let your imagination run wild!

The range will cover everything from mobiles through to heavyweight professional cameras such as the Canon 1DX MK II.

Joby GorillaPod 1K with ball head kit – perfect for compact cameras and Micro 4/3rd cameras

£51.95 - Find out more

Joby GorillaPod 3K with ball head kit – perfect for mirrorless and bridge cameras

£84.95 Find out more

Joby GorillaPod 5K with ball head kit – perfect for DSLRs

£138.00 Find out more

Fuel their inspiration


The beauty of photography is that you are working with a blank canvas – but even the most creative photographer out there needs the odd flash of inspiration.

If you’re not sure what kit the photographer in your life needs, then this is a safe bet! You can see the whole range of books here.

Film – keeping it old school


It’s no secret that 35mm film has made a massive comeback in recent years, and this is no flash in the pan – shooting on film offers a unique photography experience in a way that that digital simply cannot match.

Enthusiasts have been waiting for the best part of a decade for Ektrachrome to be available again – and we’re pleased to finally have stock of this beautiful colour slide film again!

£15.00 - Find out more

While we’re looking at film, we also can’t ignore Ilford – famous for their black and white film, each film have their own charms – HP5 is our personal favourite thanks to its contrast and surprisingly fine grain.

£6.99 Find out more 

Why not take it one step further and learn how to develop your own film with the Paterson Film processing kit.  

And finally...

Give the gift of learning


What better gift to give than that of inspiration? The joy of photography is that you can never stop learning. Our range of School of Photography courses cover a range of topics, and are run by experts within their field.

All courses come in a presentation box so can still be eagerly opened on Christmas morning!

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