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DJI RS 3 Combo Gimbal Stabiliser

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DJI RS 3 Combo Gimbal Stabiliser

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The DJI RS 3 Combo adds a host of accessories to the third generation gimbal, including the 2022 focus motor + rod mount kit, briefcase handle, carry case and more to help you create professional content.


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We Love

  • Excellent combo kit, which combines the third generation gimbal with essential accessories for professional creators
  • Includes the latest Focus Motor (2022), mount kit, gear strip, lens strap and convenient carry-case
  • Dual-layered quick-release plates provide quick camera mounting and automated axis locks get you up and running quickl
  • Newly added 1.8" OLED colour touchscreen, which is larger and provides easy control of the gimbal
  • Faster battery swaps, instant mode switch and customisable front dial support streamlined operation
  • Smartphone monitoring and remote control as well as wireless operation of your camera after pairing
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DJI RS 3 Combo Summary

Adding numerous accessories onto the DJI RS 3, this DJI RS 3 Combo combines the third generation gimbal with the latest RS accessories. These include the 2022 focus motor + rod mount kit, briefcase handle, carry case and much more. The combo kit is designed to provide solo creators and pro videographers with everything they need to create professional stabilised content. The RS 3 gimbal comes packed with new features and upgrades to make it both quicker to operate and more intuitive to use, whilst keeping the high weight to payload ratio and smooth functionality from previous generations.

Your camera can be quickly mounted and removed from dual-layered quick-release plates, there’s a newly added fine balance front knob and automatically locking axes let you shoot within seconds after starting-up.

This latest gimbal stabiliser from DJI supports wireless shutter control after pairing with your camera and can be controlled and monitored from your smartphone using the updated Ronin app. Stabilisation is provided by DJI’s third generation algorithm, which is more stable than before by up to 20% according to lab testing. The new gimbal also includes SuperSmooth mode, perfect for longer lenses (100mm equivalent) and for smoother tracking of fast-paced action.

DJI also added a new 1.8" OLED colour touchscreen which provides intuitive control, while switching between shooting modes is easier thanks to a new gimbal mode switch. A new customisable front dial streamlines your workflow even further, as does the battery grip, which features a cartridge design which is quicker to swap-out and more compact.

Key Features

  1. Combo kit adds briefcase handle, carrying case, the 2022 focus motor with focus motor rod mount kit, focus gear strip and a lens-fastening strap
  2. Dual-layered quick-release plates for quick camera mounting
  3. Automated axis locks on start-up
  4. Wireless shutter control after pairing
  5. Third generation algorithm shows 20% improved stability (lab tested)
  6. SuperSmooth mode for long lenses and smoother fast moving action
  7. 1.8" OLED colour touchscreen control
  8. Instant mode switching dial and customisable front dial
  9. Smartphone monitoring and remote control via DJI Ronin app
  10. Up to 12-hour operating time and fast charging from the quick release battery

DJI RS 3 Combo in More Detail

This combo adds several accessories to the latest generation DJI gimbal, making it easy to follow focus and transport your gear to locations with the carrying-bag.

Included DJI RS Briefcase Handle 2022

The included DJI RS Briefcase Handle 2022 is foldable for easy storage and comes with a new ergonomic handle, making it easier and quicker to install and switch to Briefcase mode. The built-in cold shoe mount and 1/4"-20 mounting holes can connect to external monitors for shooting assistance, while making low-angle camera movements more intuitive.

Included All-New Focus Motor

The next-generation DJI RS Focus Motor 2022 provides torque three times stronger (up to 1 Nm) and audible noise is reduced by 50%. This delivers a smoother focusing experience and reduces the effect on audio recording. It also adopts a quick-release structure, allowing it to be assembled easily without any tools for faster use. You also get the Focus Motor Rod Mount Kit, Focus Gear Strip and Lens-Fastening Strap, with the combo.

Quick-Release Plates

Mounting a camera onto the DJI RS 3 is fast and convenient thanks to dual-layered quick-release plates and there’s no need to re-balance the gimbal after swapping out a new battery or memory card. A newly added fine-tuning knob on the tilt axis also allows the camera to slide forward or backward with millimetre-grade precision, making it easier than ever to achieve accurate balancing when changing lenses.

Automated Axis Locks

When the gimbal is powered off, you can simply press and hold the power button and the three axes unlock while the gimbal expands automatically, allowing you to start working within seconds. Press the power button once and the axes automatically lock and enter sleep mode, making transportation and travel significantly more efficient at the touch of a button. Press and hold the power button and it will fold and lock automatically, all resulting in quicker and easier operation.

Wireless Shutter Control

The DJI RS 3 supports wireless shutter control through Dual-Mode Bluetooth, [1] saving time and effort. After initial Bluetooth pairing, you can control video and photo by simply pressing the record button on the stabiliser. Previously paired cameras can automatically reconnect after the first use, eliminating the need for a camera control cable, providing intuitive and efficient wireless operation.

Professional Stabilisation with Excellent Weight-to-Payload Ratio

At just 1.3 kg with the battery grip and quick-release plates, the RS 3 can be easily handheld with just one hand, while the 3kg load capacity is plenty to support mainstream cameras, including the Sony A7S III (approx 614g) or Canon R5 (approx 650g) with a pro 24-70mm f/2.8 lens.

3rd Generation RS Stabilisation Algorithm

Thanks to the next-generation RS stabilisation algorithm, the DJI RS 3 provides enhanced stability when shooting in any scenario. Lab testing shows a 20% increase in stability over the previous model, for effortless low-angle shots, running and gunning or switching between high and low positions.

SuperSmooth mode

SuperSmooth mode delivers even smoother results with increased motor torque to further enhance stabilisation. This delivers stable footage even in fast-moving scenes or when 100mm-equivalent focal width lenses are mounted on your camera.

1.8" OLED Colour Touchscreen

The RS 3 comes with a 1.8-inch OLED full-colour touchscreen with an 80% larger display than the BW screen on the RS 2. It also supports most Ronin app settings, providing intuitive and precise control together with a redesigned user interface.

Instant Switching Between modes

Simply slide the new gimbal mode switch and you can alternate between Pan follow, Pan and Tilt follow, as well as FPV modes. The FPV mode selection is also customisable to 3D Roll 360, Portrait or Custom, allowing you to adjust your equipment and get started efficiently.

Customisable Front Dial

The front dial gives you control over zoom or focus and can also be customised to control the camera's shutter, aperture, ISO, [2] or gimbal movements. This makes it easier than ever to refine single-handed operation and control your camera.

Smartphone Monitoring and Control

The RS 3 supports Ronin Image Transmitter (previously known as Ronin RavenEye Image Transmitter) [3] to transmit 1080p/30fps HD live feeds directly to your mobile device. This provides 200 meters maximum transmission distance [4] and the end-to-end transmission latency as low as 60 ms. [4] A smartphone can also be attached to the NATO port on the RS 3, with the phone holder for wireless monitoring.

Remotely adjust camera exposure directly in the Ronin app, [2] or control the gimbal with the virtual joystick to get an integrated monitoring and control experience. It couldn’t be simpler.

Force Mobile

With the Ronin Image Transmitter, a smartphone can be used as a motion controller to remotely control the RS 3 gimbal for more flexible and dynamic camera movements.

Quick-Release Battery Built for Pros

The new RS 3 battery grip features a cartridge design making it easier to swap batteries and smaller for storage compared with RSC 2 and can even be charged independently from the gimbal.

12-Hour Operating Time and Fast Charging

The new battery grip provides an extended runtime of up to 12 hours, [5] enough to handle continuous shooting throughout the day. It supports 18W PD fast charging with a charge time of just 2.5 hours. It can even be used while charging to keep RS 3 powered almost indefinitely.

What’s in the box


  • DJI RS 3 Gimbal x1
  • Carrying Case x1
  • BG21 Grip x1
  • USB-C Charging Cable (40 cm) x1
  • Briefcase Handle x1
  • Lens-Fastening Support x1
  • Extended Grip/Tripod (Plastic) x1
  • Quick-Release Plate (Arca-Swiss/Manfrotto) x1
  • Focus Motor (2022)x1
  • Focus Motor Rod Mount Kit x1
  • Focus Gear Strip x1
  • Multi-Camera Control Cable (USB-C, 30 cm) x2
  • Lens-Fastening Strap x1
  • Screw Kit x1

Our Verdict

With several accessories including a convenient carrying case, the DJI RS 3 Combo is a popular choice for content creators, solo filmmakers and production crews who need pro-level gimbal stabilisation. The 2022 follow focus motor (and mounting rails) provide everything required to get more precise focus, while the third generation stabiliser enables you to capture incredibly engaging video, perfect for any audience.

The Briefcase Handle included, supports more diverse shooting angles and the whole rig is designed for the quicker and more intuitive operation over the previous RS 2. This is through the introduction of a new colour touchscreen, quick start-up with automated axes locks and new features such as the mode switch and customisable control knob. Shooting single-handed is now far easier with several ways to control the gimbal and achieve unique shooting angles.

Wireless control is simple after pairing with your camera and you can use the updated Ronin app for remote control and monitoring. DJI even updated the battery for the most pro solution to date, with up to 12-hours operation and quick swaps from the cartridge-style design. The DJI RS 3 Combo makes the most intuitive and professional stabilisation ever possible and is sure to tempt many new users to the system.

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