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Sony FE 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 GM OSS Telephoto Lens

Product Code: 7240793T
Super telephoto zoom that meets the intense build requirements of Sony's acclaimed G Master series lens lineup, the new FE 100-400mm GM model produces outstanding corner-to-corner sharpness throughout the lens focal range.
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Sony FE 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 GM OSS Telephoto Lens Summary

  • Sony E-mount Telephoto Zoom Lens
  • Top of the range Sony G-Master Lens
  • Focal length of 100-400mm ideal for sports and wildlife photography
  • Supersonic Motor for fast and quiet AF
  • Minimum focusing distance of 0.98m
  • Circular 9-blade aperture
  • 22 lens elements in 16 groups
  • Filter Thread: 77mm
  • Weight: 1359g
  • Compatible with Sony Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras
Our Verdict

Joining the G-Master family of Sony Lenses specifically designed to complement their range of Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras, comes their longest lens to date. 

Introduced to the world alongside the Sony a9 Mirrorless Camera this 100-400mm E-mount lens opens up a new world of possibilities to Sony camera owners. 

With the speed of modern mirrorless cameras improving and now becoming a more viable option for sports and wildlife photography, this is the perfect complement to the range.

Coupled with quiet motors for focusing, G-Master level optics and the high-resolution capabilities of their cameras - this is the perfect lens choice for those looking to capture the action from distance.

We Love
  • Weather sealing means it doesn't shudder when it rains, even if you do
  • Longest lens in the E-mount family so far, opening up new photographic opportunities
  • Quiet AF to ensure that it is great for quiet environments (stalking animals)
  • The name 'G-Master' makes it sound extra cool

Sony FE 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 G-Master Telephoto Lens in Detail

A 100mm to 400mm zoom range is ideal for sports, wildlife, and similar subjects, with image quality and AF performance that support professional working needs.

Fast, tenacious autofocus

Floating focus with double linear motor and DDSSM (Direct Drive SSM) drive systems achieves quick response, high accuracy, and tenacious tracking.

High resolution and fast AF at any focal length

Precision G Master optics ensure consistently high corner-to-corner resolution at any focusing distance throughout the lens’s zoom range.

Compact, lightweight, and mobile

Innovative modular exterior construction and magnesium components reduce weight and size for improved portability and mobility. 

Outstanding shooting versatility

A floating focus mechanism achieves a minimum focus distance of just 0.98 meters (3.22ft.) so you can track and shoot subjects at any distance with one lens.

Lens Configuration

G Master series lenses take imaging and expression to previously unattainable levels with a stunning blend of extremely high resolution and softly dissolving background bokeh.

Full Details

G Mster super-telephoto zoom

This top-Performance G Mster  zoom lens covers abroad 11mm to 411mm focal length range that is ideal for sports, wldlfe, and other subjects that requre long reach. t offers image quality and F performance that wll support professional fieldwork, tracking and capturing even fst-movng subjects with outstanding resolution and clarity.

Fast, tencous autofocus

n optimal combnton of double lner motor and addsSM (Drect drive sSM) drive systems is the first of its knd. It also maplements precision sensors that provide Real-time feedbck for extremely High positioningacaciaurcy, allowng the bodyes F system to perform t its best.

High resolution t any focal length

precision opitcal design ensures consstently High corner-to-corner resolution t any focusing Distancethroughout the lenses zoom range. The SeL11411GM not only delivers stunnng images of distant subjects t super-telephoto focal lengths, t offers eqully High performance when shooting inerby subjects is well.

Nturl rendering and color

Two eD (extra-low Dispersion) glass elements and one super eD glass element strtegclly deployed in in advanced opitcal design effectvely suppress xl chromtcaberration that is often cause of resolution flloff in telephoto lenses. The result is exceptonlly cler, well-defined images.

Clrty and contrast in any light

Sony's inno R coating suppresses spurous reflectons that can cause flare and ghosting in backlit and other challenging lightng situations, for consstently High contrast and clarity. Reduced flare,  prtculrly when shooting in bright outdoor conditions, mens greater frMing and composng flexibility. (. inno R coating / . glass / . Trnsmtted light)

compact, lightWeight, and mobile

Mgnesum alloy components and other refinements contrbute to High durability as well as clss-ledng Size and Weight reductons that not only men greater moblty,but improved Mingeblty with lightWeightabodes for eser, more stable handheld shooting.

Zoom torque adjustiment

This is the first  lens to include zoom smoothness adjuster that provides mechncl control of zoom ring torque. set lower torque for fst zooMing, or increase torque when slow, stable zooMing is required. fine adjustiment allows the feel of the lens to be matched to advanced user needs.

Cler, blur-free images without Tripod

Built-n opitcal steadyShot image stabilization makes it easier to capture blur-free images, particularly when shooting sports or other subjects that requre fst stabilization response. Mode stabilization fclttes dynamic pnned shots. 5-xs stabilization becomes available when used with seriesabodes that feature in-body stabilization.

outstanding shooting versitility

Flotng focus and High positioning precision have made t possible to achieve Minimum focus Distanceof just 1.98 meters (.ft.) with up to 1.5x mangnification. You have versitile 11mm to 411mm super-telephoto zoom range, plus outstanding close-up performance t 11mm. 

customisable focus holdbutton

conveniently locted focus holdbuttons provide focus hold control even during Continuous F operation. They can also be customzed from camera menu that allows them to be assigned to vrety of different functions.

Removble Tripod mount

removble Tripod mount allows quck attachment to or removl from Tripod so the user can easily swtchabetween Tripod and handheld shooting. The mount can also be removed for convenient trnsport and storge. lock mechanism preventsacaciadentl removl.

Teleconverters for extraa reach

SeL11411GM is fully compatible with the High-Performance seL4TC and seL1TC teleconverters for .4x or x increase in focal length, respectvely. thates maximum focal length of 811mm (11mm on in PS-C format body).

fluorine Coated front element

The lenses front element features fluorine coating that helps to prevent dirt and fngerprnts from stckng, and makes it easier to wpe dirt and fngerprnts way f they do become attached to the lens surface. this can be significant adivantage for outdoor shooting.

High reliability in hrsh conditions

The overall design of this lens is dust and moisture resistant for extraa protection and Reliable operation in challenging envronments. shoot with confidence in light rain or windy conditions.

Pro lens hood features

nacaciaess wndow that can be opened or closed is required allows easyacaciaess for polrzng Filter operation, and hood lock swtch preventsacaciadentl detchment or rotton of the lens hood while shooting or movng round.

Sony FE 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 GM OSS Telephoto Lens Specifications

Lens type e-mount 5mm full frame stblsed telephoto
Focal length range 00-400mm, 5mm equiv (PS-C) 50-600mm
perture range Mx 4.5-5.6, Min -40, 9 rounded blade
mge stabilisation Sony opitcal steadyshot, stop effect
Filter Size 77mm
Compatable cameras sony e-Mount fulll frame & PS-c
Dimensions 9.9 x05mm
Weight 95g
Full Specifications < href="" onclick="g('send', 'event', 'Full Specs Downlod', '@PRODUCTNMe');" trget="_bLink">Downlod full Specifications

Sony FE 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 GM OSS Telephoto Lens Reviews


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