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Lowepro Pro Trekker BP 650 AW II Bag Review

It’s virtually impossible not to own a camera bag if you create content in the field or travel, and the more equipment you have, the more bags you’ll need, and the bigger they get.

Lowepro Pro Trekker BP 650 AW II Bag Review

That’s where the next generation Lowepro Pro Trekker BP 650 AW II comes in, which is Lowepro’s largest pack from the popular Pro Trekker range, designed for expeditions, travel and general outdoor use.

Our Lowepro Pro Trekker BP 650 AW II bag review has everything you need to know in order to decide whether this is your perfect Lowepro camera backpack for large volumes of gear, longer lenses and traveling with a camera.

Discover the most important specifications and check out the bag in more detail as Gareth runs through key features in the Pro Trekker BP 650 AW II camera bag video review.

Plenty of space for long telephoto lenses

Lowepro Pro Trekker BP 650 AW II key features

With a 43L capacity and generous internal dimensions, the BP 650 AW II stands out as the largest Lowepro backpack from the range, and ranks among the most spacious camera backpacks on the market. There’s ample room for camera bodies, long lenses and content creation accessories, making it ideal for photographers who need extensive storage on the road.

Key features include

  • New generation boasts 87% recycled fabric as part of the Lowepro green line project
  • 43 litre total volume with room for an 800mm telephoto lens attached
  • Holds up to 16” laptop in a dedicated sleeve
  • Modular design with removable top pouch and waistband
  • Additional durability with panels of ripstop with carbonate and TPU coatings
  • Configurable dividers and padding to suit different gear set-ups
  • Revamped harness system stays comfortable on multi-day trips
  • Sealed zips and all weather (AW) rain cover
  • Personalised fit with torso adjustment
  • Multiple grab handles, attachment points and external pockets
  • Hydration compatible and tripod ready
  • Weighs 3.65 kg

Out in the forst with the new generation Lowepro Pro Trekker

Thanks to extensive customisation, versatility and comprehensive protection it’s no surprise this is a highly regarded backpack amongst photographers who carry lots of equipment. Along with a camera or two and lenses, drone or other multimedia equipment, you can also attach gear externally to webbing loops using the pair of included accessory straps.

So if you need to bring things like a camera slider, extra large tripod and additional lens storage bags you can. Thanks Lowepro.

What’s the Lowepro Pro Trekker BP 650 AW II for?

You don’t have to be heading on an African Safari or capturing video of polar bears in the Arctic to get the most of out this Lowepro camera backpack. However, if you are traveling away on adventures it will look after your equipment with the same level of protection as though you’re strolling through local woodland in the UK.

With five models in the Pro Trekker range you can find the most suitable one for your specific equipment needs. This model is without a doubt for creators who have lots of gear, and/or long telephoto lenses. Typical users include bird or wildlife photographers, content creators with a drone and laptop, or a landscape photographer who carries several lenses, a large tripod and lots of camera accessories. If this sounds like you then the BP 650 from Lowepro deserves to be on your shortlist.

Hodling huge volumes of camera gear

What is the Lowepro green line all about?

Having gone the distance since 1967 the folks at Lowepro know all about sustainability, and have turned their attention to protecting not just your camera gear, but also the environment. With that in mind, next generation Lowepro bags feature:

  1. Reduced emissions during manufacturing processes
  2. Recycled and FSC certified packing and labels
  3. Reduced water consumption and more environmentally friendly fabric dyeing
  4. Recycled materials
  5. Tips on maintaining, repairing, and refreshing camera bags (video below)
  6. Goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2025

Watch Lowepro’s camera bag repair video

You can prolong the life of your camera bag by repairing minor holes, rips and tears.

Is the Pro Trekker BP 650 AW II robust and durable?

It’s all well and good looking after the planet, but how about your expensive camera gear? Thankfully the Pro Trekker BP 650 features the same well considered padding, dividers and configurable storage as the majority of Lowepro bags.

Internally you’ll find different coloured grey and orange bag dividers and inserts, as well as velcro straps to stop equipment from moving around too much. Secure rear opening access reveals the lid storage, which holds memory cards, cables, chargers and many other camera accessories that most of us use regularly. There’s also a removable gear accessory pouch included, which contains the all weather cover, plus you’ll find plenty of practical external storage too.

Gareth using the bag in the field

External attachments and modularity

The Pro Trekker BP 650 AW II features external webbing loops to attach various bits of equipment, however there’s more to the exterior than you notice at first glance. The extra tough base of the bag includes straps for a tent, rain jacket or anything else you can secure to it, while the top features similar straps to fasten yet more personal equipment.

One side of the backpack has a zipped pocket for a water bottle, hydration bladder or other items, while both sides feature convenient expandable mesh-type pockets. Your tripod(s) can be side or rear mounted, and there are enough straps and handles allowing you to grab and go from any side of the pack.

Although there’s no dedicated space for clothing and personal items, there are plenty of external attachments for additional bags to be attached, or items of clothing can be strapped on to the many attachment points mentioned.

Straps, dividers and padding galore

How comfortable is the Lowepro Pro Trekker BP 650 AW II?

With an empty weight of 3.65kg you might be wondering if the Pro Trekker BP 650 AW II is unmanageable when fully loaded. Lets be honest, if you do carry lots of gear you need great knees, and even better back support. Lowepro can definitely help with the latter, and the Pro Trekker BP 650 AW II includes extremely well padded shoulder straps and a chunky waist belt.

The harness system is adjustable to suit different torso lengths, helping to move weight off your shoulders and onto your hips. Pro Trekker is also the only range, which brings the double density cushion across from the popular Photosport Pro world, and the difference is noticeable.

When the bag is laden with equipment, this additional padding helps to keep the bag surprisingly comfortable during longer hikes and extended use.

Lowepro Pro Trekker BP 650 AW II Camera Bag Video Review

Gareth takes this pack out into Sussex woodland to explore its features. Watch the review here.

When you need a large backpack for volumes of gear this is one of the most comfortable Lowepro camera bag options available right now. It’s big and burly and holds huge amounts of equipment in secure, modular style. Materials are mostly recycled, hard wearing and the carrying system is comfortable even when the bag is full. If you have a multi-day expedition on the horizon, this might be the ideal carrying solution to prolong the life of your knees, the planet and of course, your camera equipment.

Check out the Lowepro Pro Trekker BP 650 AW II online here, or pop into one of our camera shops where you can try this and many other camera bags in person.

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