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Go Green With Lowepro

For photographers and videographers who prioritise sustainability and environmental consciousness, Lowepro is leading the way with their green pledge and brand motto, "It's All About Protection.”

Go Green With Lowepro

With a rich history spanning five decades of providing reliable protection for nature photographers, Lowepro is now placing a strong emphasis on sustainability throughout their entire brand proposition.

At the product level, Lowepro has implemented a comprehensive plan to incorporate lower impact materials and manufacturing processes without compromising performance. Their Green Line conversion is a clear manifestation of this commitment, with products proudly displaying the Green Line logo to communicate the use of recycled fabrics or solution-dyed fabrics, which reduce resource consumption and virgin plastic use while using significantly less water in the colouring process.

Beyond reducing environmental impact, Lowepro's green pledge aims to inspire and empower their community to take positive action. Ambassadors are requested to sign a protocol committing to actions that reduce their environmental footprint and support environmental or social causes. The brand also collaborates with NGOs, such as Wild Shots Outreach, to leverage the power of photography in protecting the environment and fostering social change.

Lowepro's Green Line Conversion

Lowepro's sustainability efforts extend to educational content as well, with their Workshop Tips providing guides on maintaining, repairing, and refreshing camera bags to extend their lifespan and minimise environmental impact. By leading by example, Lowepro aims to inspire the outdoor photography community to adopt more sustainable habits in their daily lives and assignments.

The green pledge officially kicks off with the launch of the PhotoSport X product line, which is made with up to 86% recycled materials. This milestone demonstrates Lowepro's commitment to integrating sustainability into their core offerings.

As part of a broader group approach, Lowepro's green pledge aligns with Videndum plc.'s ESG plan and carbon neutral goals. Videndum aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025 and long-term net-zero targets by 2035.

Lowepro Backpack

Through their green pledge, Lowepro sets a shining example for the industry, showcasing how protective photographic gear and prioritising the environment can go hand-in-hand.

Discover the best of Lowepro camera bags and Lowepro camera backpacks to benefit from a combination of features and a reduced environmental impact. You can also read more in our camera bag guide and discover how to choose the perfect one for your needs.

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