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Manfrotto Magic Carpet Pro Slider Review

Are you interested in creating more engaging camera movement for video and shooting captivating timelapse sequences? Maybe you’re wondering if a camera slider is worth it, or what a slider can do for your content? Our Manfrotto Magic Carpet Pro Slider Review answers these and more questions, with real world use for landscape timelapse in the field.

Manfrotto Magic Carpet Pro Slider Review

The Manfrotto Magic Carpet PRO Short Slider + Ext (61-152cm) we received is a modular Slider for content creators who want more professional camera control. With robust build quality and an impressive weight capacity of up to 32kg, Manfrotto’s PRO slider provides stability and support for heavy equipment. Additional tracks, easy adjustments and seamless compatibility with the Genie II motorised motion control system make this Slider a useful tool for particular creative endeavours.

Discover how the system performed in our real world review and how the slider can help raise the production value of your own content.

\Image showing slider tracks with heavy camera and telephoto lens combination

Motion-ready for the Genie II

Magic Carpet Pro Slider history

Syrp, New Zealand-based manufacturer of the original Magic Carpet Pro Slider were purchased in 2019 and the slider is now branded as the Manfrotto Magic Carpet Pro Slider. Our review focuses on the Manfrotto Magic Carpet Pro Short Slider + Ext (61-152cm), with Pro signifying a heavier load capacity with higher build quality.

The Manfrotto MOVE Quick Release System was included in our pack, which we love using thanks to its time-savings and ease-of-use, however we didn’t request any kind of motion control device, such as the Manfrotto Genie II Linear, which makes the perfect partner for the Pro slider. All of the Pro slider controls are manual, which works perfectly for video recording, however for timelapse sequences a motion control device is warranted to maintain consistency in your movements.

Manfroto pro slider shooting landscape timelapse sequence

What is the build quality of the Pro slider?

As soon as you take the Magic Carpet Pro slider out of the sturdy carry bag you can feel how solidly it’s built and how smoothly the carriage slides. The adjustable legs are easy to engage with a lever lock, and the track joiners have an equally intuitive locking mechanism.

It is designed for video rigs, with cages, monitors and all of the other accessories used by filmmakers, and supported my camera, telephoto lens and filter system without flinching. An optional counterweight is also available to balance extremely heavy equipment and vertical movement.

It’s worth noting that with a total weight of 7kg the Magic Carpet Pro slider kit is designed for transportation by vehicle, especially as you’ll need at least two tripods to support the length when shooting above ground level. For a solo creator who hikes to mountain tops for stunning timelapse and hyperlapse content I’d recommend the standard Manfrotto Magic Carpet Long Slider 160cm, which weighs in at a more portable 2.6 kg and offers a lower 5kg payload.

Carriange QR plate locking mechanism and bubble level

Carriange, QR plate locking mechanism and bubble level all-in-one

Key Manfrotto Magic Carpet Pro Slider features

Not only is the Pro slider well built, but it is designed for easy operation in the field, with quick set-up to save time on set. Useful features for video creators include:

  • Pro version is for heavier gear and supports up to 32kg payload
  • Tool-free operation in the field with easily removable end caps and expandable tracks
  • Reversible screw thread with 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16
  • Replaceable parts for longevity
  • Modular length with additional extension tracks, one of which is included in this kit
  • Press-button engagement of motion smoothing flywheel
  • Infinitely extendable with additional tracks

These features are intended to provide simple operation, scalability and modularity, so lets take a look at what’s included in the box to make the system work so seamlessly.

Using the slider in the landscape again

What does the Magic Carpet Pro Slider kit include?

The box includes everything needed for manual sliding:

  • 1x Magic Carpet Pro Short Track (61cm)
  • 1x Magic Carpet Pro Medium Track (91cm)
  • 1 x Magic Carpet Pro Protective Carry Bag Short
  • 1 x Magic Carpet Pro Protective Carry Bag Medium
  • 1 x Magic Carpet PRO Carriage
  • 2 x Magic Carpet PRO End Caps
  • 1 x Quick Release 1/4"-20 Camera Screw Square
  • 1 x Quick Release 3/8"-16 Camera Screw Square
  • 4 x Track Joiners
  • 1 x Quick Release Plate 90mm
  • 1 x Setup Guide

MOVE QR catcher attached to Carriage QR plate

MOVE QR catcher attached to Carriage QR plate

How does the Manfrotto Magic Carpet Pro Slider work?

The system uses a flywheel for ultra-smooth movements and has wide carriage with a bubble level for level horizons. A quick release system lets you instantly pop heads on and off and we added the Manfrotto MOVE Quick Release Catcher System Set to the carriage quick release plate for convenience and speed.

If you’re filming a video you can mount a fluid head, and the system also accepts ball heads or any head with a standard 1/4”-20 or 3/8”-16 fitting. Below are screw threads to mount support tripods in order to raise the Slider off the ground.

Like all motion control sliders, if you mount the tripod in the middle you can expect a degree of sag as heavy gear approaches the ends, which is overcome by using two tripods or shooting with the legs lower to the ground, however I didn’t encounter any issues whatsoever during use.

Additional tracks, including the short Pro track included in the kit, can be added by simply lifting the Track Locks, removing the end caps, adding the extension and reinserting the end caps. I really is surprisingly quick and easy to operate and extend this system.

MOVE QR attachment on ball head

MOVE QR plate attached to ball head

What are the best Magic Carpet Pro Slider accessories?

As a modular system you can add accessories to introduce automated motion control and extend the track length. The following accessories are compatible with the slider system:

  1. Manfrotto Genie II Linear – a completely universal solution for motion control up to 100m, which is controllable via the Manfrotto Motion App Apple also for Android
  2. Genie II Pan Tilt – this is pretty much the ultimate motion control device, offering full keyframe setup for Time-lapse and Video, which can be combined with the Genie II lInear for 3-Axis motion control. This device also works with the Motion App.
  3. The track length can be extended virtually indefinitely, by adding any combination of Magic Carpet Pro Short Track (61cm) and Magic Carpet Pro Medium Track (91cm). Clearly if you extend longer distances to film along a race track or any other events you’ll be packing multiple tripods in the van. Manfrotto recommends adding support for the track every 3 feet or 90cm to add rigidity and avoid sag when using heavy equipment.

Maintaining the slider is easy, and you can simply wipe away dust, dirt and moisture using a suitable cloth.

Slider fully loaded with a camera rig

One of the key selling points of Manfrotto’s Pro slider system is its ease-of-use, scalability and high safety payload for heavy film equipment. It really is a breeze to set-up and dismantle in the field and flywheel adjustment is just as simple when you want to fine-tune motion control.

This combination of features ensures the Magic Carpet Pro Slider is a suitable investment for filmmakers and content creators who want to elevate their production values with a simple and robust piece of equipment.

Shop for the Manfrotto Magic Carpet PRO Short Slider + Ext (61-152cm) to see just how easy it is to introduce more engaging motion to your videos and elevate your content to the next level.

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