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PolarPro Helix Magnetic Filter System Launches

NEWS: In an exciting move for July 2023, the PolarPro Helix Magnetic Filter System Launches as the first secure lens filter system to combine both magnetic and twist attachment for added security.

The new system has been designed from the ground up, and is aimed primarily at video professionals, but will also appeal to photographers and hybrid creators who want a fast, secure and high quality circular filter system, developed by industry leaders PolarPro.

PolarPro Helix Magnetic Filter System Launches

What is the PolarPro Helix Magnetic Filter System?

Uniquely, the PolarPro Helix Magnetic Filter System provides a completely secure connection using a dual magnetic + quarter-turn locking mechanism. This makes it lightning-fast to install and remove filters from your lens, whilst ensuring they stay locked in position even during the demanding shooting situations.

The system first requires the attachment of a Base Thread Plate for your lens, which are available in four thread sizes covering almost every possible popular option. After screwing the plate onto your lens, you can attach various Variable ND filters, special effects filters and dual filtration models, much like the PolarPro Quartz line-up.

There’s no vignetting when using one filter down to 17mm, and you can stack filters, although vignetting may occur at around 19mm when using two filters. This is excellent news for creators who shoot vlogs and videos with wide angle lenses and won’t need to compensate for darkened corners in their footage.

PolarPro also launched a Helix VND Kit, which includes two of the most popular Base Thread Plates (77mm and 82mm), a 2-5 stop VND filter, plus a case. This provides easy access to the system with everything needed from the outset.

PolarPro Helix 6-9 Stop VND Filter

Which Helix filters are available?

At launch, there are eight different filters available, which are:

The VNDs feature customary haptic feedback and hard stops, which make them easy to use as well as reducing the chances of dreaded ‘X’ cross polarisation. All filters are made with brass parts and have rubber rings, for great ergonomics and useability.

Using the filter for video

Do you need anything else?

All you need is the right Thread Plate for your specific lens thread and a filter. Choose from the following options:

There are also accessories which can be added, including a replacement Helix Defender Case and Helix 4-Slot Filter Case for safe storage and transportation. The system is also backed by legendary creator Peter McKinnon, who’s partnership with PolarPro has seen numerous innovative product launches since 2019.

A set of filters with Peter McKinnon

What’s included in the VND kit?

The VND kit comes with the following items in the box.

2-5 Stop VND Filter

Front + Rear Defender

77mm Base Plate

82mm Base Plate

1x Base Plate Defender

What can you use the Helix effects filters for?

The table below highlights each of the main filter properties and which effect they will create.

PolarPro Helix BlueMorphic Filter

Anamorphic-style blue flares

PolarPro Helix GoldMorphic Filter

Anamorphic-style warm flares

PolarPro Helix Mist Filter

1/4 Diffusion

PolarPro Helix Mist Heavy Filter

1/2 Diffusion

PolarPro Helix 2-5 Stop VND Filter

2-5 Stops neutral light control

PolarPro Helix 6-9 Stop VND Filter

6-9 Stops neutral light control

PolarPro Helix 2-5 Stop VND Mist Filter

Combined 1/8 diffusion + 2-5 Stops light control

PolarPro Helix 6-9 Stop VND Mist Filter

Combined 1/8 diffusion + 6-9 Stops light control

Whether you have an existing filter system or are completely new to using them, PolarPro Helix offers a novel way of attaching filters in a very fast and secure way. They also maintain PolarPro’s incredibly high standards with excellent build and ergonomics, which of course comes at a price. However the neutral colour and quality shine through and should impress even the most demanding professional video creator.

Shop for PolarPro filters today, including the Helix VND Kit and see what a game changer this system is for your video workflow. You can also use any of the filters for stills and experiment with long exposure photography using ND filters, special effects, or to reduce light when you want to maintain a shallow depth of field.

If you’ve got old filters or any other unwanted camera equipment, why not grab a free camera gear trade-in quote and get cash to offset the cost of investing in this new system.

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By Nick Dautlich on 21/07/2023

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