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Explore London Street Photography with Park Cameras Photo Walks

Find your street photography inspiration

If you're looking for some inspiration to freshen up your photography, then join us for one of our Park Cameras Photo Walks. With multiple locations to choose from, each tour is unique and a perfect opportunity to practise your London street photography.

Long Exposure British Museum

Embracing the hustle and bustle of London’s busy streets while navigating iconic architecture, you’ll be introduced to some fantastic locations.

Led by one of our imaging experts, they’ll help spark your imagination to find the sublime in the mundane. Each walk has been tailor-made to incorporate some famous landmarks, but you’ll also discover some hidden gems thanks to your tour guides local knowledge of the area.

What will I get out of a Photo Walk?

These days are the perfect opportunity to focus your energy on finding fresh photo opportunities from your surroundings - from the obvious (a West-End theatre), to the easily ignored (the characterful stage door at the rear of the same building), it’s amazing what you can discover when you really look!

Lead-in Lines

Working in small groups, we’ve found that snapping with your (photographic) peers provides a great opportunity to bounce ideas off each other, discuss technique and critique your photos. If you’re naturally shy, fear not – there is no pressure to share!

We also encourage our members to join our Park Cameras Photo Walks Flickr group – share your results from the day, with the added benefit of staying in touch with fellow group members. You can also request for feedback on your images from your tour guide.

Telephone Box

What can I expect from a Photo Walk?

A unique experience! As with all learning curves, you can shape the walk to get what you want out of it. Your guide will be on-hand to assist with any technical questions you may have; however, the day is primarily aimed at helping you discover photographic opportunities from everyday situations.

We attended the British Museum and Soho walk recently, and here were our take-aways from the day:

Spotting photo opportunities:

  • Busy café, perfect for portraits
  • Reflections in a building at a certain time of day
  • Rows of toy soldiers in gift shops

Practising specific techniques:

  • Composition
  • Shooting from waist height
  • Searching for reflections

Discover locations for shoots:

  • Understanding how to scout out locations

Street photography:

  • How to take candid shots 

Learn from those around you

  • What kit do they use?
  • What settings do they use
  • What techniques worked for them

Different Perspective

What will I need?

You can keep your kit simple – a camera with a lens or two should do it. And of course, waterproofs – this is Britain after all! You can find all the info you need on the Photo Walks here.

Have you attended one of our Photo Walks? We’d love to hear what you got out of the day in the comments below!


By Park Cameras on 01/05/2018

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