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Lens Cases

A camera lens case or pouch provides a lightweight and convenient way to protect fragile and expensive optics when they are being carried or transported. They can be attached to the exterior of a camera bag, stowed safely in the interior or attached onto a harness for quick access, making an excellent investment for any level of photographer.

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Various models are available, from inexpensive soft fabric pouches from brands such Tamrac or Tenba, to innovative options with weather-proofing additional rain cover and extendable lengths to cater for longer or shorter lenses. Some are designed to carry two short lenses with a divider in between and others can be attached to straps and belts for quick access and extra flexibility.

All provide a level of extra protection, whether you are carrying a mirrorless camera kit and need to protect smaller mirrorless lenses, or you have a full DSLR camera kit with a larger lenses. A case or pouch will protect the contents from bumps, knocks and scrapes whilst you are out shooting or travelling. Materials range from neoprene, fabric or cloth, to heavyweight nylon, each presenting advantages whether they are lightweight or extra durable.

A lens pouch will also keep glass dust-free when in storage or whilst travelling as well as protect against cosmetic damage. Protecting your investment will ensure that photography equipment is safer for years to come.

Browse our huge range of options to find the perfect model for your equipment, from large to small and suiting all budgets. Browse our full line-up of camera rucksacks and other pouches and wraps here.

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