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Remote Controls for Cameras

The ability to control your camera from a distance is a major stepping stone in the world of creative photography. Camera remote controls facilitate time-lapse capture, astrophotography and long-exposures. Perhaps the single largest benefit of a remote shutter release is the ability to trigger a camera without any shake caused by either touching the shutter button or from tripod movement. A diverse range are available from every manufacturer which include simple manual wired models through to more complex infrared (IR) variations.

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Remote controls are used by photographers in all types of situations. Being able to fire off the camera without touching it or from a distance has many benefits. Remotes are also generally very small and light, which means that even when not in use, they can stay in your camera bag until needed. The two main options include corded (or wired) and infrared models. Perhaps the most reliable out of the two is a wired remote. The trade-off with wired options is that the photographer has to remain close to the camera.

Infrared models allow the photographer to stand further afield and to take photos with themselves in the frame. The main downside with these is that a battery is always required.

Whichever option you decide to go for, models will have varied features, with the most basic performing a simple release together with a long exposure lock option. More advanced models allow for the creation of interval timelapses, video control and image playback.

All digital camera manufacturers produce own brand remotes, and many third party companies provide worthy options. These include the most popular names such as Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Sony and Olympus.

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