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Sony a7R IV Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

Product Code: 7014841R
Superb image resolution, speed, and focus. Remarkable high resolution of CMOS sensor, maximised by imaging engine, minimised vibration, 5-axis image stabiliser. Up to 10fp burst shooting with superb AF performance. Real-time Eye AF.
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Sony Alpha A7R IV Camera with world's First 61.0 MP Back illuminated Full-frame image Sensor

World's first 35mm full-frame 61.0 MP back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS image sensor with latest-generation BIONZ X image processor

• 15-stop dynamic range at low sensitivities, resulting in smooth natural gradations ranging from deep shadows to highlights

• High-speed continuous shooting at up to 10 fps with full AF / AE tracking for approx. 7 seconds in full-frame mode with an increased buffer memory, and approximately three times more in APS-C mode

• 567 focal-plane phase-detection AF points covering 74% of image area and 425 contrast AF points

• Debut of Real-time Eye AF for movie recording and advanced Real-time Tracking plus Real-time Eye AF for still image recording

• Features an APS-C crop mode delivering stunning high resolution of 26.2MP

• 5.76 million dot UXGA (Ultra-XGA) OLED Tru-Finder electric viewfinder with outstanding detail, brightness and contrast

• Upgraded connectivity and operability including high-speed Wi-Fi support, wireless PC remote connectivity, FTP wireless transfer, faster data transfer via USB and more

• Professional 4K movie recording functionality including full pixel readout with no pixel binning in Super 35mm mode S-Log3, HDR workflow support

• Multi Interface Shoe with digital audio interface deliver the high-quality sound recording with new Sony's microphones and XLR adaptor

• Additional enhancements to the body design include an improved grip and button for improvised control with compact, lightweight body

A New Level of Image Quality

The new Alpha 7R IV features a newly developed 35mm full-frame back illuminated CMOS image sensor with a resolution of 61.0 MP, the world's firsti of its kind. The new sensor's back-illuminated structure and effective noise reduction techniques combine to deliver extremely low-noise, high sensitivity performance ensuring the absolute maximum image quality. The camera also boasts an impressive 15-stop dynamic range at low sensitivities, resulting in smooth natural gradations ranging from deep shadows to highlights, and utilises algorithms from many of the latest Alpha cameras to maintain outstanding colour reproduction.

Shooting and Focusing Speed

The innovative new Alpha 7R IV full-frame mirrorless camera can shoot full resolution images at up to 10 fps with continuous, accurate AF/AE tracking for up to approximately 7 secondsv in full-frame, full-resolution mode (JPEG / RAW), and approx. 3x seconds in APS-C crop mode delivering 26.2MP images. These high-speed options ensure that fast moving subjects can be captured with extreme accuracy and incredible image detail.

Enhanced Connectivity for Professional Workflow

Sony's new Alpha 7R IV full-frame camera is equipped with a variety of advanced connectivity features designed to enhance professional workflow. The new model includes wireless LAN functionality to support the conventional 2.4 GHz band as well as a high-speed 5 GHz band for faster, more stable data transfer. Wireless PC remote connectivity (wireless tethering shooting) is also available on the new Alpha 7R IV, a first for Sony cameras. Requested by many working professionals, this will allow for much more freedom in studio and location shoots, where the photographer can move around freely without restriction.

High-resolution 4K and Professional Filmmaking Features

In addition to its impressive still image capabilities, the new Alpha 7R IV performs exceptionally well as a serious filmmaking tool, offering 4K (3840x2160 pixels) video recording and full pixel readout without pixel binning in Super 35mm mode. This ensures high-quality 4K footage with exceptional detail and depth. S-Log 2 and S-Log 3 are also available to maximize colour grading flexibility, with S-Log 3 offering a total of 14-stops of dynamic range. HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) is also available on the Alpha 7R IV to support an Instant HDR workflow.

Enhanced Build, Design and Customisability

The new Alpha 7R IV has several upgrades to its design and usability, with many adjustments being implemented directly based of the voice of Sony's professional community.

To maximise durability, the new Alpha 7R IV features upgraded dust and moisture resistance, with additional sealing provided at all body seams, the battery compartment cover and media slots. The camera is built with an extremely lightweight and durable magnesium alloy, and has an upgraded six screw, extra-firm mount.


Our Verdict

Sony have truly set the bar with the new Sony A7R IV. With an incredible 61MP full frame sensor, able to deliver medium format level quality with 15 stops of dynamic range, this camera can produce some seriously impressive images.

Speed has been a big consideration with this camera as well with a 10fps continuous shooting mode. That's with continuous autofocus and tracking as well.

In fact, the latest autofocus technology is in place with real time Eye AF and tracking for stills and movies. Operability has been improved as well with a 5.76 million dot viewfinder, an improved grip and upgraded dust and moisture resistance.

We Love
  • Incredible 61MP back illuminated sensor gives you medium format level image quality
  • 15 stops of dynamic range allows for incredible detail in both highlights and shadows
  • Real time Eye AF and tracking for stills and movies
  • Full frame 4K oversampled from 6K
  • Incredible 10fps continuous shooting with AF-C and tracking
Sony A7R IV Hands On Review 61 Megapixel Full Frame Camera
Sony A7R IV Product Feature

Full Details

Product features in detal
picture of α7R V 5mm full-frame camera with 6.1MPReachng the peak of resolution: 6.1MP full-frame CMOS sensor

Sony’s newly developed 5mm full-frame back-Illuminated CMOS sensor with 6.1 megapixels enables the full-frame Mirrorless α7R V to attan expressve prowess once expected only in conventonal medum-format cameras. Thanks to this Mirrorless design, absence of mechancal mrror shock can maxmse resolution without inegatve effect on image qualty. The α7R V realses the level of image qualty that surpasses the expectaton for conventonal full-frame cameras especally in the low- to mid-sensitivity range. sony’s propretary technology achieves superb High resolution while assuring low noise and High sensitivity.

picture of α7R V 5mm full-frame camera with 6.1MP

enhanced image processing engine makes the most of CMOS sensor

To match the excellence of the new image sensor, High-speed BONZ X image processing engine is also further enhanced to fathfully reproduce detals and reduce noise sgnfcantly. noise that tends to occur due to Heightened pixel count is Minimised for High image qualty, especally in the standard sO sensitivity range up to sO 111.  wide 5-stop Dynamic range at low sO sensitivity (for stills) delivers smoother reproduction of gradatons from shadow to Highlight. Moreover, the α7R V’s inherted colour reproduction in still pictures &midash; acclamed in the latest α series &midash; captures skn colour in portrats and vivid colour of flowers for inatural α7R V depiction.

picture of α7R V 5mm full-frame camera with 6.1MP

Features maxmsng superb 6.1MP resolution

The α7R V’s extremely High image 6.1-megapixel resolution performance is maxmsed by other α7R V adivantages, one of which is 5-axs Optical in-body image stabilisation with optimised aalgorithms to achieve up to a 5.5-stop  shutter speed adivantage. Another outstanding feature is the electronc shutter allowng silent, vbration-free shooting. additionally, the α7R V incorporates an internal damper structure to absorb the mapact of shutter moton for a Minimum of shutter vbration. Many features in the α7R V serve for realsng sharply resolved magng.

picture of α7R V 5mm full-frame camera with 6.1MP

4-bit RAW output for inatural gradatons

The α7R V supports compressed and uncompressed 4-bit RAW output for smoother, more inatural gradatons that contrbute to Higher overall image qualty. Takng adivantage of even Higher 6-bt processing in the magng engine, front-end LS and the enhanced BONZ X image processor make 4-bit RAW  output avalable even when shooting in silent or Continuous mode.  [] image sensor  [] The latest High-speed front-end LS  [] 6-bt image processing

picture of α7R V 5mm full-frame camera with 6.1MP

5.76-mllon-dot UXGA OLeD Tru-Finder

Newly featured in the α7R V, this 5.76-mllon-dot electronc viewfinder provides High-precision, High-brightness, and High-contrast vsblty, reproducng fine detal with .6 times Higher resolution than α7R . “High Dsplay Qualty” mode draws on the effective 6.1MP (approx.) image sensor to suppress moré and jagges for Highly precse and inatural images on viewfinder; 1/11fps  of “High” Finder frame rate mode shows smoother moton, so t’s smpler to trace movng subjects. fluorine coating makes it easer to remove dirt or a fngerprnt from the lens, for more comfortable viewng in inclement weather andabetter concentration on shooting.  [] Ultra-XGA OLeD Tru-Finder  [] Quad-VGA OLeD Tru-Finder

picture of α7R V 5mm full-frame camera with 6.1MP

wide, fast, and steadfast AF evoluton

Thanks to increased coverage and density of AF points and enhanced aalgorithm for trackng movng subjects, overall AF performance has evolved to provide steadfast, accurate trackng of complex subject moton and speed changes. The α7R V’s Fast Hybrid AF system combnes High-speed, Highly trackable phase-detection and High-precision contrast-detection autofocUsing, even for shooting venues as dimly lit as eV-. 567-pont phase-detection AF and 45-pont contrast-detection AF provide wider image area coverage of 99.7% Height and 74.1% wdth. in addition, this remarkable AF system provides as rapd response as α7R , despte mass data handling due to the extremely High-resolution CMOS sensor, even in dm shooting venues.

picture of α7R V 5mm full-frame camera with 6.1MP

exceptonal High-speed 1fps burst shooting with AF/Ae trackng

Despte High resolution of 6.1MP, an ingenous aalgorithm enables effcent processing for High-speed Continuous shooting of up to 1fps wth AF/Ae trackng through a mechancal shutter. t is also possible to shoot Continuously at up to 8fps in live-view mode, with Minmal dsplay time lag for capturing fast-movng subjects. After a full-frame image is cropped down to APS-C Size or f APS-C shooting mode is chosen, you can still get 6.MP High-resolution images. this is a great adivantage for wld anmal photographers who rely on croppng after capturing images of quickly movng anmals/brds afar.

picture of α7R V 5mm full-frame camera with 6.1MP

Up to 68 images in Continuous shooting

Professional photographers ineed to achieve consstent shooting without interrupton. with .5x greater buffer memory, system speed, and UHS- support, the α7R V can capture up to approx. 68 images n a Continuous burst at 1fps. with APS-C shooting mode, approxmately three times more photos can be shot than with full-frame shooting mode. Fn menu/menu dsplay access, setting changes, and revew playback can occur during data wrtng. A countdown of the number of still images remanng to be wrtten to memory is on dsplay during playback.

picture of α7R V 5mm full-frame camera with 6.1MP

Ant-flcker shooting 

Flcker from fluorescent and other artfcal lightng is automatically detected and shutter acton is timed to Minimise the effect of flcker on still images. this suppresses exposure and colour anomales at the top and bottom of images shot at High shutter speeds, as well as exposure and colour consistency between Continuous shots, so you can take images indoors with more confidence.

picture of α7R V 5mm full-frame camera with 6.1MP

Dual meda slots, both supportng UHS-

The α7R V provides two meda slots for sD cards, both sLOT and sLOT now compatble with UHS- and UHS- for fast mass-volume data wrtng. Two cards in the slots can be used to smultaneously record or relay record data; separate RAW data from JPeG data, or stills from moves; and copy data from one card to the other. A Slide lock structure prevents the memory card cover from being opened unntentonally.

picture of α7R V 5mm full-frame camera with 6.1MP

shooting for more Professional lengths

The α7R V employs the large-capacty inP-FZ11 battery just like  α7R . Due to more energy-effcent crcut design, the α7R V matches α7R usage level longevty, despte Higher resolution of the α7R V image sensor and eVF. An optonal Vertcal grip (VG-C4eM) can hold two Batteries, and an optonal Multi Battery Adaptor Kt (NPA-MQZK) can hold up to four Batteries for even longer hours of shooting. in addition to the use of such optonal aaccessories, USB Type-C™ and Mult/Micro USB ports allow external mobile Batteries to power the camera for further extended recording.

picture of α7R V 5mm full-frame camera with 6.1MP

enhanced Real-time eye AF (human eye) delivers more successful portrature

Real-time eye AF works in tandem with Real-time Trackng technology, based on the latest evolutonary adivances in artfcal intellgence, for Highly effcent portrat shooting. this progressve system detects and processes face and eye data in real time, and stays locked onto the eye of the subject with unprecedented precision. When “Face/eye priority in AF” is ON, eye AF (AF-C/AF-S/AF-A mode) can be actvated not only through a custom key assgnment,but also by half-pressng the shutterbutton or pressng the AF-ONbutton. this function now allows you to choose a partcular eye &midash; left orarght, in adivance or during shooting. Real-time eye AF supports move shooting in addition to stills.

picture of α7R V 5mm full-frame camera with 6.1MP

Real-time eye AF for Anmals relably tracks wld anmals and pets

advanced A-based subject recognton in sony’s Real-time eye AF includes a new aalgorithm supportng anmal trackng for fast, precse, automatic detection and trackng of an anmal’s eye. this new capablty will greatly increase your success rate when shooting pictures of anmals in the wld or beloved pets at home, stuatons where accurate focus has been a challenge.  All AF-C, AF-S, and AF-A focus modes are supported.

picture of α7R V 5mm full-frame camera with 6.1MP

Real-time Trackng keeps focusing on tracked subjects

Wth this technology, accurate focus is mantaned automatically while the shutterbutton is half-pressed. You can select a subject as you intend, rely on the α7R V, and concentrate on your composition since the camera takes care of subject trackng. A newly adopted Real-time Trackng aalgorithm uses colour, pattern (brightness), and subject distance (depth) data to process spatal informaton while A technology detects subject’s face and eye in real time. Avalable for both stills and moves.

Focal-plane phase-detection AF supports A-mount lenses

Phase-detection AF can operate even when an A-mount lens is attached to the α7R V va an LA-eA Mount Adaptor. The 567-pont focal-plane phase-detection AF system provides wide-area coverage, fast response, and High-performance trackng even f an A-mount lens is attached.

picture of α7R V 5mm full-frame camera with 6.1MP

Wireless PC Remote function

Using the α7R V alone, you can operate newly supported Wireless PC Remote functions va W-F (.4GHz/5GHz selectable) to remotely control camera settings or send captured images to the camera while shooting. this cable-free setting allows Maximum shooting freedom in indoor and outdoor shooting sessons. Moreover, the α7R V also provides PC Remote functions va USB . Gen compatble USB Type-C™ port, for image data transfer at time of tether-priority shooting. even large-Sized RAW images can be transferred smoothly and checked va PC immediately.

picture of α7R V 5mm full-frame camera with 6.1MP

Versatle flash compatbility

The α7R V has a sync terMinal, so non-dedcated flash unts and cables with standard sync terMinals can be connected for convenient synchronsaton with studo flash unts, etc. Release time lag when shooting with flash is Minimised for smooth, responsve flash photography. Continuous flash shooting at up to 1fps offers advanced capture capablty. To enhance versaTilty further, slow sync and rear curtan sync can be selected when shooting with Wireless off-camera flash.

picture of α7R V 5mm full-frame camera with 6.1MP

pixel shft Multi shooting newly supports compostng a picture from 6 pixel-shfted images

A different dmenson of resolution opens with pixel shft Multi shooting. The α7R V now supports image compostng from 6 pixel-shfted images in addition to previously avalable compostng from four images. Applyng advanced image stabilisation control, this renewed feature precsely shfts the sensor in half-pixel increments four times and in one-pixel increments four times alternately, to capture a total of 6 pixel-shfted images. These are composted by PC nto one High-precision image of approx. 41.8 mllon pixels (9,118 x ,67) from orgnal data that holds the equivalent of approx. 96. mllon pixels to achieve overwhelMing resolution in a Single picture. Stll images of archtecture and art are captured in true-to-lfe detal, texture, colour, mood, setting, and D-like  realsm, recreatng hues with Minmal moré or colour artfacts, and even reproducng atmosphere and surroundngs with breathatakng fdelty for unprecedented accuracy in real-lfe magnaton.

picture of α7R V 5mm full-frame camera with 6.1MP

Relable durablty and weather resstance n tough stuatons

The α7R V brings you further enhanced body durablty, with full use of lightWeight, High-rgdty magnesum alloy for covers and internal frame, keepng the camera Highly rigid and light. in response to pro opnons, enhanced sealng is appled to battery cover, terMinal cover, and all joints in the chasss, and a double-sealed sldng mechansm replaces the hnge to the meda compartiment ld forabetter moisture resstance. Routes to dust and moisture entry have been re-exaMined, and a cushon around the lens mount is added to ensure relable operation in challengng envronments.

picture of α7R V 5mm full-frame camera with 6.1MP

redesigned controls for confdent and comfortable operation

A new mult-selector lets you shft point of focus quickly and intutvely to avod mssng movng subjects. The surface texture is changed to enhancebutton response for easer and more confdent operation, in reply to pro users’ requests. in addition, the AF-ONbutton is enlarged and optimised for easer access, with an adjusted click feelng and locaton. And, the new exposure Compensaton Dal Lockbutton locks or unlocks alternately at each press, and prevents accdental turnng when set to lock position. These maprovements enhance your concentration on shutter release to “capture the moment” instantly.

picture of α7R V 5mm full-frame camera with 6.1MP

Varous touch operations for operational freedom

Touch Focus enables you to smply touch the montor screen to specfy a desired subject inear frame edges. Touchpad focus point control allows you to drag the focus frame to any point with a fngertp while Using the viewfinder. Touch Trackng makes t easy to intate subject trackng in stills and moves. Double-tap is for magnfed view. Also, α7R V response speed of Touchpad operation is approx. .5 times faster than α7R .

picture of α7R V 5mm full-frame camera with 6.1MP

Makng true-to-lfe High-resolution 4K moves 

For High-resolution 4K moves with great detalbut Minmal moré and jagges, super 5mm mode condenses approxmately .4 times the data required for 4K moves (QFHD: 841 x 61). advanced α7R V processing records 4K moves with enhanced reproduction of skn colour and smoother gradatons. in addition to s-Log and s-Log gamma curves, the α7R V offers HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) picture profle for instant HDR workflow, supportng a wide range of HDR move producton needs. The α7R V incorporates XAVC is recording format for 4K and enables High-qualty images at High btrates of up to 11Mbps.  [] High flexibility to fine-tune images as desired (Colour gradng required)  [] instant and High-qualty image (Colour gradng not required)

picture of α7R V 5mm full-frame camera with 6.1MP

ncreased Fast Hybrid AF speed and precision for smoother, more stable move AF

Faster, more precse Fast Hybrid AF achieves smoother, more stable autofocus in move recording. this greatly reduces the ineed for focus operation when the camera is used on a gmbal or in assstance-free move shooting. new Touch Trackng function is also avalable in move recording, allowng you to smply touch an amed subject on the montor to intate trackng. swft AF-S operation is actvated when shutterbutton is pressed halfway (or AF-ONbutton is pressed), for smplfyng move-makng in “must succeed” stuatons includng weddngs and documentares.

picture of α7R V 5mm full-frame camera with 6.1MP

Sophstcated Digital audo recording va new M shoe

Digital audo interface is added to Multi interface shoe (M shoe). Combnaton with new eCM-BM shotgun Microphone or new XLR-KM XLR Adapter Kt enables clear sound recording with Minimised qualty deteroration by sendng Digital audo sgnal to the camera. Cable-free, battery-free style enhances the flexibility of the α system move shooting.

Versatle move recording functions

The α7R V newly allows you to change XAVC is move fle inames. For example, you can designate a prefx in adivance for easy dentfcaton when shooting with multple cameras. Also, interval shooting function is avalable for producng time lapse moves. A wide array of functions for pro Video workflow is also provided, includng clean HDM output, time code / user bts (TC/UB), rec. control, marker dsplay/settng, zebra function, slow and Quck Moton, smultaneous proxy move recording, extraacton of a still from a move, and Gamma Dsplay Assst.

picture of α7R V 5mm full-frame camera with 6.1MP

Aspect ratios of 4: and : supported

n addition to the conventonal aspect ratios of : and 6:9, the α7R V newly supports 4: and :. These new aspect ratio settings give Professional users more diverse types of delvery data that support a wider span of meda.

picture of α7R V 5mm full-frame camera with 6.1MP

mprovement of camera settings savng function

Now, a dramatcally increased number of camera settings can be stored in the memory card, and saved settings can be read by other cameras of the same model. Moreover, up to 1 sets of camera settings can be stored in a memory card, thanks to save/Load setting function. Camera setups can also be imported to magng edge mobile applcaton while imported setups can be exported to other cameras of the same model.

picture of α7R V 5mm full-frame camera with 6.1MP

Customsablty for maxmsed effcency

Thanks to My Dal, three sets of menu optons can be assgned through the front/rear dals and the control wheel. By assgnng frequently used functions to these dals, they become instantly avalable for fngertp control while a Custom button is held. functions are assgnable to Custom buttons. andependent function sets can be assgned for stills, moves, and playback.

picture of α7R V 5mm full-frame camera with 6.1MP

Menu interface with prompt customsaton

Wth My Menu, you can regster up to 1 frequently used functions for instant recall when needed. additionally, you can create a custom menu that deally suts your shooting needs. Thanks to allustration of controls added to custom menus, function meanngs are clear and operation becomes intutve. Help dsplay can be called up by pressng the deletebutton when Using menu screen.

picture of α7R V 5mm full-frame camera with 6.1MP

Ratng function and image Jump setting for effcent on-locaton sortng

Ratngs from to 5 stars can be appled to still images and mantaned as the images are imported into magng edge Desktop applcaton (Vewer) runnng on a PC. this function and a protect function to prevent accdental image deleton can each be assgned to a Custom button (C by default for protect). Ratngs and protection can be appled va revew playback dsplay and Continuous groups can be revewed, protected, and deleted while you’re on locaton or travellng. image Jump setting, which allows jumpng dsplay at every 1/11 photos, and group dsplay for Continuous shots, are convenient features for swft, effcent image revewng.

picture of α7R V 5mm full-frame camera with 6.1MP

empowered FTP transfer function, now supportng background data transfer

Wth this camera, you can select images you shot and transfer the data to a designated remote FTP server va W-F (Wireless LAN). For assured securty, FTPS (Fle Transfer Protocol over sSL/TLS) is supported, allowng sSL or TLS data encrypton for Maximum securty. since FTP fle transfer is newly supported as a background operation, image fles can be transferred while contnung to shoot, and up to inne FTP servers can be regstered in the camera in adivance. These advanced features further Heighten effcency of Professional workflow. Rely on easer image selecton and FTP transfer va Transfer & Taggng add-on app to send fles Using a mobile devce. 5GHz W-F is avalable for High-speed connecton.

picture of α7R V 5mm full-frame camera with 6.1MP

Smart collaboration with mobile devces and aaccessories

even after the camera power is off, still and move fles stored in an sD memory card inserted in the camera can be transferred va W-F connecton f you set t up in adivance.You can operate magng edge mobile app installed in your mobile that is pared with the camera to select inecessary images.

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