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Nikon FTZ mount adapter

Product Code: 3242020K
The best lenses lead to better images, and the FTZ Mount Adapter lets you attach a range of NIKKOR F mount lenses to the Z mount on Nikon Z seriesmirrorless cameras.


Nikkor FTZ Mount adapter

The best lenses lead to better images, and the FTZ Mount Adapter lets you attach a range of NIKKOR F mount lenses to the Z mount on Nikon Z series mirrorless cameras.

From extreme wide-angles to super-telephoto lenses and more, you can choose from the HUGE number of Nikon F-Mount  lenses to suit your shooting situation or experiment with new creative ideas. When you use an AF-S NIKKOR lens, you can still make use of the Nikon Z autofocus system and record Motion Snapshots.

A world of possibilities: compatible with a wide range of NIKKOR F mount D-SLR lenses, the FTZ adapter offers every chance to match a lens to your shooting situation.

Easy attachment: whichever NIKKOR F mount lens you use, it attaches easily and securely to the FTZ mount adapter on Nikon Z Mirrorless cameras.

Compatible lenses: the FTZ adapter can be used with a wide range of NIKKOR F-mount lenses. For a full list of compatible lenses, please go to the compatibility page

Fixed tripod mount: ensures stability when you use large NIKKOR lenses.

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The FTZ Mount Adapter lets you take full advantage of F-mount lenses when you shoot stills or video with your Nikon Z camera. There’s no loss in image quality. And NIKKOR lenses without Vibration Reduction (VR) will find new levels of sharpness.

Deep. Wide. Close. Sharp.

Auto Exposure shooting is enabled for hundreds of F-mount lenses. And F-mount lenses with a built-in autofocus motor retain full autofocus abilities.

Adapt smoothly. Shoot steadily.

Your Nikon Z camera doesn’t just work with your F-mount lens’ VR—it improves it. If you’re using an F-mount lens with VR, in-lens yaw-and-pitch detection is supplemented with the in-camera roll detection. And when you’re shooting with a non-VR F-mount lens, yaw, pitch, and roll are corrected in-camera.

The NIKKOR look

Seamless in more than just operation. The F-mount adapter is finished in leather-tone paintwork, smoothly blending the look of your F-mount lens with the adapter. And with your Nikon Z camera.

Go there

A dust- and drip-resistant build incorporates rubber seals for lens and camera connections as well as buttons and levers. A tough, light magnesium-alloy barrel means you’re good to go. And the large tripod socket ensures perfect balance when using F-mount lenses together with your Nikon Z camera.

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