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Below is a list of free digital photography tips and techniques which we are adding to over time. Covering basic photographic issues, a list of general photographic how to guides, photographic techniques and finally help with equipment related issues.

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Technical - Core Photographic Knowledge

Digital Photography Introduction Aperture, shutter speed and ISO explained

Whether you're new to digital photography or an experience
professional it's always important to brush up on the basics

Know your F stops to your aperture
Digital photo files and file types explained
We go through Tiff, JPEGs and compression


General Photography 'How to's'

Rock Photography and Concert Pictures: Part 1 Rock Photography and Concert Pictures: Part 2
Learn how to get the best shot's in some of the most
challenging shootings environments out there!
...Rock Photography continued
Rock Photography and Concert Pictures: Part 3 Rock Photography and Concert Pictures: Part 4
...Rock Photography continued ...Rock Photography continued


Photographic Technique

Flash photography explained Composition Golden Ratio and Rule of Thirds
Our best tip's for to get the most from your speedlite Textbook how to compose your image's
Dynamic Range and HDR Photography
What is HDR and how can I use it ? Read more here.


Equipment help and advice

50mm Lenses. Why You Should Own One
Why everyone should own a 50mm and how it'll
make you a better photographer
What makes a good filter and why you should care about
what filter you're using
Cokin Filters Explained Choosing the right memory card
What makes these filter's you're new best friend Know you're SD from your CF
DSLR Camera Lenses and Abbreviations Tripods explained. Choosing the right tripod
Confused about USM or IS we talk you through them What makes a good tripod and how you'll get better photographers
DSLR Camera Sensor Cleaning
We look at how to clean your sensor, from start to finish Just got a basic 18-55mm? We look at how to get the most from it
The importance of backing up your data Spotting Scope uses and functions
...and why it'll save you're (photographic) life. ..interested in birding we look at the best for you.
Camera Lenses Explained: Which camera lens?
we look at how to understand the 3D minefield We list all the lenses that fit you're camera, from Canon to Sigma
Video DSLR's 
The how's and why's of video DSLRs

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