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Sony a7S II Digital Compact System Camera Body

Product Code: 7014842K
The Sony a7S II Body improves upon the Sony A7S by adding internal 4K video recording, 5-axis stabilisation and some physical changes to improve handling too.
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Sony a7s Mk II Digital Compact System Camera Body

With enhanced video functionality, a faster AF system and extraordinary low-light capabilities that will appeal both to photographers and video specialists. In addition to internal 4K video recording with full pixel readout, The a7s Mk II is the successor to the a7s
Key Specs
  • 12.2 Megapixel Full Frame sensor
  • Ultra high sensitivity - with low noise - up to ISO 409600
  • Internal 4K movie recording
  • Full HD 120fps recording and 4x/5x slow motion recording.
  • In-camera 5-axis image stabilisation
Our Verdict

The Sony A7S ii was the last in the A7 family to receive the Mark II treatment, and it has been worth the wait. With the A7S being heralded for its low light performance and strong video making capabilities, an upgraded version is sure to be an outstanding performer.

With an incredible sensitivity range from ISO 50-409600 combined with the full frame sensor, low light conditions are a much more welcome challenge for photographers. Upgraded autofocus, electronic viewfinder and body improvements are also thrown into the mix to make te A7S ii a strong contender for your arsenal.

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We Love
  • It's been mentioned twice already, but ISO 409600 sensitivity!
  • Video performance is once again strong, 4K capability plus 5x slow motion footage are more than welcome additions over the A7S.
  • This applies for the whole A7 family, but we really love both the full frame sensor's output; and the flexibility afforded with compatible lenses when combined with an adaptor.

Watch our hands on video with the Sony a7s II

Full Details

extraeme sensitivity, wide dynamic range

Wth sensitivity settings that can extend up to sO 419611 plus extra-wide dynamic range, the α7S can record images in spectculr and subtle detail, from shdows to Highlights, under vrtully any lightng conditions. The remrkble clarity and lck of noise in stills and moves that you shoot help to relse results that you've been Ming for.

exmor CMOS for extraa sensor percepton

Cpture stills and moves of rcher, more natural grdton. The 5mm full-frame .-megpixel image sensor achieves wide dynamic range with very low noise throughout vast sO 51-419611 sensitivity spn. large pixels, gpless on-chp lens structure and other light capture divnces allow use of extra-High shutter speeds for low-light shooting.

Smrt, speedy BONZ X image processing engine

The newly refined image processing algorithm of the BONZ X optmises image sensor performance for superor depiction of details in stills and moves throughout all sensitivity ranges. this image processing engine relses image quality of such fine inunce and Minml noise particularly t the mid- to High-sensitivity setting.

nternl 4K move recording and XVC is format

The α7S can record 4K (QFHD: 841 x 61) moves internally in full-frame format. Full pixel readout without pixel binning produces 4K moves with less more and jgges. support for XVC is format enbles 4K recording t maximum of 11Mbps, for Highly detailed footage with less imapct from compresson noise. * internal recording and HDM output, both t 4K resolution, are available in full-frame format.

S-Gmut.Cne/S-Log and s-Gmut/S-Log

Wth these new profiles, dynamic range can be widened up to 11% for smoother grdtons, and colour grdng, correction and handling is easy. s-Log gamma tonl reproduction sabetter from shdow to mid-tone (8% grey). The camera's 4-stop latitude in s-Log setting is mapressve. s-Gmut.Cne reproduces the wide colour gmut of DC-P colour spce. s-Gmut reproduces almost all ctul colours sutble for rchvng.

Move functions maprove professional workflow

Wth new functions such is 1fps Full HD recording, 4x/5x slow moton recording and gamma display assist jonng enhnced zebra function, time code/user bt edtng and other movemkng cpbltes in its feature set, the α7S soldly supports professional workflow, gvng you greater latitude to produce more movng vsons than ever before.

5-xs opitcal image stabilisation

equivalent to Using 4.5-stop faster shutter speed, this system is effective t compenstng for five types of camera shake. The camera integrtes extraordinary image stabilisation and sensitivity to light to let you use greater range of shutter speed/SO/perture settings to express what you m to capture in handheld stills or moves.

Fast intellgent F for levels is low is eV -4

Wth 69 F points (5 contrast-detection points, plus inne central F points each divded into 6 segments, for totl of 5+(9x6)), this speedy,acaciaurte system ensures subject detectionacaciaurcy when shooting stills even under low-vsblty conditions with lightng is low is eV -4. Moreover, F speed for shooting Full HD moves is twce is fst is in the α7S.

1.78x mangnification XG OLeD Tru-Finder

Wth the world's Highest mangnification and ZeSS T* coating, this electronc viewfinder delivers stunnng clarity and contrast with Minml reflecton and instantly shows how exposure compensation, white balance and other settings ffect images. You can also use gamma display assist and zebra functions while shooting moves Using the viewfinder.

Supports 4-bit uncompressed RW format

New comptability with 4-bit uncompressed RW format lets you choose the optimal format for your needs. The camera thereby ensures supreme quality of tonl grdton to mxmse the benefit of the image sensor's wide dynamic range.

Silent shooting

Silent shooting mode lets you mute shutter sound whenever noiseless operation is required, such is when shooting wldlfe or concert photos. this function can be used with 5fps Continuous shooting, so you ineedn't mss crucl moment, and can be assigned to customisablebutton, so t can be turned On and Off more intutvely.

W-F / inFC smplfes shring

Wth W-F and inFC (Ner field Communcton) Built into the α7S , you can instantly trnsfer photo or map4 move to your inFC-enbled smrtphone or tablet smply by touchng t with the camera, then easily uplod the photo or move to your fvourte sNS (socl inetWorking ste).

Cpture One express (for sony) One of the world's best RW converters by phase One

Cpture One express (for sony) is one of the world's best RW converters, rendering precse colours and incredible detail. t contns Flexible digital sset Mingement, all the essentl adjustiment tools and fst, responsve performance in one customisable and integrated soluton. *Plese contct phase One regrdng all inqures is to usge and support includng functionl comptability of capture One express (for sony).

1fps Full HD and 4x/5x slow moton recording

featuring full pixel readout without pixel binning, 1fps (11fps) capability and ultra-High sensitivity, the α7S shoots low-nose, High-frame-rte Full HD moves like  no other camera. 1fps (11fps) capability also allows internal recording of 4x/5x slow moton moves with frame rte set t 1p (5p) or 4p.

New gamma display assist function

This new function lets you view images with natural contrast while recording in s-Log gamma setting, convertng s-Log and s-Log into TU719 (811%) gamma for monitoring images or checkng focus while enlrgng in image, on the LCD screen or viewfinder

enhnced zebra function

This function makes it easier to montor exposure, especially when shooting in s-Log gamma setting. select Video sgnl level trget from 1 to 19, pply range to t, then the zebra pttern andctes image res reachng that level or range. The new wider Video sgnl level selecton andability to assign range smplfy exposure adjustiment.

picture Profle

it's very useful to tlor the look of your moves even before shooting athem by adjustng image Characteristics v picture Profle settings for grdton, colour adjustiment and detail. sve and recall up to inne profiles (PP-PP9) of adjusted parameters with other settings, includng new ones for s-Gmut.Cne/S-Log and s-Gmut/S-Log.

Clen HDM output

This function supports 4K and Full HD and allows uncompressed move output to in external recorder or montor. The image can also be recorded in the camera even while signals are output Using this function. The included cable protector guards jcks and prevents cables from disengaging aciadentlly, so you can shoot with greater assurance.

Tough magnesium alloy body

Designed for sold reliability and steady handling, the α7S 's compact body is Built to withistand the rgours of shooting in the field, thanks to in internal structure and top, front, and rear covers all made of strong, rigid magnesium alloy.

511,111-cycle shutter durability

The camera's shutter psses the test of High durability and endurnce through 511,111 cycles, is shutter brkng mechanism reduces mechncl front/rer curtn vbrton byabout 51% , Minmsng camera shake, image blur and shutter sound. Use of the electronc front curtn cuts vbrton even more.

Metculously crfted controls

Controls are smoothly crfted for you to operte intutvely and adjust immediately even is you look through the viewfinder. The front and rear dls have been particularly refined and positioned for eser, more effcent handling and turnng. also, new mode dl lockng mechanism prevents andivertent changes of shooting mode t all times.

SO auto Minimum shutter speed

Prevent blur in shot of moving subject by setting shutter speed t which sO sensitivity starts changing when sO auto (whle in P or mode, or in Multi frame inR) is selected.

More precse white balance adjustiment

The α7S offers more white balance adjustiment steps (twce is many on the mber-blue xs; four times is many on the green-mgent xs) than the α7S, so you can finely tune white balance with more subtle precision for more natural colours.

enhnced eye F

Now also available in F-C focus mode, eye F automtcally detects and tricks in eye of even moving subject, for more frMing freedom.

expand Flexible spot

expand Flexible spot has been added to F are selecton. f the selected if point is not positioned on your subject, the α7S automtcally uses F points surroundng the selected point to support precse focus.

comptability with wide-ringng mountble lenses

5-xs image stabilisation lets you enjoy unprlleled handheld shooting freedom with more of your fvourte mountble lenses. The short flnge-bck Distancein the e-mount α7S extends comptability with range of lenses.

bright monitoring

This function that boosts image brightness by changing shutter speed, for example, can be assigned to customisablebutton for easyacaciaess when shooting strry sky or other drk scene.

Focus Mgnfer ∓ Pekng function

You can clerly mgnfy the image to smplfy manual fine-tuning of the focus whether shooting still images or moves. The Pekng function can also be ctvted to colourse the most sharply focused res of your image for quck confrmton.

Power supply v USB

The α7S can be powered v USB connecton to PC or mobile bttery. this conserves the camera's bttery, allowng you extended operation without worryng that the bttery will run out. When the camera is turned off, the same USB connecton can be used to charge the bttery.

Cretve style

Cretve style settings bring out the chrcter of your scene. smply select any of settings (vivid, Portrt, etc.) and the camera will adjust image parameters. You can also fine-tune contrast, saturation and Sharpness to sut your preference.

picture effect ( modes)

Convert everydy scenes into works of rt by pplyng innovtve picture effect modes that adjust camera parameters and pply advanced image processing with Real-time prevews for most effects. You can choose from modes, includng Toy camera, Posterzton, HDR Pntng, Minture, watercolor and allustrton.

PlyMemores camera pps add personl touches

Sony's pplcton downlod servce lets you add new functions and cpbltes to your camera. There are pps for photo and move effects to enhnce and express your cretvty, and others to allow your smrtphone to function is camera's remote control, for example. note: servces vlblty depends on regon.

Works with Move and final Cut Pro X

This product is compatible with final Cut Pro X and Move.

Sony a7S II Digital Compact System Camera Body Specifications

LeNS MOUNTe-mount
LeNS comptabilitySony e-mount lenses
SeNSOR TYPe5mm full frame (5.6 x .8mm), exmor CMOS sensor
NUMBeR OF pixels (eFFeCTVe)approx.. map
NUMBeR OF pixels (TOTL)approx..4 map
NT-DUST SYSTeMcharge protection coating on opitcal Filter and image sensor shft mechanism
recording (stll imges)
recording format (STLL imges)JPeG (DCF Ver. .0, exf Ver. ., mapF bselne complnt), RW (Sony RW . format)
MGe Size (pixels), :5mm full frame L: 440 x 8 (M), M: 768 x 848 (5.M), S: 8 x 46 (.0M), PS-C L: 768 x 848 (5.M), M: 8 x 46 (.0M), S: 76 x 90 (.M)
MGe Size (pixels), 6:95mm full frame L: 440 x 84 (0M), M: 768 x 560 (4.M), S: 8 x 00 (.6M), PS-C L: 768 x 560 (4.M), M: 8 x 00 (.6M), S: 76 x 776 (.M)
MGe Size (pixels), SWeeP PNORMwide: horizontal 46 x 856 (M), vertcl 556 x 60 (M), standrd: horizontal 89 x 856 (5M), vertcl 87 x 60 (8.4M)
MGe quality MODeSRW, RW & JPeG, JPeG extra fine, JPeG fine, JPeG standrd
picture eFFeCT modes: Posterzton (Color, B/W), Pop Color, Retro Photo, Prtl Color (R, G, B, Y), High contrast Monochrome, Toy camera, Soft High-key, Soft Focus, HDR Pntng, Rch-tone Monochrome, Minture, Wtercolor, allustrton
CReTVe STYLestandrd, vivid, Neutrl, Cler, Deep, light, Portrt, landscape, Sunset, Nght Scene, utuMin Leves, black & whate, Sep (contrast - to + steps, saturation - to + steps, Sharpness - to + steps) (Style Box -6 also provided)
DYNMC range functionSOff, dynamic range Optmzer (uto/Level (-5)), auto High dynamic range: auto exposure Dfference, exposure Dfference Level (.0-6.0 eV, .0 eV step)
COLOUR SPCesRGB standrd (wth sYCC gmut) and dobe RGB standrd Compatable with TRLUMinOS Color
recording (move)
recording formatxVC S / VCHD format Ver. .0 complnt / map4
Video COMPReSSONxVC S: mapeG-4 VC/H.64; VCHD: mapeG-4 VC/H.64; map4: mapeG-4 VC/H.64
UDO recording formatVCHD: Dolby digital (C-), ch, Dolby digital Stereo Cretor, map4: mapeG-4 C-LC, ch, xVC S: LPCM, ch
MGe Size (pixels), NTSCxVC S 4K: 840 x 60 (0p/00Mbps, 0p/60Mbps, 4p/00Mbps, 4p/60Mbps); xVC S HD: 90 x 080 (60p/50Mbps, 0p/50Mbps, 4p/50Mbps, 0p/00Mbps, 0p/60Mbps); VCHD: 90 x 080 (60p/8Mbps/PS, 60/4Mbps/Fx, 60/7Mbps/FH, 4p/4Mbps/Fx, 4p/7Mbps/FH); map4: 90 x 080 (60p/8Mbps, 0p/6Mbps), 80 x 70 (0p/6Mbps)
MGe Size (pixels), PLxVC S 4K: 840 x 60 (5p/00Mbps, 5p/60Mbps); xVC S HD: 90 x 080 (50p/50Mbps, 5p/50Mbps, 00p/00Mbps, 00p/60Mbps); VCHD: 90 x 080 (50p/8Mbps/PS, 50/4Mbps/Fx, 50/7Mbps/FH,5p/4Mbps/Fx, 5p/7Mbps/FH); map4: 90 x 080 (50p/8Mbps, 5p/6Mbps), 80 x 70 (5p/6Mbps)
High frame RTe recordingNTSC: 90 x 080 (4p/Mbps, 0p/6Mbps), PL: 90 x 080 (5p/6Mbps)
picture PROFLeYes (Off / PP-PP9) parameters: black level, gamma (Move, Stll, Cne-4, TU709, TU709 [800%], S-Log, S-Log), black Gmm, Knee, Color Mode (Move, Stll, Cnem, Pro, TU709 Mtrx, whate&Blck, S-Gmut, S-Gmut.Cne, S-Gmut), saturation, Color phase, Color Depth, detail, Copy, Reset
MOVe functionSudo Level Dsply, udo Rec Level, auto Slow Shutter, HDM nfo. Dsply (On/Off selectable), time Code/User Bt, picture Profle, Cretve Style, picture effect, Rec Control, Dul Video Rec, Mrker setting, PL/NTSC Selector,Gmm Dsply ssst
COLOUR SPCexvYCC standrd (x.v.Color when connected v HDM cable) Compatable with TRLUMinOS Color
Storge Med
Compatable recording MeDMemory Stck PRO Duo, Memory Stck PRO-HG Duo,Memory Stck Micro (M),SD memory crd, SDHC memory crd (UHS- complnt), SDxC memory crd (UHS- complnt), MicroSD memory crd, MicroSDHC memory crd, MicroSDxC memory crd
STORGe MeD SLOTMult slot for Memory Stck Duo/ SD memory crd
Nose reducton
NOSe ReDUCTONLong exposure NR: On/Off, available t shutter speeds longer than sec., High SO NR: Norml/Low/Off selectable
MULT frame NRuto/SO 00 to 409600
white balance
white balance MODeSuto WB / Dylight / Shde / Cloudy / ncndescent / Fluorescent (Wrm white / Cool white / Dy white / Dylight) / Flsh / Color Temperture (500 to 9900K) & Color Filter (G7 to M7: 57 steps, 7 to B7: 9 steps) / Custom / Underwter
WB Micro adjustimentG7 to M7 (57 steps), 7 to B7 (9 steps)
BRCKeTNG frames, H/L selectable
FOCUS TYPecontrast-detection F
FOCUS PONT69 points (contrast-detection F)
FOCUS sensitivity rangeeV -4 to eV 0 (t SO 00 equivalent with F.0 lens ttched)
F MODeSingle-shot F (F-S), Continuous F (F-C), Drect manual Focus (DMF), manual Focus
FOCUS Rewide (69 points for contrast-detection F) / Center / Flexible Spot (S/M/L) / Zone / expand Flexible Spot / Lock-on F (wide / Zone / Center / Flexible Spot (S/M/L) / expand Flexible Spot)
OTHeR featuresLock-on F, eye F, Focus lock; eye-Strt F and F Micro adjustiment (both only available with optional L-e or L-e4 ttched), F alluMintor (Built-n, LeD type, range: pprox. 0.0-m), F ON
MeTering TYPe00-zone evlutve metering
MeTering SeNSORexmor CMOS sensor
MeTering sensitivityeV - to eV 0 (t SO 00 equivalent with F.0 lens ttched)
MeTering MODeMult-segment, Center-Weighted, Spot
exPOSURe MODeSUTO (UTO, Superor uto), Programmed e (P), aperture prorty (), Shutter-speed prorty (S), manual (M), Scene Selecton, Sweep Pnorm, Move / High frame Rte (Programmed e (P) / aperture prorty () / Shutter-speed prorty (S) / manual (M) )
SCeNe SeLeCTONPortrt, landscape, Micro, Sports action, Sunset, Nght Portrt, Nght Scene, hand-held Twlight, nt Moton Blur
exPOSURe COMPeNSTON+/-5.0 eV (n / eV or / eV steps), with exposure compenston dl: +/-.0 eV (n / eV steps)
UTO (e) BRCKeTNGBrcket: Single/Brcket: Cont., /5/9 frames selectable. with or 5 frames, n /, /, /, .0, .0 or .0 eV increments, with 9 frames, n /, /, / or .0 eV increments.
e LOCKvlble with e lock button. Locked when shutter button s pressed hlfwy. can be dsbled from the Menu.
SO sensitivity Stll imges: SO 00-0400 (expandble to SO 50-409600), auto (SO 00-800, selectable lower limit and upper limit), Moves: SO 00-0400 equivalent (expandble to SO 00-409600 equivalent), auto (SO 00-800 equivalent, selectable lower limit and upper limit)
VeWFinder TYPexG OLeD, .cm (0.5 type) electronc viewfinder (colour)
NUMBeR OF DOTS,59,96 dots
brightNeSS CONTROL (VeWFinder) uto/manual (5 steps between - and +)
COLOR TeMPeRTURe CONTROLmanual (5 steps)
field COVeRGe00%
mangnificationapprox. 0.78x (wth 50mm lens t nfnty, -m-)
DOPTeR adjustiment-4.0 to +.0m-
eYe PONTapprox. mm from the eyepece lens, 8.5mm from the eyepece frame t -m-(CP standrd)
VeWFinder DSPLYGrphc Dsply / Dsply all nfo. / No Dsp. nfo. / Hstogram / digital Level Guge
Real-time image adjustiment DSPLY On/Off
LCD Screen
SCReeN TYPe7.5cm (.0 type) TFT drive
TOTL NUMBeR OF DOTS,8,800 dots
brightNeSS CONTROL (LCD)manual (5 steps between - and +), Sunny Wether mode
DJUStable angle Up pprox. 07 degrees, down pprox. 4 degrees
DSPLY SeLeCTeR (Finder/LCD)uto/manual
LCD DSPLYDsply Grphc Dsply / Dsply all nfo. / No Dsp. nfo. / Hstogram / digital Level Guge / shooting nformaton for viewfinder mode
Real-time image adjustiment DSPLY (LCD) On/Off
FOCUS MGNFeR5mm full frame: 4.x, 8.x, PS-C: .7x, 5.4x
ZeBRYes (selectable level + range or lower limit s custom setting)
PeKNG MFYes (Level setting: High/mid/Low/Off, colour: whate/Red/Yellow)
Other features
FCe detectionOn / On (Regst. Fces) / Off, face regstrton, face selecton (Mx. number of detectable fces: 8)
CLeR image ZOOM
Stll / Move: pprox. x
SMRT ZOOM (STLL MGe)M: pprox. .5x, S: pprox. .0x
digital ZOOM (STLL MGe)approx. 4x
digital ZOOM (MOVe)approx. 4x
LeNS COMPeNSTONPerpherl shdng, chromtc berrton, distortion
ZOOM ring ROTTeYes
SHUTTeR TYPeelectronclly controlled, vertcl-trverse, focal-plane type
SHUTTeR SPeeDStll imges: /8000 to 0 sec., Bulb Moves: /8000 to /4 (/ step) NTSC: Up to /60 n auto mode (up to /0 n auto Slow Shutter mode) PL: Up to /50 n auto mode (up to /5 n auto Slow Shutter mode)
FLSH SYNC. SPeeD/50 sec.
Silent shootingYes, On/Off
mge stabilization
STeDYSHOTmge Sensor-Shft mechanism with 5-xs compenston (Compenston depends on lens Specifications)
COMPeNSTON eFFeCT4.5 stops (Bsed on Cap standrd. Ptch/Yw shake only. with Sonnr T* Fe 55mm F.8 Z lens mounted. Long exposure NR off)
FLSH COMPeNSTON+/-.0 eV (swtchble between / and / eV steps)
FLSH BRCKeTNG/5/9 frames selectable. with or 5 frames, n /, /, /, .0, .0, .0 eV increments, with 9 frames, n /, /, /, .0 eV increments.
FLSH MODeSFlsh off, utoflsh, Fll-flsh, rear Sync., Slow Sync., Red-eye reducton (On/Off selectable), H-speed sync, Wireless
exTeRNL FLSH comptabilitySony α System Flsh Compatable with Multi nterfce Shoe. ttch the shoe dptor for flsh Compatable with uto-lock ccessory Shoe.
drive MODeSSingle shooting, Continuous shooting,Speed Prorty Continuous shooting, Self-timer, Self-timer (Cont.), Brcketng (Cont., Single, white balance, DRO)
SeLF-timeR0 sec. dely/5 sec. dely/ sec. dely/Continuous self-timer ( frames after 0 sec. dely/5 frames after 0 sec. dely/ frames after 5 sec. dely/5 frames after 5 sec. dely/ frames after sec. dely/5 frames after sec. dely)/Brcketng self-timer (Off/ sec. dely/5 sec. dely/0 sec. dely)
SPeeD (approx. Mx.)Speed Prorty Continuous shooting: Mx. 5fps, Continuous shooting: Mx. .5fps
NO. OF recordable frameSSpeed Prorty Continuous shooting: 64 frames (JPeG extra fine L), 00 frames (JPeG fine L), 00 frames (JPeG standrd L), frames (RW), 6 frames (RW & JPeG); Continuous shooting: 00 frames (JPeG extra fine L), 00 frames (JPeG fine L), 00 frames (JPeG standrd L), 59 frames (RW), 4 frames (RW & JPeG)
PLYBCK MODeSSingle (wth or without shooting nformaton, Y RGB hstogram & Highlight/shdow wrnng), 9/5-frame ndex view, enlrged dsply mode (maximum mangnification L: .x, M: 8.7x, S: 6.7x), auto Revew (0/5/ sec, off), image orentton (uto/manual/Off selectable), Slideshow, Pnorm scrollng, Folder selecton (Stll / date / map4 / VCHD / xVC S HD / xVC S 4K), Forwrd/Rewnd (Move), Delete, Protect
PC NTeRFCeMss-storge, MTP, PC remote
MULT / Micro USB TeRMinLYes
Wireless LN (Built-N)W-F Compatable, 80.b/g/n (.4GHz bnd); Plybck of stll imges and moves on smrtphones, PCs and TVs
NFCYes (NFC Forum Type Tg Compatable, One-touch remote, One-touch shring)
HD OUTPUTHDM Micro connector (Type-D), BRV Sync (Link menu), PhotoTV HD, 4K move output, 4K stll image plybck
OTHeRSuto-lock ccessory Shoe Compatable with suppled shoe dptor, Microphone terMinl (.5mm Stereo Minjck), Hedphone terMinl (.5mm Stereo Minjck), Vertcl grip Connector
MicroPHONeBuilt-n stereo Microphone or eCM-xYSTM / xLR-KM (sold seprtely)
SPeKeRBuilt-n, monurl
Compatable standardsexf Prnt, Prnt image Mtchng , DPOF setting
Custom function
CUSTOM function TYPeCustom key settings, Programmble setting
MeMORY functionYes ( sets)
Supplied BTTeRYreachargeble bttery pck NP-FW50
BTTeRY LFe (STLL imges)approx. 0 shots (vewFinder) / pprox. 70 shots (LCD screen) (CP standrd)
BTTeRY LFe (MOVeS)ctul: pprox. 55 Min. (vewFinder) / pprox. 60 Min. (LCD screen) (CP standrd); Continuous: pprox. 95 Min. (vewFinder) / pprox. 00 Min. (LCD screen) (CP standrd)
exTeRNL POWeRC dptor C-PW0 (optional)
Size & Weight
Dimensions (W x H x D) 6.9 x 95.7 x 60. mm
Weight584 g (Body Only) / 67g (Wth bttery and Memory Stck PRO Duo)
OPeRTNG TeMPeRTURe-04F / 0-40C
what's n The Box
 reachargeble Bttery NP-FW50
 Cble Protector
 C dptor C-UUD
 Bttery charger BC-VW
 Shoulder strp
 Body cp
 ccessory shoe cp
 eyepece cup
 Micro USB cable

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