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Pentax K-70 Digital SLR Camera Body

Product Code: 5010770W
With durable construction, advanced features and compact form, the Pentax K-70 DSLR body is a very capable 24.24MP image & HD video camera, and also adds Hybrid AF system and built-in shake reduction.
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Pentax K-70 - Body Only Digital SLR Camera SUMMARY

  • Features Pentax’s first Hybrid AF system with super-high-sensitivity shooting at ISO 102,400
  • Newly developed accelerator unit performs high-level noise processing
  • New timer exposure mode extends exposure up to 20 minutes in Bulb mode
  • 24.24MP CMOS image sensor for high-speed 14-bit image data readout
  • PRIME MII imaging engine
  • Full HD video and new aperture control function for consistent lighting under varying lighting conditions
  • 4K Interval Movie Mode
  • High-precision SAFOX X AF sensor module with 11 sensors, with 9 cross-type sensors in the centre
  • High-speed shutter up to 1/6000 of a second
  • Accurate, fast focusing at minimum brightness levels as low as -3 EV
  • Select-area Expansion function automatically refocuses moving subjects
  • Autofocus Hold function
  • Up to 6fps continuous shooting
  • Anti-aliasing filter-free optical design
  • Pixel Shift Resolution System - switchable anti-aliasing filter simulator for reduce moiré
  • 77-segment multi-pattern metering system for high-precision light metering
  • Optical viewfinder with almost 100% field of view and 0.95x magnification
  • Outdoor-friendly vari-angle 3” 921k-dot TFT LCD monitor with air-gapless construction and adjustable brightness
  • Red-lit monitor display function for low-light situations such as astronomical photography
  • ASTRO TRACER mode simplifies advanced astronomical photography with optional Pentax O-GPS1 GPS unit
  • Built-in shake-reduction mechanism produces effect equivalent to around 4.5 shutter steps
  • Self-timer function which even works in the Continuous AF (AF-C) mode
  • Pair of e-dials for efficient control of the Pentax-invented hyper operating system
  • Dust Removal mechanism to shake dust from the surface of the CMOS image sensor
  • Clarity control and Skin Tone correction functions 
  • Customisable function options
  • Selection of imaging tools such as Custom Images, Digital Filters, and Scene Modes
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for smartphone operation
  • Compact, dustproof, and weather-resistant design
  • Newly designed grip
  • Redesigned mode dial and control buttons on top and rear panels for improved handling and operation
  • Operating temperature down to -10°C
  • Up to 480 images on one battery charge

Compatible Pentax lenses

Pentax K70 DSLR Camera - Body Only FEATURES

The Pentax K-70 is an all-weather camera, with a construction that delivers dependable cold-proof performance down to temperatures as low as -10°C. It incorporates a newly developed accelerator unit, which performs high-level noise processing in collaboration with the PRIME MII imaging engine, and allows super-high-sensitivity photography at a top sensitivity of ISO 102,400. It also features a new Hybrid AF system, which harmonizes the advantages of both the image-plane phase-matching AF system and the contrast detection AF system, to assure maximum speed and accuracy of AF operation during Live View shooting. 

It even provides a range of advanced features equivalent to those available on premium models, including the Pentax-developed Pixel Shift Resolution System - an innovative AA (anti-aliasing) filter simulator with the same moiré reduction effect as an optical AA filter, an optical viewfinder with nearly 100 percent field of view, and a built-in shake-reduction mechanism with a shake-reduction effect equivalent to approximately 4.5 shutter steps. It also features a built-in wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) module for remote shooting operation and easy transfer of captured images to smartphones and tablets.

The Pentax K-70’s exterior is designed with comfortable outdoor shooting in mind. Its user-friendly features include a newly designed grip, and redesigned mode dial and control buttons on the camera’s top and rear panels to ensure exceptional handling and operation. It also comes equipped with an outdoor-friendly LCD monitor on which the brightness of the screen can be adjusted according to the light levels of the shooting location.

Sensor, imaging engine, and ISO

The Pentax K-70 features a state-of-the-art CMOS image sensor with approximately 24.24 effective megapixels, to assure high-speed 14-bit image data readout. Combined with an AA-filter-free optical design, this image sensor delivers super-high-resolution images. Also, by coupling a newly developed accelerator unit with the high-speed PRIME MII imaging engine, the Pentax K-70 effectively minimises noise at all sensitivity levels, and captures rich-gradation, fine-detailed images - even in super-high-sensitivity shooting at a top sensitivity of ISO 102,400.


The Pentax K-70 employs Pentax’s first Hybrid AF system during Live View autofocus operation. By positioning a contrast-detection AF sensor with superior focusing accuracy and a phase-matching AF sensor on the image sensor’s surface, this innovative hybrid system optimises the benefits of both AF systems to deliver high-speed, pinpoint AF focusing on the subject.

The Pentax K-70 features the high-precision SAFOX X AF sensor module, for a responsive, dependable autofocus operation. With its 11 sensors - including nine cross-type sensors in the middle - this AF module delivers pinpoint focus on the subject at a minimum brightness level as low as -3 EV. By revising the timing of the AF sensor’s startup action, the speed of autofocus response has been improved - especially at low-light levels. The focusing accuracy in the AF-C mode has also been enhanced by improving the algorithm for moving objects. 

The Pentax K-70 delivers outstanding AF tracking performance for subjects on the move, thanks to advanced features including the Select-area Expansion function - which automatically refocuses on a moving subject after it moves away from the initial point, with the help of the neighbouring points - and an AF Hold function that maintains the initial in-focus point, even when the module loses sight of the subject.

Robust construction 

The Pentax K-70 is a dependable performer even in demanding situations, such as in the rain or at locations prone to dust or freezing temperatures. It combines a compact, easy-to-carry body in a dustproof, weather-resistant construction, delivering outstanding cold-proof performance at temperatures down to -10°C. It has also been designed for active outdoor shooting such as mountain climbing, camping, and a range of sporting situations. The improved handling of the camera was achieved by the design of a new grip, and a complete design review of the mode dial and control buttons. 

LCD monitor

The Pentax K-70’s vari-angle LCD monitor allows for the positioning of the monitor at any desired angle - making it easier to compose the image in a wide variety of applications, such as high-angle shooting done at arm’s length, or low-angle shots taken from ground level. It also features a unique air-gapless construction in which the air space between LCD layers is eliminated to effectively reduce the reflection and dispersion of light, for improved visibility during outdoor shooting.

In addition to its outdoor-friendly LCD monitor - on which the brightness of the screen can be adjusted according to the light levels of the shooting location - it also features a red-lit monitor display function, which works to the photographer’s eye when it has become accustomed to a low-light location, such as during astronomical photography.

Shake-reduction system

Thanks to the built-in Pentax-original SR (Shake Reduction) mechanism, the Pentax K-70 effectively minimises camera shake and delivers sharp, blur-free images, even in shake-prone conditions such as when using a telephoto lens, shooting in low-light, or photographing sunset scenes. Using a high-accuracy gyro sensor, it provides a compensation effect of 4.5 shutter steps - a level close to that of premium models. When taking a panning shot, this mechanism automatically detects the direction of the camera’s movement, and efficiently controls the SR unit to produce the best image possible without requiring any mode switching operation.

Pixel Shift Resolution System

The Pentax K-70 features the latest super-resolution technology called Pixel Shift Resolution System,* which captures four images of the same scene by shifting the image sensor by a single pixel for each image, and then synthesising them into a single composite image. Compared to the conventional Bayer system, in which each pixel has only a single colour data unit, this innovative system obtains all colour data in each pixel to deliver super-high-resolution images with far more truthful colours and much finer details than those produced by conventional APS-C-size image sensors. 

This system also provides a motion correction function,** which automatically detects a moving object during continuous shooting and minimises negative effects during the synthesising process, in order to accommodate a wider range of scenes and subjects.

* When using this system, the user is advised to stabilise the camera firmly on a tripod. When a moving subject is captured in the camera's image field, its image may not be reproduced clearly, either in part or as a whole.
** The movement may not be sufficiently corrected when the object is moving in a certain direction and/or pattern. This function does not guarantee that the movement is properly corrected with all subjects.

Anti-aliasing filter simulator

By applying microscopic vibrations to the image sensor unit at the sub-pixel level during image exposure, the Pentax K-70's AA (anti-aliasing) filter simulator* provides the same level of moiré reduction as an optical AA filter. Unlike an optical AA filter, which always creates the identical result, this innovative simulator lets the user switch the AA filter effect on and off to adjust the level of the effect. This means that the ideal effect can be set for a particular scene or subject based on the photographic conditions.

* This function works most effectively with a shutter speed of 1/1000 of a second or slower, and may not be combined with some shooting modes, including the Pixel Shift Resolution system. 

Supportive shooting functions

The Pentax K-70’s SR unit has a flexible design that tilts the image sensor unit in all directions and provides a host of handy shooting functions, including ASTRO TRACER, which simplifies advanced astronomical photography in combination with the optional Pentax O-GPS1 GPS unit.

Optical viewfinder

Within its compact body, the Pentax K-70 incorporates a glass prism finder, featuring the same optics and coatings as those used in premium models. With a nearly 100% field of view and a magnification of approximately 0.95 times, it provides a wide, bright image field for easy focusing and framing.

High-speed shutter

With a top shutter speed of 1/6000 of a second, the Pentax K70 captures sharply focused images, even with fast-moving subjects. Coupled with its high-speed continuous shooting function - with a top speed of approximately six images per second, it lets the photographer preserve once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities in beautifully focused images.


The Pentax K-70 captures high-resolution, flawless Full HD movie clips (1920 x 1080 pixels; 60i/30p frame rate) in the H.264 recording format, and records lively stereo sound using a built-in stereo microphone. In combination with compatible lenses, it allows users  to operate the Continuous AF (AF-C) mode* to keep accurate focus on a moving subject, or take advantage of a new aperture control function** to automatically deliver a proper exposure level, even in fluctuating lighting conditions during movie recording. 

It also provides a host of distinctive visual effects for movie production, including the 4K Interval Movie mode that connects a series of 4K-resolution still images at a fixed interval to create a single movie file, and a Star Stream mode to fade in and out the traces of stars to recorded movies.

* During movie recording, the Continuous AF (AF-C) mode can be used in combination with the HD Pentax-DA 55-300mm F4.5-6.3ED PLM WR RE or smc Pentax-DA 18-135mm F3.5-5.6ED AL[IF] DC WR lens..
** During movie recording, the aperture control function is available only in combination with the HD Pentax-DA 55-300mm F4.5-6.3ED PLM WR RE lens.

Customisable function options

The Pentax K-70 features a choice of both menu items and also the order of their listing displayed on the control panel, so the user can confirm or change the listed functions and their current settings at a glance. The user can also assign one of the seven functions to each of the two Fx (Function) buttons. The Pentax K-70 also provides three USER modes, to which the user can assign desired camera settings depending on subject types or creative intentions. Three settings (CLEAR TONE, HDR LANDSCAPE and ASTROPHOTO) are pre-programmed in the camera as default.

Wi-Fi and smartphone compatibility

The Pentax K-70 provides a host of wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) functions to support operations using smartphones and tablets. By installing the dedicated Image Sync application on a mobile device, the user can remotely check the Live View image, capture still images, and adjust camera settings such as aperture, shutter speed and ISO sensitivity to the desired level through the mobile device. Users can also download captured images onto the mobile device, and then upload them on social networking sites.

Optional Pentax CS-310 Cable Switch (sold separately)

Attached to the Pentax K-70’s microphone terminal, this one-metre-long cable switch helps prevent camera shake when using a macro or telephoto lens, since it allows the user to release the camera’s shutter without touching it. When the user presses the CS-310’s shutter release button lightly, the camera’s exposure meter and autofocus system are activated. Pressing it all the way down releases the shutter. For extended exposures in Bulb mode, the user can keep the shutter open by sliding the shutter release button to the HOLD position while depressing it.

Please note: the Pentax CS-310 cannot be used with cameras designed to accept conventional cable switches, and does not accept cable switches other than the CS-310.

What else is included in the box?
  • Strap O-ST132
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery D-LI109
  • Battery Charger D-BC109
  • Software (CD-ROM) S-SW16
  • Eye-cup FR (mounted on the camera)
  • Hot shoe cover FK (mounted on the camera)
  • Body Mount (mounted on the camera)

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Full Details


Pentax K-70 Digital SLR Camera Body Specifications


PeNTAx K-70 specficatons

Model Descrpton

Type TTL autofocus, auto-exposure SLR Digital-stll camera with Built-n retractable P-TTL flash

Lens Mount PeNTAx KAF bayonet mount (AF coupler, lens nformaton contacts, K-mount with power contacts)

Compatable Lens KAF4, KAF, KAF (power zoom not compatable), KAF, KA mount lens

image capture unt

image Sensor Prmary color Filter, CMOS. Size: .5 x 5.6 (mm)

effectve pixels Approx. 4.4 megapixels

Total pixels Approx. 4.78 megapixels

Dust Removal SP coating and CMOS sensor operations

"sensitivity (Standard output)" SO AUTO/00 to 0400 (eV steps can be set to eV, /eV or /eV)

image Stablzer Sensor-shft Shake Reducton

AA Filter Smulator More reducton Using SR unt. OFF/Type/Type/Bracket ( frames)

Fle formats

Fle format RAW (PeF/DNG), JPeG (exf .), DCF.0 compliant

Recorded pixels "JPeG: L(4M:6000x4000), M(4M:4608x07), S(6M:07x048), xS(M:90x80) RAW: (4M:6000x4000)"

Qualty Level "RAW (4bt): PeF, DNG JPeG: ★★★ (Best), ★★ (Better), ★ (Good), RAW + JPeG smultaneous capturing avalable"

Color Space sRGB, AdobeRGB

Storage Medum SD, SDHC and SDxC Memory Card (Conforms to USH- standards)

Storage Folder Folder Name: Date (00_08,0_09...) or User assgned folder name (Default "PeNTx")

recording Fle "Fle Name: ""MGP****"" or User assgned fle name Fle name numbering: Sequental, Reset"


Type Pentaprism Finder

Coverage (FOV) Approx. 100%

magnification Approx. 0.95x (50mmF.4 at nfnty)

eye-Relef Length Approx. 0.5mm (from the view wndow), Approx. .mm (from the center of lens)

Dopter adjustiment Approx. -.5m to + .5m-

focusing Screen nterchangeable Natural-bright-Matte focusing screen

live view

Type TTL method Using image sensor

Autofocus "Hybrid AF (image plane phase-matchng and Contrast detection) AF area: Face detection, Trackng, Multple AF points, Select, Spot Focus Peakng: ON/OFF"

Dsplay field of view approx. 100%, Magnfed view (up to 6x), Grd Dsplay (4x4 Grd, Golden Secton, Scale dsplay, Square , Square , Grd Color: Black/white ), Hstogram, bright area warnng

LCD montor

Type Var-aangle TFT color LCD montor featuring an ar-gapless structure, tempered-glass front panel

Size .0 nch (aspect ratio :)

Dots Approx. 9K dots

Adjustiment brightness, Saturation and Colors adjustable

Outdoor view setting Adjustable step

Nght Vson LCD Dsplay ON/OFF

white Balance

Type TTL method Using image sensor

white Balance "AUTO WB, Multi Auto WB, Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Fluorescent light (D:Daylight Color, N:Daylight whate, W:Cool whate, L:Warm whate), Tungsten light, CTe, Manual WB (up to settings), Color Temperature Confguration (up to settings), Copyng the white balance setting of a captured image"

fine Adjustiment Adjustable 7 steps on A-B axs or G-M axs

Aautofocus System

Type TTL: Phase-matchng autofocus

Focus Sensor SAFOx x, points (9 cross type focus points n the center)

brightness Range eV- to 8 (SO 00 / at normal temperature)

AF mode Single AF (AF.S), Continuous AF (AF.C), Auto select AF (AF.A)

AF point Selecton Auto: points, Auto:5 points, Select, expanded Area Select, Spot

AF Assst light Dedcated LeD AF assst light


Type TTL open aperture, 77 segmented metering, center-Weighted and spot metering

Metering Range eV0 to (SO00 at 50mm F.4)

exposure Mode Auto picture mode (Standard, Portrat, Landscape, Macro, Movng Object, Nght Scene Portrat, Sunset, Blue Sky, Forest), Scene Mode (Portrat, Landscape, Macro, Movng Object, Nght Scene Portrat, Sunset, Blue Sky, Forest, Nght Scene, Nght Scene HDR, Nght Snap, Food, Pet, Kds, Surf & Snow, Backlight Slhouette, Candlelight, Stage lightng, Museum), Program, sensitivity Prorty, Shutter Prorty, Aperture Prorty, Shutter & Aperture Prorty, Manual, Bulb

eV Compensaton 5eV (/eV steps or /eV steps can be selected)

Ae Lock Can be assgned to the AF/Ae-L button


Type "electroncally controlled vertcal-run focal plane shutter * electronc shutter when Using pixel Shft resolution"

Shutter Speed Auto:/6000 to 0 sec., Manual: /6000 to 0 sec. (/eV steps or /eV steps), Bulb (timed exposure setting possible from 0 sec. to 0Min.)

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