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Fujifilm GFX 100 Medium Format Mirrorless Camera Body

Product Code: 2015555X
Boasting a staggering 102MP medium format-size sensor and 5.5 stops of image stabilisation, the new Fujifilm GFX 100 mirrorless camera has been designed with unparalleled innovation and versatility.
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Fujifilm GFX 100 Summary

Fujifilm continue to deliver exceptionally high levels of image quality with the new GFX100, the brand new medium format camera in the GFX lineup. Featuring a large CMOS sensor with 102MP, this is the highest class resolution mirrorless digital camera ever produced.

With a robust and lightweight build, it's a fantastic system for use in the studio or out in more extreme conditions. Pair that with impressive video capabilities and 5.5 stops of image stabilisation and you have a camera able to produce stunning imagery, no matter the situation.

  • 102MP CMOS Sensor
  • Dust/Weather Resistant
  • Horizontal and Vertical Body Operation
  • X-Processor 4
  • 5.5 Stops of Image Stabilisation
  • Shock Absorber
  • 4K30p Movie Recording at 10 bit colour depth
  • F-Log / HLG Support
  • Phase detection Autofocus including subject tracking
  • Face detection / Eye detection Autofocus
Our Verdict

The Fujifilm GFX100 improves on the exceptional performance we've come to expect from the GFX range. With that huge 102MP CMOS Sensor, you can capture some truly stunning images in glorious detail. With the face and eye detection autofocus, the 5.5 stops of image stabilisation and the impressive 4K video capabilities, this is a camera that can handle a wide variety of shooting situations

    We Love
    • Improves on the already impressive GFX lineup of cameras
    • Huge 102MP CMOS sensor allows for incredible detail
    • 4K Movie recording with 10 bit colour depth
    • 5.5 Stops of Image Stabilisation allows for flexibility in various shooting situations
    Fujifilm GFX100 Review 102 Megapixels! Stunning

    Full Details

    FUJFLM GFX00, 00 Mega Pxel Medum Format Camera

    The GFX00 features a "back llumnated sensor wth phase detecton pxels," the frst of ts knd for mage sensors larger than the 5mm full frame format. Autofocus speed s up to twce as fast as prevous GFX models , whlst also offerng Trackng AF on a movng subject as well as more accurate Contnuous AF. Another world's frst for larger than the 5mm full-frame format cameras s the n-body mage stablzaton (BS), delverng "fve-axs mage stablzaton" of up to 5.5 stops As a result, ultra hgh resoluton photography can even be acheved when shootng hand held. The vdeo capablty has also been greatly mproved from the current GFX 50S and GFX 50R models, to become the world's frst mrrorless dgtal camera wth an mage sensor of ths sze or greater to offer 4K0p vdeo recordng capablty (0bt 4::).

    Wth these three "world's frst" features, the GFX00 s a camera of unparalleled nnovaton and versatlty, fulfllng ts purpose of "capturng and recordng precous moments that wll never be repeated agan" at the hghest mage qualty possble n a mrrorless camera.

    0 Mega Pxels, 55mm dagonal length large format mage sensor

      The new sensor, specfcally developed for ths camera, measures approx. 55mm dagonally and boasts an effectve pxel count of approx. 0 mllon. When combned wth the fourth generaton "X-Processor 4" processor, t delvers the world's hghest level of mage qualty wth exceptonal color reproducton unque to FUJFLM and the ultra sharp "FUJNON GF lenses". The sensor has .76 mllon phase detecton pxels across the surface (approx. 00% coverage) enablng fast and accurate AF regardless of where a subject s wthn the frame. Ths sets a completely new standard n the dynamc moblty of large format mrrorless dgtal cameras. The sensor's "back llumnated" structure receves a greater amount of lght accurately whlst achevng better nose performance. The sensor has lower nose, greater dynamc range and faster readout despte the hgher pxel count.

    The world's frst fve-axs n Body mage Stablsaton (BS) n a cameras featurng an mage sensor larger than the 5mm format

      Generally speakng, the hgher the pxel count an mage sensor has, the hgher the lkelhood of camera shake. To avod ths threat to mage qualty, FUJFLM has desgned an BS system specfcally for the new 0MP large format sensor whch gves up to 5.5 stops of mage stablzaton. The BS sensor shft mechansm ensures mages are stablzed not only aganst ptch and yaw movements (up / down and rght / left tltng) but also aganst shft (horzontal) and roll (rotatonal) movements. The entre shutter unt s suspended usng four sprngs to mnmze the effect of shutter shock. Ths dramatcally broadens the scope of stuatons where you can shoot hand held wth the GFX00 and stll enjoy exceptonally hgh resoluton, to push the boundares n photography.

    Hgh speed and hgh precson phase detecton AF that sets a new standard for large-format cameras wth a sensor larger than the 5mm format

      The GFX00 s the frst model n the GFX System that uses our phase detecton AF algorthm, adopted from the fourth generaton Fuj X Seres cameras, and whch s prased for ts precson and speed. The algorthm makes full use of .76 mllon phase detecton pxels, placed across the entre sensor, to set a new standard n AF speed and precson for large format cameras performng the standard "Sngle Pont" AF as well as "Zone" and "Wde Trackng" AF. The effect s partcularly notceable when usng prme lenses wth a heavy set of focus lens elements, achevng speed mprovement of up to 0% over the conventonal contrast AF system.

      At the same tme, the GFX00 boasts dramatc mprovement n the accuracy of Face and eye Detecton AF, whch has become an essental feature for fashon and portrat photographers."The Face Detecton functon now works at a greater shootng dstance, and shows sgnfcant mprovement n trackng the sde profle of a person or when a person moves erratcally wthn the frame, whle also mantanng focus on a subject that goes behnd an obstacle.

    The world's frst 4K 0p vdeo recordng capablty among consumer mrrorless dgtal cameras wth a sensor bgger than the 5mm format

      The combnaton of the new mage sensor wth hgh speed readout and the hgh performance fourth generaton "X-Processor 4" engne has gven the camera the ablty to record 4K 0p vdeo (0bt 4:: externally and 0bt 4::0 nternally), a world's frst amongst large-format consumer mrrorless dgtal cameras carryng a sensor bgger than the 5mm format. When the standard dgtal cnema format (7:9) s selected, the GFX00 records vdeo wth a sensor area measurng 4.8mm (W) x .9mm (H) and 49.56mm dagonally. Ths s larger than many hgh end cnema cameras n recent years, makng t easer than ever before to shoot hgh qualty vdeo wth shallow depth of feld, wde tonal range and hgh SO senstvty. The GFX00 produces footage wth more detaled textures whlst reproducng three dmensonal defntons and the very atmosphere of the scene. The GFX00 uses oversamplng wth the data equvalent to approx. 50.5 megapxels to render vdeo. t also supports the hghly effcent H.65/HeVC codec, as well as "F-Log" whch has a gamma curve wth a wde dynamc range and the "Hybrd Log Gamma (HLG)" for recordng HDR footage wth ease. The GFX00 s also the frst model n the GFX System to ncorporate the "eTeRNA" cnema flm smulaton mode, delverng optmum solutons that reflect vdeographer's ntentons and facltates a varety of creatve expressons.

    Dust-resstant, weather-resstant, lghtweght and hghly robust magnesum alloy body wth ntegrated vertcal grp

      Despte featurng a sensor whch s .7 tmes larger than a 5mm full frame sensor, the GFX00's body s equvalent to that of a flagshp 5mm full frame DSLR camera n terms of dmensons ( (W) x 6.6mm (H) x 0.9mm (D), measurng 48.9mm at the thnnest part) and weght (approx. 400g ncludng two batteres, memory card and eVF). The GFX00 s the frst FUJFLM mrrorless dgtal camera to ncorporate an ntegrated vertcal grp. Ths has led to a thnner form factor that s comfortable to hold n your hand, despte accommodatng BS and two batteres n the body. n order to maxmze the capabltes of the 0MP mage sensor, the GFX00's "core magng unt" whch conssts of the lens mount, mage stablzaton mechansm and mage sensor, s as solated from the man body panels as much as possble. Ths "double structure" desgn ensures a hgh level of precson and robustness whle mnmzng any loss n mage qualty caused by external stress to the body. Weather sealng s appled to 95 locatons across the camera body to acheve an advanced level of dust- and mosture-resstance, so that the camera mantans relable operaton even n the toughest condtons.

    enhanced operablty and versatle nformaton dsplays

      The GFX00 features a .80 nch sub LCD montor on the top panel and a .05 nch sub montor on the rear panel for even more versatle nformaton dsplay. They show eXF data, hstogram and camera settngs n large text. Varous nformaton can be allocated to each of the montors (eVF, rear-panel LCD dsplays and top-panel sub LCD dsplay) to make the vewfnder less cluttered and easer to use. Ths ensures clear nformaton vsblty when tethered shootng or when the camera has to be placed n a poston that makes t dffcult to see the vewfnder or ether montors. Furthermore, for users who prefer dal based operatons, a characterstc of prevous GFX cameras, the GFX00 has a "Vrtual Dal Mode," whch dsplays the mage of a dal on the top panel sub LCD montor that can be rotated and adjusted wth the front and back Command Dals. Buttons and levers for camera operatons have been kept to a mnmum for smple and easy to understand handlng, whlst ensurng that you can hold the camera comfortably n the hand. On the left shoulder of the camera body s the Drve Mode Dal, whch enables nstantaneous swtchover between Stll mage, Vdeo and Multple exposure modes. You can store camera settngs for each of the modes (exposure settngs, whte balance, Flm Smulaton, etc.). even when you need to shoot both stlls and vdeo n a sngle sesson, t only requres just a sngle dal movement to recall your preferred camera settngs.

    5.76 mllon dot eVF wth 00% coverage and .6 mllon dot tltng .-nch LCD dsplay

      The GFX00 nherts GFX 50S's popular detachable eVF system that can be adjusted to varous angles when usng the eVF Tltng Adapter eVF-TL. The world's hghest resoluton 5.76 mllon dot OLeD panel has been used to develop the GFX00 hgh defnton eVF unt. The vewfnder has a magnfcaton of 0.86x and contans fve optcal glass elements ncludng asphercal elements and has been specfcally desgned for the 0MP sensor, whch requres extreme focusng accuracy. The eVF can be set to the "Frame Rate Prorty," "Resoluton Prorty" or "AF Speed Prorty" mode accordng to subject characterstcs and the needs of the photographer. The rear panel montor uses a . nch .6 mllon dot touchscreen LCD that can be tlted to three drectons


    Fujifilm GFX 100 Medium Format Mirrorless Camera Body Specifications


    Fujifilm GFX 100 Medium Format Mirrorless Camera Body Reviews


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