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Canon RF 800mm f/11 IS STM Super Telephoto Lens

Product Code: 1242180F
The Canon RF 800mm lens is the world's lightest super telephoto at this length yet still provides 4 stops of stabilisation and is compatible with new extenders for up to an incredible 1600mm of range.


Canon RF 800mm f/11 IS STM Lens Summary

Amateur and enthusiast photographers who enjoy subjects requiring extensive super telephoto reach will be thrilled at the RF 800mm f/11 IS STM Lens from Canon. This full-frame lens together with the RF 600mm f/11 IS STM provide ground breaking AF and IS optics at this size and weight. The RF 800mm weighs just 1260g. which is staggering for such a long focal length. A clever barrel design also allows the lens to be contracted for transportation or storage when not in use, then extended when mounted onto any Canon full-frame mirrorless camera body. Certain settings can also be conveniently adjusted on the barrel with the lens control ring.

Travel wildlife, bird, sports and aviation photographers will particularly benefit from this model’s range, placing extremely distant subjects within their reach. The addition of 4 stops of optical stabilisation compensates for lower light levels or when handheld, delivering consistently sharper images. The removal of aperture blades ensures very pleasing out of focus areas particularly when the subject is isolated from distracting backgrounds. Canon’s STM focus system ensures smooth, quiet and confidence in subject acquisition and maintains full operation even when either of the optional Extenders are mounted. The RF Extender 1.4x extends the lens to 1120mm and the RF Extender 2x to an incredible 1600mm. Full image stabilisation and Dual Pixel CMOS AF functionality remains with extenders mounted, delivering distinct advantages to photographers with far away subjects.

Our Verdict

As example images show the Canon RF 800mm f/11 IS STM lens is an extremely competent full-frame super telephoto wildlife option. Other subjects photographers may pursue include travel birding, sports and even aviation photography all of which benefit from this 800mm or longer range. Amateurs and enthusiasts now have an affordable option which boasts exceptional Dual Pixel CMOS AF functionality even when either of the 1.4x or 2x Extenders is mounted. Image stabilisation delivers 4 EV stops of anti shake compensation making this lens truly groundbreaking considering its compact size and light 1260g. weight. Similarly IS also works fully with a mounted Extender providing the stability super telephoto lengths require.

Clever Canon designers have made the lens barrel extendable, allowing for a far shorter length when not in use or whilst travelling or hiking. Whilst brighter conditions draw out the best in this lens, care has been taken with advanced Diffractive Optic technology and the removal of aperture blades to provide soft out of focus areas and subject isolation even at f/11 or higher. Combining all of these practical features at such an aggressive price point makes for an extremely compelling telephoto lens choice for Canon mirrorless photographers.

We Love
  • Extremely compact and lightweight super telephoto lens for easy travel and transportation
  • Effective 4 stop image stabilisation delivers sharper images at this reach
  • Smooth and quiet STM focus system ensures confidence even with optional extenders mounted
  • Clever lens designs provides compact storage together with easy lens control adjustments
  • Huge range with optional Canon extenders mounted for up to 1600mm focal length

Canon RF 800mm Lens in more detail

Image size: Full frame

Focal length: 800mm

Angle of view: (horizontal, vertical, diagonal): 02°35, 01°40, 03°05

Lens construction: 11 elements in 8 groups

No. of diaphragm blades: N/A

Minimum aperture: 11

Closest focussing distance: 6m.

Maximum magnification: 0.14x

Distance Information: Yes

Image stabiliser: 4 stops

AF actuator: STM

Extender compatibility: RF extenders only



Focal Length: 1120mm

Maximum Aperture: f/16

Maximum Magnification: 0.19x

AF Possible: Yes

IS Operates: Yes



Focal Length: 1600mm

Maximum Aperture: f/22

Maximum Magnification: 0.28x

AF Possible: Yes

IS Operates: Yes

Canon Canon RF 800mm f/11 IS STM Sample Images


800mm. 1/1000th sec. ISO 3200. f/11 (Mounted on EOS R6)



800mm. 1/320th sec. ISO 1600. f/11 (Mounted on EOS R)


Wild Pig

1120mm. 1/40th sec. ISO 1600. f/11 (Mounted on EOS R With Extender 1.4x)



800mm. 1/160th sec. ISO 1600. f/11 (Mounted on EOS R)

What else is included in the box?
  • Lens Cap E-95
  • Lens hood ET-101
  • Lens case/pouch LZ1435
  • Rear End Cap Lens Dust Cap RF
Optional Accessories



Full Details


Canon RF 800mm f/11 IS STM Super Telephoto Lens Specifications

Lens typeSuper Telephoto Prime Lens
Focal length800mm
Aperture rangef/11 - f/16
Image stabilisationUp to 4 Stops
Filter size95mm
Compatible camerasCanon EOS R Mirrorless
Dimensions101.6mm x 351.8mm (MAX)

Canon RF 800mm f/11 IS STM Super Telephoto Lens Reviews


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