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Binoculars provide viewing pleasure for a broad range of pastimes, from bird watching to wildlife viewing, star gazing and astronomy to night vision surveillance. Shop our huge range of many of the best binoculars for sale in the UK from world leading brands including Nikon, Swarovski and ZEISS. Many binocular pairs are ideal for professional outdoor users right through to children who can join in with the fun experience.

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Fujinon TS 12x28 Techno-Stabi Binoculars

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Fujinon HC 8x42 Hyper Clarity Binoculars

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ZEISS Terra ED 8x42 Binocular - Black

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Zeiss price drop
Zeiss price drop
389 items Page 3 of 17

Binoculars can be identified by the numbers that appear in their description, i.e. 10x50, 10x42 or 8x42. This number denotes the magnification (eg. 10x or 8x magnification) by the lens barrel width (42 millimetres). With excellent options for all levels of user, from compact, small models for casual wildlife watchers or theatre goers, to professional waterproof models from Leica and others.

The magnification (i.e 8x) describes the range capability of the binoculars. The amount of magnification you will need will vary depending on what you plan on using them for. For example, if you’re using them for seeing a live performance from the back of a concert hall or stadium, then 8x might be sufficient. However, if you’re going on safari then 10x or 12x magnification would likely suit you better.

The width of the binocular lens barrel (i.e. 42mm) is the equivalent of an aperture in camera lenses and is an important value in determining the amount of light entering the binoculars, and thus the luminance of the scene as it appears in the eye piece. The larger the barrel (the greater the number), the brighter the scene will appear. The downside to a wider barrel optics is that the physical size and weight of the binoculars is increased.

Many manufacturers now include image stabilisation (IS) in their products; this is a particularly useful system as it allows you to maintain stability of your view when holding the binoculars. This means if you want a longer magnification but are worried you might not be able to hold it steady, getting a pair with image stabilisation will mean you can comfortably use a longer magnification pair with ease. At Park Cameras, we are not just about cameras and lenses, we also specialise in all things optical which includes the enormous range of binoculars we stock, as well as spotting and field scopes. Our binocular selection varies from pocket-sized pairs that are ideal for daily use, up to professional-grade bird and wildlife spotting binoculars. Browse compatible accessories for everything you might need to accompany your purchase.

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