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Olympus Fit Flashguns

Using a flashgun can dramatically improve low light images as well as adding a professional element to portraits and interior images. Olympus fit flashguns include manufacturer original models as well as Hahnel, Metz and Nissin compatible options. The range can be used for on or off-camera (with radio triggers) and includes LED ring lights as well as macro photography lighting. These will fit an Olympus digital camera with TTL compatibility (through the lens), metering by firing a pre-flash just before the actual flash to determine the output.

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Wireless flashguns can also be used for capturing video recording as well as still image capture, aiding videographers when working in darker situations. Add multiple units for more complex lighting set-ups, with a flash soft box to diffuse subject light. Three lights for portraits will often include rim, background and subject lighting. This gives the photographer ultimate flexibility to control artificially lit scenes with highly professional results.

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