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Hasselblad 907X 100C First Look Review

The launch of the second-generation Hasselblad 907X 100C medium format digital camera promises to redefine high-resolution photography. In this first look review, we delve deeper into this exceptional camera, with an overview of its impressive specifications, innovative new features, and who it is best intended for.

Hasselblad 907X 100C First Look Review

Plus, we'll take a closer look at groundbreaking Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution (HNCS) technology that ensures true-to-life colour reproduction. Whether you’re considering upgrading or simply want to find out more about the medium format system, join us as we explore the possibilities of this cutting-edge camera in our Hasselblad 907X 100C first look review.

When was the Hasselblad 907X 100C camera released?

The Hasselblad 907X 100C Medium Format Digital Camera was released 24th January 2024, marking a significant progression from the original model introduced in June 2019. Discover what advancements and the creative potential it offers to photographers below.

Capturing seascapes with Hasselblad's latest modulr medium format camera the 907X 100C

How much does Hasselblad 907X 100C cost?

With an RRP of £6729.00 the next generation Hasselblad 907X and 100C is firmly placed in the category of premium medium format cameras. It's an enticing choice for photographers who prioritise exceptional image quality and are willing to invest in premium medium format camera equipment.

What is the 907X 100C exactly?

The Hasselblad 907X 100C is a modular medium format camera system. At its core is the CFV 100C digital back, housing a 100 megapixel backside illuminated (BSI) CMOS sensor that delivers exceptional image quality. It pairs with the updated 907X camera body, designed to work with various Hasselblad lenses and accessories.

The CFV 100C digital back houses the high-resolution 100 megapixel sensor, offering 15 stops of dynamic range and a native ISO of 64 for exceptionally low noise results. This digital back allows photographers to capture incredibly detailed and vibrant images, when paired with Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution (HNCS) with 16-bit colour depth.

The 907X camera body is a modular component that serves as the physical interface for the digital back. It's designed for use with various Hasselblad lenses, including the XCD Series and adapted HC/HCD, V, and XPAN Series lenses. The camera body facilitates precise control and composition, offering compatibility with classic film cameras as well.

To complement the system, various accessories are available, including lenses, viewfinders, and grips. These enhance the versatility of the system, allowing photographers to customise it according to their specific needs and preferences.

Removing the 100C digital back from the 907X camera

Hasselblad 907X 100C vs 907x 50c

The Hasselblad 907X 100C represents a significant upgrade from its predecessor, inheriting many of the advantages initially introduced by the X2D 100C. The 100C is faster, lighter, includes Phase-Detection AF and Face Detection, built-in SSD storage and better compatibility. See the table below to discover many of the most significant upgrades.


907X 100C

907x 50C

Sensor Type

Back-side illuminated (BSI) CMOS, 100 megapixels (11656 × 8742 pixels, pixel size 3.76μm)

CMOS, 50 megapixels (8272 × 6200 pixels, 5.3 × 5.3 µm).

IR Filter

Mounted in front of sensor

Mounted in front of sensor

Supported Cameras

907X camera body, most of Hasselblad V System cameras built from 1957 onwards (SWC excluded)

All Hasselblad cameras manufactured between 1947 and 2013

Supported Lenses

Hasselblad XCD Lenses; all HC/HCD, XPan, and V System Lenses using the corresponding lens adaptor

Hasselblad XCD lenses with built in electronically controlled shutter and aperture. Automatic or manual focusing with instant manual focus override. Lens shades can be mounted in reverse for transport.

Compatible with all H System lenses and some H System accessories using an XH Lens Adapter. Also compatible with V System and XPan Lenses using a XV or XPan Lens Adapter. Many other lenses via 3rd party lens adapters (E-shutter only).

File Format

Hasselblad 3FR RAW, full size JPG and HEIF

Hasselblad 3FR RAW, Full size JPEG. Video: H.264 Compressed (29,97 fps).

Colour Definition

16-bit; dynamic range up to 15 stops

16-bit; dynamic range up to 14 stops

Capture Rate

Up to 3.3fps in 14-bit colour depth

1.5 fps in 14-bit colour depth

Storage Options

Built-in 1TB SSD. Extra CFexpress Type B card with a max storage 512GB supported.

Dual UHS-II SD cards or tethered to Mac or PC. Max 1 TB. SD Cards can be used in Overflow or Backup (images only) mode.

Colour Management



ISO Speed Range

ISO Auto, 64, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800, 25600

ISO Auto, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800, 25600


3.2-inch TFT type, 24-bit full-colour, 2.36-million-dot (1024 x 768). Can be tilted 40°, 90°

3.2 inch TFT type, 24 bit colour, 2.36 M dots (1024 x 768). Can be tilted up to 90 degrees.

Autofocusing Type


Contrast-detection autofocus

PDAF Zones



Autofocusing Method

AF-S (single), face detection supported

AF-S (single)

Flash Sync Speed

Flash can be used at all shutter speeds. Mechanical shutter only

Flash can be used at all shutter speeds. Mechanical shutter only

Battery Type

Rechargeable Li-ion battery (7.27V DC/3400mAh)

Rechargeable Li-ion battery (7.27V DC/3400mAh)


620g excluding battery and memory card.

740 g (CFV II 50C: 540 g / 907X Camera Body: 200 g). Excluding battery and SD card.


Phocus Mobile 2 is compatible with iPad models with 3GB of RAM or more and with iPhone X or later models running iOS 15.0 or later

Phocus for Mac and Windows. Compatible with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom® and Adobe Camera Raw®.

Phocus Mobile 2 for iPad Pro and iPad Air (2019).

Shooting tripod mounted 100 megapixel images!

Which subjects is the Hasselblad 907X 100C suited to?

The Hasselblad 907X 100C is a versatile medium format camera that caters to a range of photographic genres. Its 100- megapixel sensor, exquisite image quality, and exceptional flexibility make it well-suited for landscape, portrait, fashion, and commercial photography. Its superior dynamic range and impressive resolution also benefit fine art reproductions and studio photography.

What is Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution (HNCS)?

Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution (HNCS) is designed to meet the stringent requirements of professional photographers seeking true-to-life colours without the time required for manual adjustments. With 16-bit colour depth, it ensures seamless tonal transitions and a film-like quality right out of the camera.

Compatible with a range of Hasselblad medium format XCD lenses, HNCS allows you to capture colours in-camera, expanding the gamut for precise and natural reproduction. This eliminates the need for post-processing adjustments, ensuring accurate colours across the entire spectrum.

Hasselblad 907x 100C lenses

In addition to native XCD lenses, the Hasselblad 907X camera, with the use of appropriate lens adapters, can be paired with various other Hasselblad lenses, expanding the range of available optics. Here are some of the key lens series that can be used with the right adapters:

  1. HC/HCD Series Lenses: These lenses are part of Hasselblad's H System and are known for their exceptional image quality. With the appropriate adapter, photographers can utilise HC/HCD lenses, which cover a wide range of focal lengths, making them suitable for various photographic applications.
  2. V System Lenses: The V System lenses are legendary in the world of medium format photography. These classic lenses, originally designed for Hasselblad's V System cameras, can be adapted for use with the Hasselblad 907X, adding a touch of vintage appeal to your results.
  3. XPAN Series Lenses: The XPAN series lenses were designed for panoramic photography. With the right adapter, you can use these lenses with the Hasselblad 907X to create stunning panoramic shots that capture wide vistas and breathtaking landscapes.

Whether you prefer the modern precision of XCD lenses with fast AF performance, or the timeless quality of V System glass, the Hasselblad 907X offers the flexibility to choose the lenses that best suit your artistic vision.

Using the vertical viewfinder with the Hasselblad 907X

Hasselblad 907x 100C accessories

The Hasselblad 907X 100C camera is compatible with a range of accessories that enhance its functionality and provide photographers with more creative options. You may well have some of these already if upgrading from the 50C. Some of the most notable accessories available for the Hasselblad 907X 100C include:

  • Hasselblad Control Grip. The control grip is an ergonomic accessory that provides a comfortable and secure grip on the camera, which includes essential camera controls, for easy adjustments while shooting.
  • Hasselblad Optical Viewfinder. The optical viewfinder attaches to the 907X camera and provides a traditional framing option for photographers who prefer composing their shots through a viewfinder.
  • Nikon fit flashguns for TTL control. A number of options are available such as the Profoto A10 for Nikon and ​​Nikon SB-700.
  • CFexpress Type B card. The camera features a built-in 1TB SSD with fast write and read speeds for high-quality image storage. Additionally, a memory card slot allows for storage expansion, providing an additional 256GB space for high-resolution image files.

The Hasselblad 907X 100C is a masterpiece of medium format photography, offering a fusion of iconic design and cutting-edge technology. With a 100 megapixel sensor, 15 stops of dynamic range, and the Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution (HNCS), it delivers unparalleled image quality. Its modular design provides the most extensive compatibility with various lenses, backs and films cameras. It also offers fast focusing with phase detection which is around 300% quicker than previously, a 1TB internal SSD, and wireless connectivity for efficient workflow.

While it caters to professional photographers seeking the utmost image quality, its timeless design and versatility make it an ideal choice for anyone well heeled who is passionate about photography.

Reserve your Hasselblad 907X 100C Medium Format Digital Camera today or contact our fully trained staff in order to experience all that this camera has to offer in person. For upgrades, why not try our free trade-in quotation, which takes all of the hassle out of selling your camera.

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