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Park Cameras Adds Spypoint Trail Cameras

NEWS: On 19th January 2023 in support of our customers who enjoy nature observation, Park Cameras is thrilled to add Spypoint Trail Cameras to our growing range of wildlife cameras.

Park Cameras Adds Spypoint Trail Cameras

Spypoint develops innovative technologies to help you capture stills and videos of wildlife, with images sent directly to your mobile phone over cellular data. Their range of cameras includes the Spypoint Link-Micro-S Trail Camera, which features patented solar panel technology and all models include fast camera trigger speeds. This ensures cameras are quick enough to photograph birds and other fast-moving wildlife.

Spypoint cameras are available to suit every skill level, whether you’re a beginner who wants a simple garden wildlife camera, or a scientist who needs the latest technologies and most advanced features for wildlife conservation.

Solar panel patented technology for extended operation

Wildlife cameras for nature observation and conservation

According to nationwide wildlife charities and organisations, a significant amount of UK wildlife is in decline, with some previously common species now on the brink of extinction. Wildlife cameras for gardens and beyond can give us privileged access to observe nature during the day and night, gathering images and data of local species.

You can learn more about threats to UK nature on the WWF website and discover Britain's most endangered animal species on the Countryfile Magazine website. Through collaborative observation with our camera traps, and by sharing images and stories we can all become paper conservationists, contributing to nature’s protection and recovery.

Tree mounted wildlife camera

Spypoint trail camera features for wildlife observation

Spypoint trail cameras come with fantastic features to help capture amazing photos and videos of wildlife, which would otherwise be virtually impossible. These include:

  1. A short trigger-time of around 0.4 to 0.5 seconds, which is the time it takes the camera to take a photo after detecting motion.
  2. Low glow LEDs that are a great choice for cameras used in smaller locations and for viewing animals in your garden.
  3. Long distance sensors, ranging from a 24m detection range in the Spypoint Link-Micro-LTE Trail Camera to 30.48m with the Spypoint Flex Trail Camera. When using multi-shot mode cameras will also capture more than one image per detection.
  4. Image quality is great, with HD colour photos at around 12 megapixels  up to 33MP captured in the daytime and clear black and white images during the night. Videos are recorded in 1080p with sound which is ideal for sharing with family and friends on social media.
  5. Spypoint cameras are easy to set-up and adjust, with all models offering straps to attach to trees, posts and fences as well as a standard tripod mount point. They also include easy cellular connectivity for image transfers to your device and an innovative App for camera control.
  6. The Spypoint App is regularly updated with great features and enables camera management, species filters and weather integration.
  7. As images and videos are sent to your phone or tablet, there’s less reason to disturb wildlife at the camera site, and you get to enjoy unique images from the comfort of your sofa!

Owl image from Wildlife Day

Owl image from Wildlife Day

Park Cameras passion for wildlife

Members of the Park Cameras team have been actively involved in wildlife photography for many years, setting up events including our very own Wildlife Day, and our attendance at Global Birdfair BirdLife raise €100,000.00 for their migratory birds conservation project.

We also create educational content, including inspirational blogs such as photographing local wildlife by Danny Green, how a thermal imaging camera works and equipment buying advice such as the best binoculars for nature viewing and the best gifts for wildlife and bird photographers.

Nature and wildlife are essential for our well being, the economy, even our very existence. By sharing trail camera photos and videos, each of us can play a role in wildlife conservation as well as purely enjoying special moments which would otherwise go unobserved.

Browse our range of trail cameras to find the prefect model for your own wildlife observation and choose a Spypoint camera for the latest innovations in cellular wildlife image transfer straight to your device.

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By Nick Dautlich on 19/01/2023

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