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Nikon Z9 firmware update 3 released

NEWS: in November 2022 Nikon Z9 firmware update 3.0 released, which promised to make the flagship camera even better than before. The major firmware update includes 20+ new Z9 features and enhancements, including enhancements for video, high-speed shooting, autofocus, useability and more.

Discover highlights in firmware 3.0, a download link and how this free update will affect your photography and videography when shooting with the flagship Nikon Z9 camera.

Nikon Z9 firmware update 3 released

What are the key Z9 firmware 3.0 improvements?

  1. A huge benefit for videography is the newly added ability to digitally zoom 2x when recording 4K, with zero lag and while using any mirrorless Nikon lens, including prime lenses. The zoom effect is seamless and can be controlled with the Multi-selector, Fn ring, control ring or either Fn1 or Fn2 buttons.
  2. Nikon also added High-Speed Frame Capture+ C60, slotting in between 120fps and 30fps, allowing you to shoot continuously at 60 fps with full AF and AE on every frame in DX (crop).
  3. Z9 Autofocus was already impressive and firmware 3.0 makes it even better, with faster and more reliable AF capabilities. Performance upgrades include enhanced tracking for erratically moving animals (like birds), a lower baseline for low-light and low-contrast focusing along with improved intelligence for everything from fine patterns to flicker suppression.
  4. Menus and playback now rotate with the camera when shooting in vertical portrait orientation and exposure settings can now be previewed with the Live Viewfinder while using a flashgun.
  5. For multi-cam productions the Z9 now offers Timecode sync when using a WR-R10 or similar remote control. This enhancements also adds compatibility with Atomos UltraSync BLUE in order to synchronise it with other cameras and audio recording devices.

Download Firmware 3.0 for Nikon Z9

Download the latest firmware 3.0 for the Nikon Z9 using this link which will take you directly on Nikon’s website. Browse more photography news here and read the latest camera and lens reviews, including a z9 summary and useful Nikon Z Super Telephoto Lens Comparison.

If you haven’t got your hands on the outstanding Z9 yet, reserve yours today to capitalise on some of the most advanced features for sports and wildlife photographers in the industry.

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