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Leica SL2 Camera and Lenses Firmware Update

If you are lucky to be using the Leica SL mirrorless system you can download the latest firmware updates from 22nd September 2021 for the following products: Leica SL (TYP 601), Leica SL2 camera, Leica SL2-S camera and Leica SL-lenses. All of the camera updates include lens firmware updates.

Leica SL2 Camera and Lenses Firmware Updates

Leica SL System firmware updates are now available

  1. Leica SL (TYP 601), Firmware Version 3.8
  2. Leica SL2, Firmware Version 3.0
  3. Leica SL2-S, Firmware Version 2.1
  4. Leica SL-lenses update, only for manual update via menu.

The big news from Leica’s free firmware update is that the superb SL2-S camera just got a bit better for video in particular, but photographers aren’t overlooked. Leica has removed recording time limits (so you might want to stock up on new high capacity UHS-II SD cards), as well as improving data storage and other enhancements.

Both photo and video focusing has been improved with updated algorithms keeping pace with user demands and for photo enthusiasts there are a few completely new features. These include exposure for highlights to ensure you can avoid clipping and a new iDR (intelligent dynamic range) feature which draws out more detail from shadow areas in your images. As more hybrid shooters adopt the SL system these are extremely welcome updates, improving features throughout the system.

Firmware updates in detail

Firmware update Version 3.0 for Leica SL2 Camera

New settings for photo and video:

  • Exposure metering method Highlight-Weighted
  • iDR (Intelligent Dynamic Range) for the optimisation of darker areas
  • Anytime manual access to Pixel Mapping

Extended features:

  • Additional settings for image properties (Highlight and Shadow)

Performance Improvements:

  • Autofocus with improved algorithm
  • User profiles will now store the currently active operating mode and exposure mode

Specific new photo features

  • Enhanced Live View as auxiliary function for image composition in the dark
  • Image Overlay

Specific new video features

  • Follow Focus
  • HEVC video formats (H.265) and video formats with reduced bit rate at the same picture quality (L-GOP)
  • Segmented Video as protection against data loss
  • Waveform Monitor
  • Configurable reference values (Colour Bar and Test Sound)
  • REC Frame for a more detailed display of a running recording
  • No more recording time limitations

Extended features:

  • Optional import of custom LUT profiles

Download this update from the Leica SL2 firmware page here.

Firmware Version 2.1 for Leica SL2-S

  • User profiles will now store operating mode and exposure mode
  • Firmware bugfixes

Download this update from the Leica SL2-S firmware page here.

Firmware update Version 3.8 for Leica SL (Typ 601)

  • Video format: MOV, resolution: 4K, frame rate: 29.97 fps)
  • Current L-Log definitions
  • Firmware bugfixes

You can also visit the Leica support page with all firmware updates.

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By Park Cameras on 22/09/2021

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