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Leica SL2 and SL2-S Firmware Update 6.0

Thanks to regular firmware updates you can add new and improved features to your Leica mirrorless camera. Leica SL2 and SL2-S Firmware Update 6.0 adds new burst shooting while in Perspective control, Auto ISO for movie recording and updates existing features for better camera performance.

Discover what’s new and improved as well as where to download this and future firmware updates directly from technology innovators Leica.

Leica SL2 and SL2-S Firmware Update 6.0

Leica SL2 and SL2-S Firmware Update 6.0 new features

Leica has added continuous shooting with Perspective Control, offering speeds of 2 fps and 6 fps for the SL2, and 2 fps and 5 fps for the SL2-S. Additionally, a new lock function has been introduced for the white balance settings in Auto ISO mode. This maintains a consistent ISO value and automatically controls white balance during video recording, remaining constant until the recording is stopped or settings are altered through the menu.

Leica Perspective Control is designed to automatically correct the keystone effect, which is especially useful for addressing converging vertical or horizontal lines in photography. This feature aids in achieving more architecturally accurate and visually pleasing images, especially when shooting exterior buildings or interiors.

Extended camera functionality

  • A new submenu item, "Flash Mode," has been added under the Flash Settings.
  • An additional menu item, "AF Quick Setting only," is now included under the Touch AF in EVF menu. This setting helps to avoid unintended adjustments of the AF frame while maintaining the functionality of Touch AF.
  • Several new menu items have been introduced for the Favourites menu, enhancing customisation options.
  • The thumbwheel now offers new functionality, acting as a function button.
  • The joystick has been updated to provide more assignment options, allowing for greater control and personalisation.

Updated features

  • GPS accuracy for pinpointing shooting locations has been significantly enhanced.
  • Changes in the Play menu include the replacement of the 'Delete All' option with 'Delete Unrated,' allowing for more selective photo management.
  • The Continuous Shooting options within the 'Drive Mode' menu have been renamed for clarity.
  • 'Self Timer' has been upgraded to a main menu item, and it can now be used in conjunction with other shooting modes for increased flexibility.
  • Various bugs have been addressed and fixed in the latest firmware update.

Where can you download Leica firmware?

You can update your camera after downloading free Leica firmware from the support website.

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