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Leica Q2 Firmware Update

NEWS: Hot off the press, Leica firmware Version 5.0.0 is available now from April 18, 2023, with a newly released Leica Q2 firmware update, which also covers the Q2 Monochrom. These two Leica compact cameras will both receive new and upgraded photo and video features, which can be updated via the software download on Leica's support website, or through the Leica FOTOS app. Updating your camera firmware is recommended as it introduces new features, whilst reducing the number of bugs and issues.

Leica Q2 Firmware Update from April 18, 2023

Leica Q2 Firmware Version 5.0.0

The April 2023 Leica firmware update provides a new AF metering method Eye/Face, which allows the selection of an eye for primary focus. The update also lets you toggle between photo and video mode, and AF mode (AFs/AFc) for photo and video mode can now be set separately and permanently. Various errors have also been fixed with this update.

For stills only, flash photography with Profoto devices was improved and the focus/exposure setting will remain stored for the focus/exposure lock via the Zoom/Lock button (AF-L, AF-L + AE-L, AE-L) until the button is pressed again.

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By Park Cameras on 18/04/2023

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