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How to get the best camera trade in price

The used camera market is booming at the moment, as a growing number of photographers and content creators choose to upgrade their kit with second-hand gear. Buying used is environmentally friendly, saves money and it’s commonly accepted that you can buy some of the best used camera kit on a budget, but how about when it comes to trading in?

In this guide you’ll find everything you need in order to get the best camera trade in price for your existing gear, if you do decide to sell or part exchange. By following these simple steps you’ll get the most money for your unwanted equipment, which means you’ll have more to spend on your next piece of camera kit.

How To Get The Best Camera Trade In Price

The best way to sell your camera

When buying a new car, if you have an existing car to sell it’s far less hassle to trade it in with the dealer, than sell it through the second-hand market. The same is true with selling your camera or lenses, and you can get money for your camera after filling out a short quotation form, which you can see on the Park Cameras trade in page.

If you trade in anything valued over £300 we’ll send a courier to collect it from your house free of charge for a completely stress-free process. An item valued between £100 and £300 can still be sent free of charge by courier, after it has been dropped at a DPD shop. Equipment valued under £100 should to be posted or taken in to one of our camera stores after getting a quote, where our staff will be happy to help with the process.

Why trade in your camera to trade up?

Trading in your older gear in order to trade up to a newer model lets you expand your photo capabilities without the great expense. These examples below highlight common trade-in and trade-up routes for popular cameras in 2023.

  1. The Leica Q or Q2 to Leica Q3 compact camera. There are lots of reasons for upgrading to the latest Leica compact camera, which simply oozes quality with a new hybrid AF system, 60MP photos and 8K videos for starters. Check out our Leica Q3 Review to find out why it’s such a great upgrade from previous generation models.

Trade in camera Like New 


New Q3 price after trade-in

Leica Q2



Leica Q



  1. Nikon D850 to Nikon Z8 camera. The D850 is an incredible camera, but Nikon pulled out all the stops with the newer Z8, in order to entice DSLR users to Nikon’s mirrorless Z system. The Z8 adds significant upgrades across the board, such as a 45MP stacked sensor, 8K/60p and Nikon's impressive deep learning AF, which you can learn all about in our Nikon Z8 Review.

Trade in camera


New Z8 price after trade-in

Nikon D850 Like New



Nikon D850 Excellent



Nikon D850 Very Good



Video of How do I Trade in my Equipment at Park Cameras?

Gareth explains the process from A to B.


Equipment condition

The first thing you’ll be asked when getting a quotation is the condition of the gear you’re trading in. Everything received is always thoroughly checked by our trained staff, so it’s important to be accurate about the condition. Likewise, as a thriving independent business it’s in our interest to be transparent when evaluating gear and we’ll always offer you more money if a product is in better condition than expected.

Clean all gear before sending it in

Although our technicians check and clean every camera sensor prior to sale, it’s still a good idea to give equipment a cosmetic clean before sending it in for inspection. Whilst camera and lens cleaning won’t affect the value, it does reflect on how gear has been treated and shows the item in the best possible light.

Cleaning camera sensor

Accessories and product boxes

When buying second-hand equipment the new owner will have greater convenience and peace of mind if all of the accessories and original box come with it. You’ll also receive more for your trade in when the original battery, charger and box are all included, but don’t worry if you haven’t got everything, as it won’t make too much difference to the price.

Why set up an account?

When using Park Cameras trade in service you benefit from having an account, as you’ll be able to track your quote throughout its journey from start to finish, receive loyalty points and get paid quicker.

Sending equipment with a courier

If sending gear with a courier, everything should be well packaged to ensure it arrives safely and doesn’t get damaged in transit. In order to be to be as eco-friendly as possible, Park cameras reuse all packaging material received such as bubble wrap, foam chips and so on.

Trade in bonuses

It’s well worth checking for trade in bonuses if you are considering upgrading camera equipment, as you receive more money during a promotional period when camera brands release new products. For example, you can get a £300 trade in bonus when upgrading to the recently announced Panasonic Lumix S5 II camera.

When selling or trading in camera equipment it pays to keep all of the accessories and boxes, as well as cleaning gear before it gets inspected. Always be honest about the condition and keep an eye out for trade in bonuses to get the very best possible deal when upgrading.

Simple trade-in process with Park Cameras

If you’re wondering where should I sell my old camera, start by completing our short trade in form to find out how much your gear is worth and we’ll do everything else!


By Park Cameras on 24/05/2023

Trade in your old equipment

Fast and easy trade in service ensures your old gear is collected efficiently and you are paid quickly! It's very simple to trade in your unwanted photography gear. Just head over to our dedicated Sell or Part Exchange page, fill out the details, and we'll get back to you with an offer for your old gear. Take the cash, or put it towards the cost of your new gear. It's up to you! Find out more